Sunday, August 07, 2011

'US, biggest loser in Bahrain uprising'

US cherry-picks which oppressive regime it will support.
This seems rather surreal after listening to Rachel Maddow making light of oppressive regimes and their dictators. The US shows once again that it is not that concerned about spreading democracy, freedom and human rights in countries that are considered to be a friend and ally.
It reminds one of the US support of Saddam of Iraq or of Pinochet in Chile or the Shah of Iran.
America supports friendly dictators when it is in America's interest.
Americans and its media should be reminded that the US backed Mubarak of Egypt until it became a public embarrassment . So now Obama is against Mubarak and supposedly in favor of the Egyptian people and the popular grass roots reform movement -so give me a break -Obama is just playing the old political game.
Obama and the US media have convinced the American public that the Bahrain uprising was not legitimate and was orchestrated by Iran which is total nonsense but Obama prefers to lie to the public as President Bush did before him .
But given America's history we shouldn't blame Obama -he may even have deluded himself into erroneously believing that America never does anything wrong and is always on the side of "good".

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