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US Congressman Allen West Wants To Bomb Iran & The Koch Brothers & GOP Want to Re-segregate Public Schools & End Social Security

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* GOP /Republicans still lying and insisting that America bomb and or invade Iran
They lie about Iran's role in Iraq and elsewhere
They lie about Iran's nuclear capabilities
They lie about Iran as a threat to the Middle East & Israel & America

* Koch Brothers & GOP push for the re-segregation of America's Public Schools
Their ultimate aim is to undermine and destroy the Public School system in America
Their aim is to replace Public Schools with private schools

* Koch Bothers the GOP and Mainstream Media  in America want to destroy Social Security Program
They erroneously claim that Social Security is bankrupt
They make up their own " facts " to defend their position on Social Security
Note: the inconvenient fact is that Social Security has a 2.6 Trillion dollar surplus.

Article about Koch Brothers provides Koch Brothers phone number : "Please call David Koch at his Manhattan office at 212-319-1100 and tell him to "stop funding school resegregation now."

Allen West and most of the Republican Tea Party Gang are angry at President Obama for not bombing and invading Iran. West calls Obama "Neville Chamberlain on steroids". According to his argument President Obama by not attacking Iran is not keeping America and Israel safe and so Obama is in his view a weak ineffective leader who must be replaced because of his traitorous inaction and policies of appeasement.
Fox News and the unhinged Murdoch , Roger Ailes, Sean hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck et al agree with West' complaints about President Obama.

In part West is right in that President Obama has caved-in to the demands by the Republicans and the radical right again and again from Health Care to the Stimulus bills to the recent debt hysteria and so will President Obama in order to appease these Hawkish hysterical insane Patriots and attack Iran.

In Iraq for instance Iran has had very little influence and fighters from Iran made up at most 4 or 5 % of foreign fighters in Iraq.

And the fact is that Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are far and away the bigger supporters of Islamic Terrorists than Iran.

Iran for instance did not support the Taliban in Afghanistan but rather supported the Northern Alliance which NATO also supported.

Allen West like many Americans have forgotten or just never accepted the fact that most of the 9/11 terrorists were Suadis not Iranians.

In fact George Bush was dead wrong when he claimed Iran as part of the Axis of Evil -it would have been more honest to include Saudi Arabia or Pakistan as part of the so called Axis of Evil.

Before that speech relations between Iran and the USA were greatly improved-the Iranians were stunned when they heard Bush include their country as one of America's greatest threats.

West and others overlook the facts in order to promulgate their own anti-Islam pro-Israel agenda.
And there are those in the Obama administration such as Hillary Clinton who for years have insisted that the US Bomb Iran. Republicans such as John McCain and Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry would also bomb and possibly NUKE Iran to show the world who's the Boss.

Allen West and the gang also refuse to accept the fact that the US had no right to invade Iraq in the first place.

Nor do they want to deal with the fact that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld etc. created the mess that is the Iraq Occupation and they blew it in Afghanistan as well. Now Obama is making the same mistakes in Libya and Yemen while at the same time ignoring other countries where the opposition and dissidents are jailed, tortured and killed and so forth such as in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Israeland a host of other countries.

Iran, Damned Lies and US Congressman Allen West : Information Clearing House News

Reality and a Whopper on Iran

By Paul R. Pillar

August 12, 2011 "TNI" -
-Perhaps the most noteworthy exchange on foreign policy in the Republican presidential candidates' debate in Iowa Thursday night started with a question to Ron Paul about Iran. Whatever else you may think about Paul and his candidacy, there is no refuting three truths he stated regarding the hysteria-inducing subject of Iran and its nuclear program. One, as Iranians look at what is surrounding them in their own neighborhood, they have good and understandable reasons to be interested in nuclear weapons. Two, even if they were to acquire a nuke, any capability they then had would pale in comparison with what the United States faced in the form of the Soviet Union during the Cold War, or China for that matter. Third, as U.S. dealings with the Soviets demonstrated, an adversary's nuclear capability does not constitute a reason to stop talking and start making a war.

Paul's plain speaking, of course, clashed with the orthodoxy in this country according to which unthinking absolutism is considered the proper response to any mention of Iran and nukes. Among the other candidates, Rick Santorum jumped to the task of exclaiming how incorrigibly awful Iran is in every respect. Probably the most curious item in his indictment was that the Iranian regime “tramples the rights of gays”—curious given that one of Santorum's own claims to fame is his conspicuously unfriendly posture toward homosexuality, which he has compared to bestiality. (Elsewhere in the debate, Santorum supported a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage and a reversal of the Obama administration's abandonment of “don't ask, don't tell” in the military.) But Santorum also used a glaring falsehood: that “ Iran is a country that has killed more American men and women in uniform in Iraq and Afghanistan than the Iraqis and the Afghans have.”

And now another example of the GOP right wing aligned with Koch Bothers to re-segregate Public Schools in America as a step towards undermining and destroying the Public School system in America in this case one school bard at a time.

Koch Brothers & GOP Pro-Resegragation of Public Schools

Koch Brothers Exposed at People For The American Way

It now seems that right-wing mega-funders, the Koch brothers, are using their corporate dollars to buy elections at the local level in order to wage their ongoing attack on public education.
In one North Carolina school district, the Koch-created front group Americans for Prosperity (AFP) supported a slate of right-wing school board candidates who ran on a platform that echoed those of 1960's southern segregationists like George Wallace almost verbatim ... they won, and now they are using their power to resegregate the schools, hurting the public school system by not only erasing the district's commendable achievements of diversity, but hurting the quality of public education received by all the district's students.
We’re happy to help tell the story with our partners at Brave New Foundation by sharing their latest “Koch Brothers Exposed” video:

Please call David Koch at his Manhattan office at 212-319-1100 and tell him to "stop funding school resegregation now."

Social Security has a 2.6 trillion dollar Surplus
Yet the Koch Brothers and the GOP erroneously claim Social Security is going bankrupt or is already bankrupt.
This is a lie that the US Mainstream Media is all too happy to promote .

Koch Brothers & GOP attack on Social Security & Other so called Entitlement Programs

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