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9/11 Tragedy its Aftermath & The global war On Terror Led The US To Ignore its Fundamental Principles of justice & The Rule Of law

Song for 9/11 and beyond-Yes America was a victim of an insane terrorist attack in which some 3,000 innocent civilians were murdered.
But did this justify the illegal, immoral, criminal act of invading and occupying Iraq without provocation.
America's case against Saddam and Iraq was all propaganda and lies including the erroneous claim that Saddam supported Al Qaeda to his development and stockpiling of WMDs etc.

Everybody Hurts REM-9/11 to Iraq to Gitmo to Abu Ghraib
secret CIA Prisons, targeted assassinations, renditions, abuse and torture of thousands of innocent Iraqis & the erosion of human rights and civil rights in America and showing little regard for the rule of law or even the US Constitution & The Bill Of Rights- to those in power in the US & their rich elite supporters everybody is a potential enemy???

Standard Operating Procedure (Remember Abu Gharib?)

US Military Intelligence
S.O.P. ("You Can Kill People Off Camera...")

CBC aired a great documentary on the US/Bush Cheney big lie that torture was not part of Standard Operating Procedures and was wide spread and became common practice.

"A FEW BAD APPLES" Aired November 16, 2005 at 9pm on CBC-TV

After the great tragedy of 9/11 most nations and peoples around the globe were shocked and outraged by these attacks including most Arab and the Islamic World .

As it was said by those outside America we are all Americans now. But such good will was not appreciated by the Bush/Cheney regime as they declared that all those who would not help America militarily were to be counted amongst America's enemies. Bush also declared as part of his enemies list anyone or any nation which had any present or past ties with Al Qaeda or any other terrorists. So the US jumped back on its high horse acting as if no nation was now on their side. A bit of paranoia and ungreatfulness on their part.

To make matters worse the Bush/Cheney Regime decided to invade Iraq in 2003 which they erroneously told the World including the United Nations that Saddam as the leader of Iraq had aided the 9/11 terrorists and was an imminent threat to world peace and to Israel and the USA.

By then of course Iraq was in dire straits after being subjected to Saddam launching a war against I, followed by Iraq's invasion of Kuwait resulting in the Gulf War no. 1 when America decided to use this as a pretext to take out Saddam-why did'n't the US take Saddam out during the iran/Iraq war which was a lot bloodier than the invasion of Kuwait.
This was followed by ten years of inhumane draconian santions on Iraq to punish Saddam when in fact it became a punishment of the average citizen of Iraq. Some 500,000 Iraqi children died needlessly just so America could feel good about itself and act as if it were doing the world or the Iraqi people a favor.

And so after 9/11 the US in 2003 invaded Iraq in an act of naked force and aggression leading to another million Iraqi deaths and leveling most of the country all in the name of exerting American power as an object lesson to other nations which refuse to kow tow to American interests ahead of their own nation and people. In Iraq the US committed a number of war crimes , attrocities, torture , an utter disregard for the lives of iraqi civilians as soldiers were told all iraqis are to be considered the enemy so anything goes.
This was true under Bush and Cheney and has continued under president Obama as he continues the policies of torture, renditions, targeted assassinations, death squads turning much of the country into a free fire zone.

The only problem was creating the propaganda or advertising as it were to sell the war to the American people which was easy since after 9/11 Americans in general were still in the mood for revenge. Next came bull-shitting the UN and the world on their cock and bull apocalyptic vision. This fit in well with emotional response of the American people to the 9/11 attacks which were shocking and devastating that the response to it was as if this were in deed an apocalytic event which was a devastating attack on the American psyche.

So the Bush/Cheney Regime created their own fictional narrative about Saddam and Iraq.
In going after Saddam the Americans had to rewrite history to show that America had always been an enemy of Saddam even though they had been friends in the 1980 til the first Gulf War/ Desert Storm.They ignored the fact that it was the USA and other Western Nations that helped keep Saddam in power.

The US used Saddam and his military to fight aproxy war for ten years against Iran. During this conflict some 1-2 million people were killed. Saddam even used chemical weapons against Iran while the Ayotollah vowed publicly not to use Chemical Weapons and in fact didn't.

What is disturbing is that the chemical Weapons of mass Destruction were provided for Saddam by Western Nations and he used these weapons on his fellow citizens. The west knew about Saddam's human rights violations and war crimes and his use of torture but did nothing about it -Saddam the reasoning went was an ally during the period of the cold war and therefore had to be supported besides he was doing their dirty work in Iran.

Anyway the point is that the US foreign policy is often hypocritical or simply represents America's interests while ignoring the interest of the people of a foreign country if America that is sees its interests being endangered .

What we see now in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen and so forth is just old fashioned imperialism combined with a psychological need on the part of Americans in general for revenge for the 9/11 attacks and now they desire revenge for each American soldier killed or wounded. In such a blood feud it is not easy to see any end in sight.

And at the end of the day or at the end of a decade fighting the Global War on Terrorism the US has lost its moral compass and its moral superiority replaced by naked force and a disregard for the Rule of Law.

The masterminds behind the disastrous Global Waron Terror have not learned their lesson and instead decide the only defense they have is to double down on their insane illogical approach as we have seen with Dick Cheney recently and now Prime Minister Tony Blair who supported the invasion of Iraq is insisting on going to war with Iran and Syria. And like his Neocon/Neoliberal friends he doesn't mention bringing reform to Bahrain or Saudi Arabia or other Arab friendly nations in the Middle East.

War Criminal Wants More Death And Destruction
Tony Blair Calls for Regime Change in Iran and Syria -Former prime minister warns that Middle East would be 'very, very badly destabilised if Iran acquired nuclear weapons By Nicholas Watt Chief political correspondent "The Guardian" Sept. 9,2011

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