Monday, August 01, 2011

Media Ignores Domestic Terrorism In USA : Planned Parenthood firebombed, right wing silent

Once again the American Media ignores another right wing terrorist attack on a Planned Parenthood center.

Media would have gone wild over the story if the terrorists were Muslim Americans but when it is members of the right the media ignores it.

We saw this played out last week in reference to the Domestic right wing Terrorist attack in Norway .
While in Europe the story of the massacre in Norway was headline news all week the US media ignored the story once it was proven to be a Terrorist attack by non-Muslims.
The US media refuses to accept the reality of right wing Christian terrorism.
This trend or mind set is not knew in America since historically the American media has over and over again downplayed domestic terrorism such as the murders and Lynchings committed by the KKK or other Christian right wing organizations or individuals in the USA.
So when Dr. George Tiller known as The Baby Killer thanks to Bill o'Reilly was murdered this we are told had nothing to do with Christian anti-abortion extremism but was rather the singular act of an unstable individual.

Someone firebombed a Planned Parenthood clinic in McKinney, Texas, late Tuesday night. Because it was so late, no one was hurt. The clinic doesn't provide abortions, but there had been protesters there earlier that day anyway. You might've read about the news on Twitter or on a liberal blog. Probably not in a newspaper or on a cable new channel. Definitely not at any right-wing blogs. Which is a bit odd, actually, considering how much attention terrorist attacks generally get in this country.

Oh, sorry, how much attention possible Islamic terrorist attacks get.

Planned Parenthood, in case you haven't been paying attention, has been the focus of a flood of political attacks -- both rhetorical and legislative -- since approximately the minute the Republicans who were elected in 2010 took office across the nation. James O'Keefe shopped around one of his trademark shamelessly misleading video "stings." Glenn Beck devoted an hour to falsely accusing Planned Parenthood of various heinous crimes. The major right-wing pundits have stepped up the hysterical anti-reproductive rights rhetoric as multiple states attempted to defund the organization. The right has even moved on to attacking contraception, as if it doesn't even want people to believe that its goal isn't to control women's bodies.

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