Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wall St. Is Toast ??? Kill TV Night Afghanistan &Neil Young's "Love and War" & Goldmann Sachs Rules The World???

UPDATE: 2AM ,sept 30, 2011

First a song from Neil Young "Love and War"

and now a word from the stock markets Trader -cold comfort for the millions now suffering -he tells it like it is.He spills the beans admitting that for his own selfish reasons he was looking forward to a crash because its a great way to make a lot of money.

Just a note I and gordspoetryfactory do not subscribe to the "New World Order conspiracy theory" . Robber barons or greedy or unjust uncaring rulers or what have you is noting new.
Our society has made the mistake of courting the superrich the CEOs of various corporations or Investment Houses" and the elite and the Jet Set as they were once called and now it has gone to their heads and believe that they deserve admiration even though much of their wealth is made off the backs of those below them from the Middle Class on down. They make their By cutting wages and salaries or just keeping them stagnant laying off thousands of workers, refusing to pay their fair share of taxes -they are not the supposedly good patriots -a patriot should care not just about a few but about all citizens .
As Robert Burns pointed out we can at least hope or dream of political, social, economic justice when people are not judged by "a' That ... their tinsel show " that is what they have or how rich they are . (video on side bar)

Wall Street -Wall Street is Toast Reveals Insider

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9.26.2011 - Occupy Wall Street Wake Up Call for America and it's New World Order

Back to the reality of Perpetual War and other side-show attractions.
And now "Kill TV Night " The Afghanistan reality show oh yeah it's not a show just reality in your face -The Perpetual War Machine just hums along.
Remote control killing just like a video game -the people are reduced to mere targets and then blown to piece to defend Western Civilization from these barbarians. But who are the real barbarians. Who are the real war criminals. The deaths of the indigenous people we are told is not worthy of our concern as we continue our Christian Crusade and extending the American Empire at any and all cost while America itself crumbles.

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