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Preaching Hatred of All Muslims at Truth Ministries In Action formerly known as Coral Ridge Ministries

The late " D. James Kennedy, Ph.D.
A.B., M.Div., M.Th., D.D., D.Sac.Lit., Ph.D., Litt.D., D.Sac.Theol., D.Humane Let.
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The late Dr. D. James Kennedy remains one of the most listened-to Christian ministers in America. His forthright and rational presentation of the Gospel is heard via television, radio, and the Internet throughout America and the world.
Dr. Kennedy, who entered the presence of his Savior, Jesus Christ, on September 5, 2007, began his Christian life in 1953 after he was startled awake one Sunday morning by a preacher's stern question coming out of his clock radio. "Suppose you were to die today and stand before God," the voice boomed, "and He were to ask you, 'What right do you have to enter into My heaven?' — what would you say?" Dr. Kennedy soon discovered the answer, was converted to Christ, and shortly thereafter was called into the Gospel ministry. Today, Dr. Kennedy's broadcast messages are televised to a nationwide audience.
Dr. Kennedy served for 47 years as Senior Minister of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. A modest mission church of 45 people when Dr. Kennedy arrived in 1959, the rocketing growth of the church made it, for 15 years, the fastest growing Presbyterian church in America. Decision magazine named the church one of the "Five Great Churches of North America." In 2005, Dr. Kennedy was inducted into the National Religious Broadcasters Hall of Fame.
Dr. Kennedy's energetic commitment to both evangelism and cultural renewal is demonstrated by four organizations he founded: Truth in Action Ministries (formerly Coral Ridge Ministries), Evangelism Explosion International, Knox Theological Seminary, and Westminster Academy.
Truth in Action Ministries — The media outreach of Dr. Kennedy, Truth in Action Ministries began in 1974 as Coral Ridge Ministries with the mission of bringing the Gospel to America and the world. Its media outreach includes Truth That Transforms with Dr. D. James Kennedy (formerly The Coral Ridge Hour), a weekly television program; Truth That Transforms, a daily half-hour radio program; the website; and other print and video resources produced by Truth in Action Ministries."

 Truth in Action Ministries formerly known as Coral Ridge Ministries under the leadership of the late Rev. James Kennedy  

We do not exaggerate when we tell you: radical Islam is infiltrating America, and wants you and your family under the repressive rule of Sharia law.

Right now America’s Christ-followers need biblical resources that will help them share the truth of the Gospel with Muslims—and help stand together to oppose radical Islam’s march on the USA and around the world.

This is why we’re pleased to offer you a special DVD and book combo containing:

Militant and Misled? Understanding Radical Islam in a Post 9/11 World—our brilliant documentary which is available now.
Engaging Islam, a powerful book to help you personally share your faith with Muslim people.

Give $35 or more now, and request these important resources.

Why should you educate yourself about the threat of radical Islam? For one thing, Muslims in the USA are pressuring the courts to recognize Sharia law. What is it? Here are a few important things you should know:

Sharia maintains one set of rights, privileges, and punishments for Muslims, another set for non-Muslims

Rather than preserving freedom of speech, Sharia punishes (in some cases, with death) criticism of the Koran, the prophet Muhammad, or Islam.

Under Sharia, trials are conducted not by jury but by the judge alone, who is not governed by any rule of law.
With your help today, Truth in Action Ministries will produce and broadcast a series of hard-hitting television programs exposing the truth about radical Islam’s plans for you, your children, and grandchildren, for America, and for all of Western culture.

...For the sake of your family and America, we absolutely cannot allow radical Islam to overwhelm our nation.

It is clear that radical Islam could not be more opposite from the biblical worldview which our ministry has communicated for more than three decades. The biblical worldview is one of mercy, grace, and life. The radical Islamic worldview is one of judgment, violence, and death.

The Bible is clear: “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” John 10:10 (NKJV)

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