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Saudis, US hindering democracy in Bahrain & Medics On Hunger Strike in Bahrain

UPDATE: BAHRAIN's Pro-reform Movement & Obama's Hypocrisy
US and Western governments and its lackey mainstream Media ignore Bahrain

Military Dictatorship in Bahrain supported by USA and Western Powers.
Since the USA says using torture, targeted assassinations ie death squads, special forces and imprisoning citizens indefinitely and arresting without being charged with a specific offense therefore why should the USA or West criticize the Saudi/Bahraini crackdown.
Meanwhile Bahraini citizens who want reform are characterized by the US as evil Iranian backed terrorists .
If the Bahrain people did not hate America before this uprising they are quickly becoming anti-American and anti-Western as they see their fellow citizens being killed, tortured, imprisoned indefinitely .

 So now we the cold calculating manner in which the US and previous Empires continue their rule.
And by not supporting the pro-reform movement in Bahrain the people of Bahrain know now that all of Obama's and the West' talk about human rights and democracy is just good old fashioned imperialist rhetoric.

We see this more vividly as we watch Dick Cheney being treated as one of America's great heroes while making excuses for human rights violations and War Crimes committed by Dick Cheney and the Bush Regime which are now being continued during the Obama administration.

Western and US own agenda and interests trump democratic reform movement in Bahrain and elsewhere.
We can surmise that President Obama is continuing the same self-interest as have previous administrations going back some 60 years.
US is more concerned with keeping its 5th fleet in Bahrain and to keep the oil flowing from Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

President Obama's shame as his administration does not give support to the pro-reform movement in Bahrain but rather supports the Bahraini and Saudi Royal families.

Meanwhile the US & NATO supported the violent Taliban connected armed rebels in Libya in order to advance American interests. US & NATO put the veneer of a humanitarian crisis in Libya.
Bahrain is being ruled by the Bahrain/Saudi military. US ignores the brutal draconian actions of the Bahraini government .

Medics on Hunger Strike In Bahrain

Uploaded by AlJazeeraEnglish on Sep 2, 2011
Bahraini medical professionals, who were arrested at the start of a government crackdown on pro-democracy protests earlier this year, have gone on hunger strike, their relatives say.

They have been held in jail for almost six months, while their trial continues in a military court.

Bahraini and international human rights organisations have called the trials a farce.

Speaking to Al Jazeera, Khalil Al-Mazrooq, a former chairman of the Shia bloc Al Wefaq, said: "The trial of Bahraini medics in a military tribunal is against the country's constitution. Article 105 of the constitution says civilians should be tried in civilian courts only."

Saudis, US hindering democracy in Bahrain
Uploaded by KevinLancasterify on Sep 7, 2011

Saudi Arabia leverages its influence on the United States and European countries in order to stop the spread of democracy in the Middle East, particularly in neighboring Bahrain.

In an exclusive interview with Press TV, Nabeel Rajab, president of the Bahraini Center for Human Rights, tells us that Bahraini citizens deserve to have a country where people live in equality, and a system exists with fair distribution of wealth and power.

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