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Islamophobia & the Agenda of The Radical Right Over The Last 40 Years

UPDATE: 10:05 PM, Sept.2, 2011.

Seems the fact challenged anti-Muslim mob of Islamophobes are revving up the rhetoric for the marking of the tenth anniversary of 9/11.
They want all non-Muslim Americans to feel the Hate for all Muslims. They claim all Muslims are evil anti-American Jihadists who should be denied the same rights as other Americans.
Though the Professional Islamophobes also claim that those who befriend or defend Muslims in any way shape or form are giving aid and comfort to Islamic Jihadists and these misguided Americans are not representative of "Real Americans" and so should be called to account by taking away their jobs or incarcerating them as "Enemies of the State" ala McCarthyism.

It needs to be said that most of the leaders or spokespersons for the anti-Muslim mob are in fact right wing ideologues who promote many of the same policies as the GOP/Republican Party which is now in the hands of the radical right both secular and religious.
So they tend to be anti-Gay, anti-pluralism, anti-multiculturalism, pro-capitalist, anti-government and don't believe in the Separation of Church and State and preach a form of Judeo-Christian supremacy in which they believe that all other religions are false and are from the devil or Satan.

Believing that America and the West are at war with Islam they support more not less military intervention throughout the Islamic world and so are calling for the destruction of Iran and other Muslim nations. The only "Good Muslim " in their opinion is "a dead Muslim"???

These Muslim bashers see the problem with Islam and violence and intolerance as being to a large extent to be found in the Qur'an itself and in the life of the Prophet Muhammad. So Islam they believe is downright evil and anti-Christian from the get go. So there is no point talking about dialogues or compromises since Islam in their view must be wiped out.

This all neatly falls in line with the Radical Religious Right and the New Apostolic Reformation movements who insist that at the very least the USA should become a truly Christian Nation. In the same way the Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini made Iran into an Islamic state.

The New Apostolic Reformation movement as has been discussed before is a re-branding of the Christian Right of the 1970s to 1990s and the Televangelists ala Rev. Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Billy Graham, Jim and Tammy Baker, Jimmy Swaggert et al.

In the end it is more in line with the theology and philosophy of Francis Schaeffer in his "Christian Manifesto" and Rousas Rushdoony see website of the Chalcedon Education Institute

So they fear an Islamic theocratic state but tend to encourage the establishment of a government which is more in line with the Holy Bible that is the Old and New Testaments.

Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs .com argues that her anti-Muslim anti-liberal incendiary extremist rhetoric had noting to do with the Oslo shooter who mentions her and other professional Islamophobes in his manifesto.
(also see her Mycarthyite Enemies List below)

Conspiracy what conspiracy

Part of the fear campaign in Europe is that Muslims are conspiring to change demographics by having more children than Non-Muslim Europeans

In a similar fashion others have argued the illegal Latinos are doing the same in America to which many Islamophobes contend along with ultraconservative Pat Buchanan , Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham, Newt Gingrich et al who are also anti-Islam and Anti-Obama.
Many of them are also along with Pam Geller Birthers who believe Obama is not a US citizen but is rather a Manchurian anti-American anti-Christian anti-Semitic candidate who is changing America on behalf of the Muslims, Africans , socialists, Arabs and so forth.

Allen West :
Allen West Hosts “Islamophobic” Anti-Ground Zero Mosque Event
Posted by Ryan Mauro Bio, on Sep 2nd, 2011

Rep. Allen West isn’t being deterred by accusations of “Islamophobia,” and will be hosting a screening of the Christian Action Network’s film, “Sacrificed Survivors: The Untold Story of the Ground Zero Mosque” in Congress on September 7. The event kicks off a screening tour in New York City public parks around the tenth anniversary of 9/11 that is sure to rile up the deniers of the Islamist threat.

The event is being held on the morning of September 7 from 11:30 am to 1:00 PM in Room B-339 of the Rayburn Congressional Office Building, thanks to Rep. Allen West.

It is generating significant media coverage and controversy, as is the Christian Action Network’s tour in New York City against the Ground Zero Mosque that begins later that night. West and some of the other participants have been labeled as “Islamophobes” in the Center for American Progress’s “Fear Inc.” report, which specifically mentions this event as evidence of the alleged growing anti-Muslim bigotry in the country.

Rep. West is listed in the report as part of the “Islamophobia echo chamber.” He is called a “loyal foot soldier in the misguided campaign against Sharia.” A Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations recently wrote him a letter asking him to end his relationships with Islamophobic activists. He wrote a one-sentence response: “I am writing to you with regard [to] your recent letter: ‘NUTS!’”

 Robert Spencer of "Jihad Watch"

David Horowitz of & Discover the

Below photo of another promoter of anti-Islam : Lt. General Boykin from Kiloton Threat: An Interview with General William “Jerry” Boykin
Posted by Mark Tapson at, Sept. 2, 2011

Boykin, now an ordained minister, courted controversy with comments that seemed to couch the War on Terror in religious terms. This drew fire from leftist figures such as Sidney Blumenthal, John Kerry, and Seymour Hersh, as well as from the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the self-proclaimed advocacy group linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The rise of Islamophobia in the United States is being encouraged by well funded organizations and individuals . The funding primarily comes from a few wealthy sponsors who have helped to create uberconservative Think Tanks and faux grass roots organizations such as those created by professional Islamophobes such as Pam Geller of Atlas & SIOA Stop Islamization of America and Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch and David Horowitz' & David Horowitz Freedom Center & Discover The which promulgates the notion that liberals and progressives and leftists in America are part of a conspiracy promoting Jihadists and Sharia Law in order to radically change America into an Islamic State???

Anyone in America or elsewhere in the West who defend the rights of Muslims and those who promote tolerance and interfaith understanding and dialogue with Muslims is according to these professional Islamophobes are either naive or actively working on behalf of the Muslim Jihadists to destroy traditional America. Of course they appear to believe that there are no non-Jihadists or extremist Muslims it is just that Muslims use different strategies and tactics that is overt and possibly violent or by stealth and peaceful means to achieve their ultimate goal.

U.S. Right-Wing and GOP Presidential Candidates Spreading Paranoid Anti-Muslim Hysteria as Part of Take-Over Strategy by Max Blumenthal via, Sept. 1,2011

The Islamophobic crusade raging across the country is in line with longstanding goals of conservative organizing, and is being used to further the agenda of big business.

The sudden rise of Islamophobia in the United States is alarming while the movement that advances anti-Muslim resentment seems bizarre and filled with eccentric, even dangerous characters.

But when viewed in the context of a new, groundbreaking research document by the Center for American Progress and an obscure, decades-old political memorandum by a long-forgotten former Supreme Court Justice, the Islamophobic crusade raging across the country appears perfectly in line with longstanding goals and methods of conservative organizing, and appears to focused on much more than demonizing Muslims.

In 1971, former US Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell submitted a confidential memorandum to his friend, Eugene Sydnor, the chairman of the US Chamber of Commerce, an umbrella group representing American big business. Powell, who was serving on the boards of 11 corporations at the time, warned that America was suffering from a surplus of democratic freedom thanks to the legacy of the New Left and the countercultural revolt of the 1960s. He declared, "No thoughtful person can question that the American economic system is under broad attack." Powell warned that "Communists, New Leftists and other revolutionaries" were joining forces with "perfectly respectable elements of society from the college campus, the pulpit, the media, the intellectual and literary journals, the arts and sciences, and from politicians" to bring down American capitalism.

To roll back the surge of democracy that supposedly threatened corporate predominance, Powell urged the Chamber of Commerce to finance the creation of a new political and cultural infrastructure -- a "counter-establishment" capable of unraveling the liberal establishment. The infrastructure would consist of pseudo-scholarly journals, "experts" promoted through speakers bureaus, campus pressure groups, publishing houses, lobbyists and partisan idea factories masquerading as think tanks. He wrote that operatives of the network would have to affect a "more aggressive attitude," leveling relentless personal attacks against the perceived enemies of big business. By the last days of the Nixon administration, Attorney General John Mitchell was boasting that his conservative friends were going to take the country "so far to the right we won't recognize it."

Though still obscure, the Powell memo is one of the most important documents in American political history. It was the blueprint for the creation of the modern American conservative movement, a political contingent that now controls the Republican Party and influences mainstream American opinion in ways Powell could have never imagined. Powell's vision came to life during the late 1970s, when neoconservative godfather Irving Kristol and former Treasury Secretary William Simon gathered together a small group of business tycoons willing to lay down the millions in seed money necessary to raise up a network of conservative think-tanks, talking heads, and magazines that would flood the media with right-wing opinions, capture the courts and take control of Congress. Chief among the right-wing sugardaddies was Richard Mellon Scaife, a reclusive billionaire from PIttsburgh, Penn. who controlled much of the Mellon oil fortune.

also see :

Exposed: Right-Wing Think Tanks and Bloggers Conducted Secret 10-Year Campaign to Fan Fear of Muslims
Extremist foundations, think tanks, pundits, and bloggers carried out a 10-year-old campaign to promote fear of Islam and Muslims in the U.S. by Jim Lobe via, Sept. 1, 2011

and: Meet the Shady Dallas Mega-Billionaire Industrialist Pouring Money into Rick Perry's Coffers
Most Americans have never heard of Harold Simmons, despite his fantastic wealth, because he wisely keeps his head low. by Joe Conason, August 29, 2011

and : " Pamela Geller’s Hate Group Releases McCarthy List" by Spencer Watch at Loonwatch, August 17, 2011

...Aside from a couple outliers, all of those listed fall into one of the following groups: human and civil rights groups, anti-war groups (including a feminist group), interfaith groups, hate watch groups, a few Muslim-American organizations, and poor George Soros. Unfortunately, we didn’t make the list (perhaps next year?), but Geller did accuse us of being funded by George Soros, so maybe that counts somewhat? What do we need to up our game to make the list?
The AFDI Threats to Freedom Index

by Pamela Geller

My colleague Robert Spencer and I compiled the list from records of Threat to Freedom group statements and activities as they appear in their own publications and websites, as well as from reports from concerned citizens and mainstream media reports.

Threat to Freedom group activities can include misrepresentation of anti-terror and other law enforcement initiatives, attempts to restrict the freedom of speech regarding Islamic jihad or other threats to freedom, defamation of freedom fighters, disinformation campaigns in the mainstream media regarding attempts by the U.S. and Israel to defend themselves, and more.

Listing as a Threat to Freedom group does not in itself imply that a listed group calls for or participates in violence or criminal activities, although it does not rule out their doing so.

Here are the first groups listed on our AFDI Threats to Freedom Index. There is more detail in my book Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance.

Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition retails jihadist propaganda against Israel, distorting the facts of the conflict and attempting to delegitimize Israel’s right to exist.

Code Pink: Far-Left organization aligned with Communists and Islamic jihadists, masquerading as a “peace” organization dedicated to stopping what it characterizes as unjust wars.

Cordoba Initiative: Stealth jihad organization aligned with anti-Israel jihad organizations and dedicated to building the triumphal Islamic supremacist mosque at Ground Zero.

Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR): Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas-linked organization spreading disinformation about Islam and terror, opposing anti-terror activity, and defaming freedom fighters. CAIR was one of the many Islamic groups that was named an unindicted coconspirator in the Holy Land Foundation Hamas jihad funding trial.

Friends of Sabeel-North America (FOSNA): Palestinian Christians aiding the jihad against Israel and retailing jihadist propaganda against the Jewish state.

If Americans Knew (IAK) spreads disinformation about the Palestinian jihad against Israel and Israel’s efforts to defend itself.

International ANSWER: a far-Left organization that opposes U.S. attempts to defend itself from jihad aggression.

International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT): Muslim Brotherhood organization with numerous documented links to Saudi Wahhabi organizations and jihad terror activity.

International Solidarity Movement enlists Leftist Americans to aid the Palestinian jihad against Israel and impede the defensive actions of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF).

Islamic Circle of North America: Muslim Brotherhood organization preaching a global Caliphate and Islamic law (Sharia) over the U.S. ISNA was another Islamic group that was named an unindicted coconspirator in the Holy Land Foundation Hamas jihad funding trial.

Islamic Society of North America: Muslim Brotherhood organization named an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas jihad terror funding case.

Muslim American Society: chief arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S., which is dedicated in its own words to “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within.”

Muslim Public Affairs Council: Muslim Brotherhood-linked organization that has spread disinformation about the extent of Muslim cooperation with anti-terror efforts, and has encouraged Muslims not to cooperate with law enforcement.

Muslim Students Association: Muslim Brotherhood organization creating an atmosphere of intimidation for Jewish students on campuses nationwide, and bringing in speakers who preach jihad and hatred.

The New Black Panther Party (NBPP): a black militant group that relentlessly promotes violence against white people, and Jews in particular.

North American Islamic Trust (NAIT): Muslim Brotherhood organization and subsidiary of the ISNA, holder of titles of hundreds of Islamic properties in the U.S. It funds mosques and Islamic schools nationwide, and safeguards and pools the assets of the Muslim community in America. In doing so, NAIT promotes the concept of waqf, the eternal Islamic ownership of land—which is certain to cause trouble in the United States in the future. It also is tied to Saudi Wahhabi groups that are aggressively pushing, all over the world, the most virulent, violent form of Islam on the planet.

Organization of Islamic Cooperation: International organization dedicated to destroying free speech about Islam and jihad in America and Europe. The great historian Bat Ye’or explains that the OIC is “close to the Muslim World League of the Muslim Brotherhood,” and that “it shares the Brotherhood’s strategic and cultural vision: that of a universal religious community, the Ummah, based upon the Koran, the Sunna, and the canonical orthodoxy of shari’a.”

Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding: Saudi-funded center at Georgetown University spreading disinformation about Islam and jihad. It underwrites material by the deceptive pro-Sharia academic John Esposito, such as the 2011 book Islamophobia: The Challenge of Pluralism in the 21st Century, a book-length barrage of Muslim victimhood propaganda, designed to deflect attention away from Islamic jihad activity and Islamic supremacism.

George Soros: The only individual to make the “Threats to Freedom” list, Soros is, according to Discover the Networks, “one of the most powerful men on earth,” with personal assets of an estimated $13 billion. Soros’ Open Society Institute (OSI) donates millions of dollars to far-Left, pro-Sharia, anti-freedom groups.

Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) defames and attempts to marginalize conservative, pro-freedom organizations as “hate groups.” It uses its listing of “hate groups” to try to stigmatize, and ultimately criminalize, love of country and patriotism. It works to systematically destroy voices that are speaking out against oppression and persecution.

Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) spreads jihadist propaganda and disinformation about Israeli self-defense on U.S. university campuses.

and so it goes,

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