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NYPD Loses it ! Beating Up Protesters & Obama To Veto Palestinian Bid For Statehood

UPDATE: 3:22 PM, Monday , Sept. 26, 2011.

First an update on Occupywallstreet demonstrations and the violent relations of the NYPD

NYPD"Get the Fuck off The Street"
(you're disturbing the rich people )
Obama endorses NYPD violence by his silenceNot much has changed since the 1968 Democratic Convention when the Chicago Police rioted.

Unbelievable protest footage. NYPD drag girl across the street

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@3:00 cops start getting really violent

and here's a glimpse at how NYPD operates according to "Whistleblower"
odd Obama hasn't put this guy in solitary confinement on the cell block where they keep Bradley Manning and hope soon to keep Julian Assange of Wikileaks
NYPD uses quota system -each officer is expected to arrest or give out summons to a specific number of people each day and each month.

The Quota system is strictly enforced but most of the Mainstream Media and US government including the Dept. of Justice not interested.
Arresting innocent people as long as they are of certain visible minorities or are poor in America is seen as Justice -and Obama say nothing or makes another Oscar winning speech-I now remember who Obama reminds me of and that's Jimmy Stewart in Wonderful Life or Mister Smith goes to Washington.

As President Obama caves to Israel's demands and ignores the suffering of the Palestinian people by opposing the Palestinian bid for statehood in exchange for votes and campaign contributions from those who uncompromisingly and unconditionally support Israel such as Pro-Israel campaigners as right wing fundamentalists such as Pastor John Hagee and Pat Robertson and all those who publicly denounce the Palestinians, the Arabs and the Islamic world.

After Obama's speech the Noble committee should demand the return of Obama's Peace Prize.
As daily Palestinians are humiliated and oppressed by the Israeli Apartheid racist policies President Obama like those before him has decided the only people that matter in this conflict are the Israelis . But what should we expect given Washington's lack of real support for the Arab Spring except to topple Qaddafi with the help of NATO and former Taliban and Al Qaeda personnel. In Bahrain people are beaten , tortured and killed daily while the US supports the autocratic rule of its undemocratic government . So it is freedom and democracy for some but not all since depending on America's geopolitical and strategic interests .

Road to Peace by Tom Waits 
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While the US was the nation that touted a two state solution for Israel and the palestinians now they are reneging siding with Israel against the Palestinians and the Arab world.

Netanyahu reaches back in history of the Jewish people and the Israeli state of Judea over 2,000 years ago to justify Israel's crimes against the Palestinians over the last 60 years . The land Israel occupied after the six day war in 1967 the UN has said time and again this land must be returned to the Palestinian people and yet the Obama administration publicly now defends Israel's rights to these lands over the rights of the Palestinian people.

" Netanyahu Proved Israel Doesn't Want Peace " Netanyahu shows to the world that Israel wants neither an agreement nor a Palestinian state, and for that matter not peace, either.By Gideon Levy "Haaretz" via Information Clearing House Sept. 25, 2011

- -On Friday night Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once again proved himself to be an excellent elucidator, this time in the service of the Palestinians: He demonstrated to the world, better than even Mahmoud Abbas, why they had no recourse but to appeal to the United Nations. If there is one clear take-home message from his Hezekiah and Isaiah speech, it is this: The Palestinians (and the world ) can no longer expect anything from Israel. Nothing.

Netanyahu was particularly persuasive when he explained that a Palestinian state would endanger Israel - narrow waist, just hundreds of meters from Israeli cities, thousands of rockets - one giant blah-blah that willfully ignores the possibility of peace. A Palestinian state, perhaps, but absolutely not in our time, and not in our school of thought.

Our school of thought seemed especially deluded Friday night. Every decent Israeli must be ashamed of their prime minister, who stands before the world and tries to sell it the same old shopworn, even rotten goods that are long past their expiration date, expounding on ancient, irrelevant chapters of history and attempting to market cheap sentimentality like a beggar who exposes his wounds, both real and imaginary, to passersby. And the beggar is in fact a regional power.

Netanyahu, peddler of emotions, did not shrink from or forget anything, save reality. Abraham the patriarch, Hezekiah, Isaiah, pogroms, the Holocaust, 9/11, the children, the grandchildren and, of course, Gilad Shalit - all fodder for the tear wringer that assuredly didn't bring forth a single tear anywhere on the planet, with the possible exception of a few Jewish nursing homes in Boca Raton, Florida. There, perhaps, people were still moved by this kitschy death speech.

Netanyahu needed thousands of years of history to obscure reality, but Abbas' sense of history proved to be much more developed: He had no need to call up distant memories to elicit sympathy; all he needed was to soberly depict current events in order to attempt to shape a new history. The world and the auditorium cheered for Abbas because he spoke like a 21st-century statesman, not like a co-opted archaeologist of centuries past. Abraham or Ibrahim, Hezekiah or Netanyahu, Benjamin or Jacob-Israel, Jew or Judea - our prime minister's Bible and Holocaust stories should have made Israelis sitting down to their Friday night dinner feel awkward and uncomfortable. Is that all we have to sell to the world? Is that all we have to say? Is that what is being said on our behalf? Is that what we look like?

...Israel's real face was also seen in Israel; Lieberman wasn't the only one to call Abbas' judicious, impressive address an "incitement speech." Joining the chorus, as usual, was Tzipi Livni - the Israeli alternative - who "didn't like the speech."

What was there not to like about Abbas' speech, apart from his silly mistake in failing to mention the Jews, together with the Christians and Muslims, to whom this precious land belongs? What in his speech was anything but true and very painful? "Enough" of the occupation? Ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley? Obstructing checkpoints on the way to the hospital, and settlements that are a barrier to peace? What was incorrect, damn it? "A difficult speech," the chorus of Israeli commentators sang immediately afterward; indeed, a difficult speech describing an even more difficult reality - but what do they know about reality? And not a soul asked: Why isn't Israel reciting the travelers' prayer for the Palestinians, for their journey to statehood.

On Friday night the final curtain fell on Netanyahu's masked ball of a two-state solution. Hiding behind the curtain are darkness and gloom. And in that lies an event of historical performance: It proved to the world that Israel wants neither an agreement nor a Palestinian state, and for that matter not peace, either. See you at the next war.

" US on Wrong Side of History over Palestine " By Aijaz Zaka Syed - Dubai "PalestineChronicle" via Information Clearing House, Sept. 25, 2011

--- The Palestinians have set the cat among the pigeons with their freedom song. And it's good to see Uncle Sam and his fiendish brat break out in a cold sweat for a change.

So what are Israelis and their patrons afraid of? All that the Palestinians have demanded is UN recognition for the little piece of territory that used to be their country. Left only with Gaza and parts of the West Bank and Jerusalem, which is less than 20 per cent of the original Palestine, it is not much of a country to fight for.

The Palestinians aren't even talking about their entire homeland and stolen homes from where they were driven out. They are content with setting up their 'state' on the tiny, splintered piece of land that they find themselves locked in today. But even this is not acceptable to the thugs who have stolen their country. But then the Israeli intransigence doesn't really come as a surprise to anyone. It's typical and characteristic of the Zionist regime.

What is absurd and illogical is the US opposition to Palestinian moves. President Obama's UN speech Wednesday aching for Israel and its endless "suffering" and the clear and present danger it faces from its Arab neighbors was remarkably similar to those of his bible-thumping predecessor. Not a word there about the seven decades of persecution of the Palestinians in their homeland.

All these years America has been telling the Arabs and the world that it's committed to a 'two-state solution' and a "viable Palestinian state side by side with a secure Israel." Indeed, the very idea of a two-state solution is an American construct.

It's with the 1991 Madrid conference and the so-called Oslo peace process under Bill Clinton that for the first time brought Palestinians and Israelis to the negotiating table. It's the US that talked Palestinians into giving up their claim over their motherland and settle for a new state along the 1967 borders. Until then the Palestinians had been fighting for total independence and restoration of their homeland.

...Whatever the explanation, if the US goes ahead and vetoes the Palestinian demand in the Security Council, it would be committing a historic blunder of epic proportions. The whole world has been electrified and excited by the idea of an independent Palestine, however imperfect. And this euphoria is not limited to the Arab and Muslim countries.

As a BBC-GlobeScan poll revealed this week, a respectable majority around the world supports the Palestinian demand. Even in the land of the free, 45 percent people back the Palestinian aspirations. In the UN General Assembly that unlike the Security Council largely represents the democratic global opinion, the view is overwhelmingly in favor of the Palestinians. The world community knows that Palestinians have suffered enough.

Clearly, America and its enfant terrible are on the wrong side of history. In its blind support to Israel, Washington remains curiously clueless about the world opinion, especially of the overwhelming sentiment in the Muslim world on the issue. More important, the US appears oblivious of the consequences of its veto against a Palestinian state. Nicolas Sarkozy of France was spot on when in his UN speech he warned of violence and grave fallout of Washington's veto. Even Sarkozy says enough is enough after 60 years of Palestinian homelessness.

Once again as in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt etc. the Obama administration is on the side of the oppressors .
Common sense and recent history such as the invasion and destruction of Gaza should have revealed the intentions of the Israeli government in dealing with the Palestinians. Israel seems intent on forcing all the Arabs and Palestinians out of and beyond the borders of what Israel believes to be the nation promised to it by God based on the Torah.

In dealing with the Divine promise and prophecy of Jehovah concerning Israel common sense or compromise and the desire for peace are tossed overboard . As discussed before the Israel's goal of retaking all of Palestine to expand Israel's borders is backed by the uberconservatives and religious right in America who believe Israel must retake this land as propecied in the Bible in the Torah and as revealed in the Book of Revelation in the New Testament.

And to further aggravate matters the US has delivered Bunker Buster bombs to Israel which can use on Iran's underground facilities of its oft mentioned but never proved secret nuclear weapons program.

Obama Throws Palestine Under the Bus By Jim Lobe "IPS" via Information Clearing House sept. 25, 2011

-- The right-wing government of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu could not be more pleased.

Not only did the allegedly most "anti-Israel" president ever repeat, for the nth time, that "America's commitment to Israel's security is unshakeable," but also made crystal clear that Washington will veto any Palestinian application to the U.N. Security Council for statehood in his speech this week to the U.N. General Assembly.

Not once did he refer to Jewish "settlements" on Palestinian lands; nor did he even use the word "occupied" - or any declension of that word - to describe those lands and their people in an address that was largely, if ironically, devoted to celebrating this year's Arab struggles to end autocratic rule in their region.

Nor was there a word about the plight of the still-besieged population of Gaza, or about the "1967 borders" as being the basis for any eventual two-state solution, a formula to which Netanyahu and his U.S. allies vehemently objected much to the consternation and exasperation of the White House only four months ago.

Indeed, President Barack Hussein Obama, as his right-wing and Islamophobic critics like to call him, said nothing to which even the most right-wing faction of Netanyahu's government could object.

... "Once again, the transformational Obama has been sold out by the political Obama," wrote David Rothkopf, a national security expert at the Carnegie Endowment, on his blog early in the week.

Given his fading approval ratings and an economy that shows no signs of substantial improvement any time soon, the White House and Democrats on Capitol Hill appear increasingly panicked over their re- election prospects in November 2012.

They will do nothing that risks alienating key constituencies, particularly Jewish voters in a couple of key "swing states", but most especially Jewish donors who account for an estimated between 40 and 50 percent of all contributions to national Democratic campaigns.

Since the beginning of this year, but particularly since Netanyahu's May visit where he was rapturously received at the AIPAC conference, his Republican – and some Democratic – allies have deliberately and repeatedly promoted the notion that Obama's alleged pressure on Israel to freeze settlements and take other steps to advance the "peace process" was souring Jews, nearly 80 percent of whom voted for Obama in 2008, on the president and his party.

When, on the eve of this week's U.N. meeting, a Tea Party Republican, who was endorsed by former Democratic Mayor Edward Koch to protest Obama's allegedly anti-Israel policies, defeated a Jewish Democrat in a heavily Jewish New York City Congressional district that Democrats had held for nearly 90 years, that meme was transformed into conventional wisdom, thus setting the stage for Obama's speech – or surrender - this week before the General Assembly.

At the moment Iran and the Palestinian people are more threatened by Israel than they are a threat to Israel which is made plain by the shipments of Bunker buster Bombs from the US to Israel as if Israel needed more weapons than it has. Remember Israel has over 150 nuclear weapons targeting all of the Arab nations and beyond.

WikiLeaks Cable: Secret U.S./Israel Bunker Buster Bombs Deal By Ali Gharib September 25, 2011 "Think Progress" via Information Clearing House

-- On Friday, journalist Eli Lake published a story about the Obama administration’s sale of so-called bunker-busting bombs to Israel. According to Lake’s reporting, the Bush administration had put off the sale in order to avoid the perception that delivery of the 55 GBU-28 bombs represented a “green light” for an Israeli strike on Iran:

James Cartwright, the Marine Corps general who served until August as the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told Newsweek the military chiefs had no objections to the sale. Rather, Cartwright said, there was a concern about “how the Iranians would perceive it,” and “how the Israelis might perceive it.” In other words, would the sale be seen as a green light for Israel to attack Iran’s secret nuclear sites one day?

The Obama administration told Israel the bombs — which could pierce the underground bunkers where Iran increasingly stashes elements of its nuclear program — would be forthcoming in 2009. Lake reports that they were slated for delivery in late 2009 or 2010.

However, neither Lake nor the New York Times, which did a follow-up report, mentioned a late-2009 U.S. State Department diplomatic cable from Tel Aviv. Released at the end of August by the transparency group WikiLeaks, the cable shows the participants in a high-level military-diplomatic meeting between the two countries discussing the “upcoming delivery” of the bombs and vowing to keep a lid on the transaction due to the same concerns held by the Bush administration. The notes of the meeting in the November 18, 2009, cable read:

Both sides then discussed the upcoming delivery of GBU-28 bunker busting bombs to Israel, noting that the transfer should be handled quietly to avoid any allegations that the [U.S. government] is helping Israel prepare for a strike against Iran.

At the United Nations General Assembly on Friday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu derided Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s conspiracy-laced Thursday speech to the world body. “Can you imagine that man who ranted here yesterday — can you imagine him armed with nuclear weapons?” said Netanyahu. “The international community must stop Iran before it’s too late.”

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