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Pat Robertson & Rick Joyner "Katrina = God's Wrath" and Vanguard: The American Architects of Uganda's Anti-Gay Bill

Religious Right leaders in the USA believe that not just man made disasters or terrorists attacks are warnings or a wake up call from their God ie 9/11 , Pearl harbor, the Holocaust but their God is an awesome God who also uses tornadoes, hurricanes, tropical storms, droughts , floods ,ice storms , earthquakes, and Tsunami etc. as not just warnings in general but aimed at specific cities for example katrina was punishment (they believe )of the people of New Orleans for having a Gay Pride parade.
Pastor John Hagee for eample preaches that Hitler was actually sent by God as a hunter because the Israelites/Hebrews/ Jews hadn't yet obeyed his command to return to the Holy Land/Palestine.
The God which they follow is the Old testament eye for an eye wrathful God of vengeance-"Vengeance is mine saith the lord."
As pat Robertson and the late Reverend Jerry Falwell believed 9/11 was a way for God to punish America for not keeping God's laws and for not punishing those who transgress God's laws ie adulterers, abortionists, homosexuals, apostates and heretics, heathens, Pagans, atheists, and all liberals.

Their definition of a Christian is rather narrow as they reject all forms of "liberal Christianity".
According to them only those who have been baptized(anabaptists) as an adult and who has a transformative spiritual born again experience is a "Real Christian".

Though as a political and social movement which intends to transform America they in the meantime for pragmatic reasons are willing to work with other conservative Christians ( who may not adhere to all of their criteria of a Real Christian ) and with Roman Catholics and Jews .

I have included below Lou Engle as he preaches the Seven Mountain Prophecy which is part of the New Apostolic Reformation movement which in fact borrows a great deal from the Dominionist/Reconstructionist Christian Theological movement.
Many of the foot soldiers of this movement may in fact not be aware of or realize the Total program (agenda) which their leaders believe must by any means necessary be imposed upon American society.

The leaders of these movements are not just talking about more prayer or the power of prayer and reintroducing Pprayer in the public schools or putting an end legal abortions or denying equal rights to various groups such as Homosexuals but rather the taking control of all aspects of American life to fulfill God's Word and God's Law.

Pat Robertson Katrina = God's Wrath

Rick Joyner Katrina God's wrath against Gays
Joyner: Hurricane Katrina Was God's Judgment For Homosexuality

Michele Bachmann and Lou Engle Pray To Stop Healthcare Reform
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Rep. Michele Bachmann and Lou Engle pray during FRC's 2009 "Prayercast" to stop the passage of healthcare reform legislation.

Lou Engle

*Vanguard: The American Architects of Uganda's Anti-Gay Bill: Vanguard

Lou Engle goes to Uganda to show support for the draconian law banning Homosexuality
individuals found guilty will get life in prison or be executed

Lou Engle and TheCall: Vanguard Extended Footage

Uploaded by Current on Jun 23, 2010
This exclusive, extended footage from Vanguard's "Missionaries of Hate" shows American evangelical leader Lou Engle at a rally in Uganda this May.

RickWarren says he did not support Uganda anti-Gay Bill
Ugandan pastor says Rick Warren lies and accuses Rick Warren of " says one thing to Christians and another to "the liberal media".

Vanguard: Pastor Martin Ssempa Calls Rick Warren a Wimp: Vanguard
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In this scene from Vanguard's "Missionaries of Hate," correspondent Mariana van Zeller interviews Ugandan pastor and anti-gay advocate in the country, Martin Ssempa, about the influence of American evangelicals on proposed legislation and his feelings towards Pastor Rick Warren. Mariana traveled to Uganda to learn more about the growing influence of American religious groups has led to a movement to make homosexuality a crime punishable by death.

Environment of hate speech turning into vigilantism , beatings and murder
Ugandan Gay Rights Activist Beaten to Death

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January 27, 2011 on CNN - via

RIck Warren on gays, their immaturity and desire for multiple partners

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