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Rick Perry & The Christian Dominionists & "Brian Fischer :God Allows Women To Be President Only as A last Resort " Right Wing Watch

More clips of Religious Right Dominionists befriended by Presidential Republican Candidates Governor Rick Perry & Michele Bachmann and other Tea Party leaders.
and  some fun clips from Religious Right Governor Rick Perry 's The Response( Prayerfest) held just a week before he announces he's officially in the Presidential race for the 2012 elections.

Engle: America Is Like Nazi Germany
From: RWWBlog | Jul 22, 2011 | 1,632 views
Lou Engle preaches against gay rights and secular government at IHOP

The Response: Dobsons Say America Needs A Miracle At Dunkirk

From: RWWBlog | Aug 6, 2011 | 5,195 views
James and Shirely Dobson open The Response by saying America is surrounded by evil, just like the soldiers at Dunkirk who were surrounded by Nazis, but saved by God.

Michele Bachmann pays homage to the right wings favorite pseudo-historian David Barton.
Bachmann To David Barton: "You Are A Gift To Our Nation"
From: RWWBlog | Aug 8, 2011

Barton: If Christians Ran America, The Government Would Stop Helping The Poor

From: RWWBlog at Right Wing | Aug 9, 2011 | 1,420 views
David Barton explains that everything would be different ... if people who actually followed Christ ran things, including foreign policy, economics, and education.

Touted by the right as an authority on American history and the Founding Fathers yet David Barton is not sure if there are such creatures as Historians and therefore says he is not an historian rather a reader and a student of history.
Does he argue this in part so that other "Historians" will be unable to question his historical facts and his analysis.
Anyway he is the favorite go to guy for those on the right in America such as Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Fox News Channel in general. So you have a non-historian historian . But his stance also has far reaching consequences when it comes to education since opinion or deeply held beliefs or the undermining of historical documents and facts so his view of history is as valid as anyone else or more so because his historical view is anchored or colored by his Religious Beliefs. He begins with the premise that for instance that the USA was founded as a Christian Nation in which all laws, economics, education would be based upon Biblical truths and principles.

Barton: "I Don't Consider Myself A Historian"
From: RWWBlog | Aug 8, 2011
David Barton says he does not consider himself to be a historian or an expert ... because he is not sure such things exist!?!

Fischer: God Allows Women To Be President Only As A Last Resort

From: RWWBlog | Aug 12, 2011
Bryan Fischer explains that God put men in charge of home, the church, society, and government and will only allow a woman to be president if no man is qualified.

Mike Bickle Has Repeatedly Been Attacked By Demons

From: RWWBlog | Aug 10, 2011 | 3,115 views
Mike Bickle of the International House of Prayer explains that he has been personally attacked by demonic spirits at least ten times in his life.

Chris Matthews: Rick Perry A 'Clown' Full Of 'Texas B.S.' Huffington Post , 8/13/11

" Joe Scarborough Goes Off On Michele Bachmann: 'She Is A Joke!' " at Huffington Post , August 12, 2011

In a bit of a twist the defacto head of the Extreme Right Republican Party Rush Limbaugh criticizes Fox News channel coverage of the Iowa Presidential debate because in Rush's view Fox 's bobbleheads were too critical of some of the candidates rather than just singing their praises. This is one of the more bizarre responses to this debate.
Rush is disturbed that much of what occurred was rehearsed and planned for by the Fox News staff. He had hoped they would copy his approach to his own radio show of no script just spontaneity . or did he just want more pointed questions about President Obama and his policies over the last three years.
Of all things Rush accuses Fox News Channel of pandering to the Mainstream Media???

Rush Limbaugh Rails Against Fox News Over GOP Debate: 'They Want Approval From The Mainstream Media' at Huffington Post, August 12, 2011

Rush Limbaugh shredded Fox News over their questions for the Republican presidential candidates in the debate on Thursday night.

Speaking on his radio show on Friday, Limbaugh blasted the network, which co-hosted the debate in Iowa. He blamed the candidates' attacks on each other on what he believes was the hosts' attempt to gain the approval of mainstream media.

"My gosh, does nobody on this panel remember that we're running against Obama?" he thundered. "What is this business that these guys are trying to tear each other up?"

Then, he alleged, "Fox wants these people to tear each other up. Cause they want approval from the mainstream media, cause that's what the mainstream media would do." He added, "You never see the Democrats pitted against each other, not like this was."

Limbaugh especially took issue with Byron York, who had asked Michele Bachmann to explain what it meant to be a submissive wife. Limbaugh said, "Now I guarantee you, I guarantee you that the favorite journalist of the mainstream media today is Byron York.”

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