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Rick Ridings' Prayer Alert: For Israel .Pastor Hagee,s Defense of Israel & Segregate Pagan- Americans

 Pastor Hagee's plea for Israel
He fears the Palestinians once recognized as a sovereign state the Palestinians can then take Israel to the World Court for Crimes against humanity.
 Rick Riding Praying for more chaos in the Islamic world.
Demonic presence in the Holy land . Demonic warriors

Pastor Hagee's support of Israel is not because of his love for the Jewish people but because the Jewish people play a major role in the history of Christianity from the killing of Jesus to the Holocaust/Shoah to the creation of the state of Israel to the End-Times as prophesied in the Old and New Testament.

The Christian God according to pastor John Hagee sent Adolph Hitler to punish the Jewish people for not re-occupying the Holy Land . So the Holocaust /Shoah was apunisment from God. Is Hitler then innocent because he was being used by God to do his dirty work???

So John Hagee and other Christian fundamentalists on the right do not love the Jewish people for who they are as ends in themselves but as a means to an end as Our moral and ethical friend Immanuel Kant would put it. So Hagee is immoral in his treatment of the Jewish people.

 America is over run with Pagans -git them out.
Pagans he says should not have equal rights  with Real Americans
Hagee loses Pagan Vote OMG

Hagee: Paganism Ruining America

Pastor Hagee on Protecting Israel

Here's a bit of propaganda by the religious Right fear mongering .
If Palestine is made into an official state it will become an evil presence.
The speaker even talks about Christians being martyrs killed by Muslims.
But he is helping spread Islamophobia .
He suggests Islam is the religion working on behalf of Satan .
For centuries Christians referred to Synagogues as in Martin Luther called them The Synagogues of Satan.

He doesn't mention the real reason he and other Evangelical Christians love Israel because of the part it plays in the Christian Apocalypse of the Book of Revelation.
The prophecy in the New Testament is that the Israelites the Jewish people would return to the Holy Land . The downside all of the Jews would be killed by God except for 144,000 who convert to Christianity and then Jesus rules over a Christian only world.
One could say that this is just another form of anti-Semitism . Because in the Endtimes all Jews are either killed or convert. At heart of the argument they even want God to destroy all of the Jews. It is eschatology cloaking a deep seated hatred of the Jews blaming them for killing Jesus deicide and for not converting to Christianity thereby rejecting God.

and from The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) : Stand with Israel: Veto Palestinian Statehood at UN

It’s a high-stakes showdown at the United Nations. The Palestinian Authority is pushing for complete statehood -- a move that not only violates international law and the U.N.'s own charter, but represents grave danger to Israel. The Palestinian Authority has embraced Hamas as part of its government -- a terrorist organization that vows to destroy Israel.

The ACLJ has embarked on a global strategy to protect Israel -- with legal and legislative teams at the U.N. -- in New York City; Strasbourg, France; Geneva and Jerusalem. This is a critical moment for Israel; a U.N. vote is expected at the end of this week. We must stand with Israel now. Sign the ACLJ petition calling on the United States to veto any U.N. measure granting the terrorist-backed Palestinian Authority statehood.

Petition to Protect Israel, Veto Creation of Terrorist-Led State

To: President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton

The terrorist groups, Hamas and the Palestinian Liberation Organization (P.L.O.), lead the Palestinian government -- both have the stated mission of destroying Israel and the Jewish people. After continually rejecting peace talks with Israel, they have chosen the unprecedented course of asking the United Nations to designate the Palestinian Authority as a sovereign state.

The U.N. admits existing nations to the international diplomatic community; it does not create nations. If it acts to create a terrorist-led Palestinian state -- with full membership at the U.N. -- it will not only violate its own charter, but international law as well.

The United States can act to stop this. The United States must keep its promise and veto the creation of the terrorist-led Palestinian state when it reaches the U.N. Security Council.

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