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The American Way: Execution of Troy Davis An Innocent Man Sept. 21, 2011 & Cindy Jacobs On Native Curse OF Violence & Cannibalism ???

Even with new evidence proving Troy Davis is innocent Governor of Georgia and the Whitehouse prefer not to do anything to stop this travesty of justice. So why doesn't President Obama speak up is he afraid Republicans will be unhappy -he still wants to be friends with the Republicans and the Tea Party gang who will continue to hate no matter what.

Singer Nellie McKay's Blues Song for Wrongly Convicted Death Row Prisoner Troy Davis via Alternet & Think Progress, Sept. 19, 2011

As September 21st nears--the date set for Troy Davis's execution--lawyers, death penalty advocates, citizens groups, journalists, and public figures are pressing hard for clemency. Singer and songwriter Nellie McKay is doing what she does so brilliantly to do her part: She has written "A Song for Troy Davis" andsung it with staggering beauty, heart, and style. In I Want to Live, her recent musical biography, McKay assumed the role of Barbara Graham, executed by gas at San Quentin in 1955, and immortalized by Susan Hayward in the 1958 film by the same name. "Barbara didn’t get a fair shake in life, but we try to give her one in our show," says McKay. Now she offers a moody blues from a man locked "in a world of doubt" and "endless solitude". "Pretty tales may fail to tell our story," Nelllie McKay sings. But her beautiful song and face will take your breath away, hurling you from the film noir atmosphere of her video to the real life death row cell, where Troy Davis awaits his fate. Then you can write a letter to a newspaper, click on the link to the petition, and/or join a demonstration to grant clemency to the wrongfully convicted Troy Davis.

Song for Troy Davis by Nellie McKay from JFOX on Vimeo.

As reported at Right Wing Watch Cindy Jacobs preaches that all Native Americans were not just pagans or heathens but were also extremely violent and practiced cannibalism. So she argues that much of Texas and the US have been under a curse because of Native Americans practices.
She then claims that The Response prayer event sponsored by Rick Perry has now lifted this curse from most of Texas. She uses eliminationist rhetoric and arguments demonizing Native Americans which has been ongoing since the time of the early settlers in America up til the present in which native Americans were seen as naturally evil and anti-Christian .
Her views on Native Americans sounds rather racist. Jacobs ignores the plight of native Americans who were slaughtered whole sale over the centuries by the white European settlers who believed that Native Americans were subhumans.

Jacobs adheres to a negative and hostile view of the aboriginal peoples of the Americas which dates back to the 17th century. This distortion of history is typical not just of Christian Fundamentalist but is held by many Americans who promote America's Mythos of the settlers in America bringing Christ and civilization to the American Indians.

Jacobs: 'The Response' Broke The Curse Of Native American Cannibals
Submitted by Brian Tashman at Rightwing Watch via People for the American Way, September 12, 2011

As we’ve been reporting, self-proclaimed prophet Cindy Jacobs has dedicated her show God Knows to discussing how lands are cursed by sins like abortion, adultery and homosexuality, calling on Christians to literally take control over the weather and reverse the curse. In the fourth part of the series, Jacobs claims that lands are cursed with violence because they were previously inhabited by Native Americans who “did blood sacrifice” and “were cannibals and they ate people.”

Fortunately, Jacobs maintains, Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s The Response prayer rally in Houston broke the curse and “the land is starting to rejoice, you see, because of that prayer.”

This concept of curses left by Native Americans has a large foothold in the New Apostolic Reformation, and today Bruce Wilson reported that NAR figures Chuck Pierce, John Benefiel, Tom Schlueter and Jay Swallow recently participated in an event in Teas that involved “smashing of Native American art objects” in order to “divorce and tear down the principalities of Baal, Asherah and Leviathan.” Like Benefiel and Swallow, Jacobs was an official endorser of The Response.

Republicans and Tea party members claim that those collecting unemployment payments or welfare , food stamps etc. are all just too lazy to work. These uberconservatives believe that if you don't work then you should't expect government to help you . As Representative Steve King says No work No eat -
King and others such as Rick Perry , Michele Bachmann et al believe those who are unemployed are unemployed because they choose to be. They ignore the financial sate of America and its corporations which has led to massive layoffs and unemployment.
These uberaconservatives appeal to authority figures such as Adam Smith or their Christian God to justify allowing the unemployed, the down and out and the homeless to just starve to death or die from the elements because they are homeless.

Even though these views are divorced from reality many American still buy into this claptrap of blaming the victims . According to these mean-spirited characters even all those Iraq war vets who are homeless or living off of welfare who need more help from the government should in their view just suck-it up and if necessary just die with dignity and out of sight of "decent Americans" because Real Americans reject taking unemployment benefits or welfare checks or food stamps .

"Another Kind Comment from Rep. Steve King: Unemployment Insurance Created ‘A Nation Of Slackers’ by Alex Seitz Wald at Alternet.org. Sept. 17, 2011

Steve King (R-IA) took to the House floor yesterday to give a diatribe against large swaths of of the social safety net, from food stamps to heating fuel subsidies, but reserved particular disdain for unemployment insurance, which he dismissed as “welfare for people that won’t work.” Via Political Correction:

KING: The United States of America borrows money and hands it to people and tells them, you don’t have to work for this. You don’t have to produce anything for this. We just want you to spend it. [...]

The former speaker of the House, Speaker Pelosi, has consistently said that unemployment checks are one of those reliable and immediate forms of economy recovery. [...] The 80 million Americans that are of working age but are simply not in the workforce need to be put to work. We can’t have a nation of slackers and then have me have to sit in the Judiciary Committee listening to them argue that there’s work that Americans won’t do, so we have to import people to do the work that Americans won’t do, and borrow money to pay the welfare for people that won’t work. That is a foolish thing for a nation to do. We’ve gotta get this country back to work and get those people out of the slacker rolls and onto the employed rolls.

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