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A Must See to Believe :Rick Perry, Pastor of The Church of America the Next President

Today we can take a peek at the world of Rick Perry-Uber conservative evangelical who adheres to the New Apostolic Reformation & The Seven Mountains theology -Perry is anti-abortion bu pro-guns and pro-Capitol punishment -Executions R Us - and he doesn't like Gays or liberals or academics or the poor -but he also favors secession if Texas doesn't get what it wants whatever that might be.

Anyway here's a couple of funny bits on Perry but anyone interesed in Perry becoming the next president of the United States whether for him or not should watch the sermon he gave just a few weeks ago and it becomes clear Perry does not care about the Separation of Church and State and hopes to overthrow such policies once he gets into power.

He has aligned himself with the Tea Party Republicans and the Religious Right.
Rick Perry is the new Frankenstein creation in American politics - Perry it appears is part George W. Bush (folksy style), Dick Cheney (agrees with Cheney & Bush policies torture, perpetual war etc. ) , Glenn Beck (he too cries), Michele Bachmann (sees conspiracies everywhere), Sarah Palin( religious fanatic? likes to hunt  & Rush Limbaugh (arrogant and a compulsive talker and wants to excise parts of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights that he doesn't like)
Like the late Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson Perry talks like a Christian Nationalists.

Texas Governor Rick Perry On Executing An Innocent Man

Texas Governor Rick Perry jokes about Texas leaving the United States.
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With Rick Perry headed for the US Presidency the Confederacy of the South being reborn.

Would a Perry v. Obama Contest Be a Confederacy v. Union Rematch? by Adele M. Stan via, Sept. 16, 2011

For conservatives, Perry victorious would mean nothing less than the South as a phoenix in the form of an eagle, rising from the ashes of a short-lived and fallen nation.

The history books tell us that the U.S. Civil War ended in 1865, with the surrender of the Confederacy at Appomattox. But underlying the present dynamics of American politics is an uneasy sense that the war never really ended -- and the Confederacy never quite surrendered.

President Barack Obama often looks to the presidency of Abraham Lincoln for inspiration; Texas Gov. Rick Perry, frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination, once named Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee as one of the historical personages he'd like to include at a fantasy dinner party. At Perry's 2007 gubernatorial inauguration celebration, rocker Ted Nugent performed wearing a shirt emblazoned with the Confederate flag emblem.

Should Perry win the GOP presidential nomination, an obvious subtext of the presidential contest will be "Confederacy v. Union -- The Rematch." And, at the visual level, the theme will be conveniently reinforced by each man's respective race.

Earlier this week, Perry delivered a speech from the stage of the 10,000-seat amphitheater at Liberty University, the evangelical institution founded by the late Rev. Jerry Falwell, one of the early leaders of the religious right and an opponent of school desegregation. "When God has drawn a line of distinction, we should not attempt to cross that line," Falwell told his flock in 1958, according to a report by Sarah Posner for AlterNet.

In introducing Perry to the Liberty U audience this week, Falwell's son, Jerry Jr., lauded the Texas governor "for having the guts to say things that weren't exactly politically correct, like when Gov. Perry said Texas might secede one day from the union."

Rick Perry praying and preaching at The Response -which was a Call for Prayer he organized bringing together all of the usual suspects of the Uberconservative Evangelicals ie Lou Engle, Peter C. Wagner ,Cindy Jacobs and so on who are now a force in US politics since the meshing of the Tea Party and  Right wing Evangelicals with the GOP: The Republican Party. As we saw just recently CNN held an official Tea Party Republican candidates televised debate.
He claims he prayed for rain and God answered and brought rain .
He believes that God has been guiding him since an early age  by sending him signs and having little chats every now and again.
Listen carefully to this Gospel message in which he touches on a number of Religious Right and Tea Party Talking points.

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