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Ex Treasury Official Bruce Bartlett: " Republicans Stupid, Crazy, Ignorant Craven Cowards " & throwing Saint Reagan Under The Bus

Governor of Texas Rick Perry & Some Whoop-ass
Jimmy Kimmel response to Rick Perry's Tough Talk about beating up or lynching or just charging Ben Bernake of the Federal ReserveNote Federal Reserve has been a lightning rod for extreme right wing groups such as The Birchers and The Patriot Movement, Minutemen, Militias,posse comitatus So rick perry and others are now giving support to another Conspiracy theory which involves the FederalReserve , the Bilderberg group the non-existent Illuminati, free masons and other nonsense which is boiled down to World Government and so on.
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And now a few words from Rick Perry's Radical religious Right supporters who wish to give their blessing to Perry and pronounce him as an Apostle for GOD:

Islamophobia with a smile and a Hallelujah
Apostle and Prophet Lou Engle predicts Signs and Wonders in Detroit when his ministry The Call goes to Detroit where there is a large Muslim population.
God is bigger than the Devil
Pray for Muslims to convert to Engle's twisted and scary form of Evangelical Christianity or Christian Nationalism - Dominionists

Boykin" "I Am Intolerant" And I Meet With Rick Perry
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Jerry Boykin says he is intolerant of anything to prevents him from freely exercising his religion (e.g., gays and Muslims and liberals) while revealing his ties to Gov. Rick Perry.

 Question of the day: Will Republicans throw Saint Ronald Reagan under the bus or have his name excised from all official documents ???

Reagan in fact raised taxes on the wealthy and was no as fiscally irresponsible as the Bush Regime which inherited a massive surplus to be replaced by a massive debt-

Ronald Reagan Schools the current Republicans for their financial irresponsibility on lawrence O'Donell and Rachel Maddow

"Saint" Ronald Reagan Warns And Scolds Republicans About The Dangers Of Not Raising Debt Ceiling

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Clips from July 19, 2011, The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell and The Rachel Maddow Show where Lawrence and Rachel ironically highlight clips of "Saint" Ronald Reagan warning and scolding Republicans about the dangers of not raising the debt ceiling.

Rick Perry questions whether the military has any respect for President Obama.
Perry is anti-evolution and pro-Creationism aka Intelligent Design
Perry appears to believe that it is more important for Americans to pray than to pass appropriate legislation.
Perry is backed by a whole roster of Religious Right wing-nuts especially those connected with The New Apostolic Reformation movement created by Peter C. Wagner.
But Apostolic movement and the Seven Mountains prophecy are really the rebranding of Dominionist and Reconstructionist theology especially as articulated by Rousas Rushodoony as Frank Schaeffer has pointed out.
These Religious Right leaders want to rid America of the notion of the Separation of Church and State.
As the Religious Right has its own God centered Faux scientists it has also got its own God Centered Faux Historians such as David Barton who is really a propagandist for the Religious and Political hard right.

Ex Treasury Official Bruce Bartlett Calls Texas Rick Perry An Idiot
ARTLOVERRR CNN Wolf Blitzer on Rick Perry lists some of the radical right wing issues which Perry supports-

 The Elephant in the room is the Republican Party's responsibility under George W. Bush for the massive debt and fiscal irresponsibility- 

US Financial crisis is greatly the result of the Bush Regime's tax cuts for the wealthy ie Income Tax & Capital Gains tax
which was combined with two unnecessary wars.
It is not all President Obama or the Democrat's fault.
Obama is intimidated by the Tea Party, the anti-government anti-regulation Radical Political Right and the Republican buffoons in Washington who are out to undermine President Obama even if this leads to further financial crisis in the USA.
Obama is too nice or naive to realize that the Republican Party do not act in good faith or for the good of the nation. They simply want to push through their agenda of decreasing the size and reach of government and to help out their super-wealthy friends.
As we have seen corporations which have been granted "personhood" are interested only in making profits they care little about the average American. This is why they see nothing wrong with putting their money into off shore accounts or moving their businesses to countries which do not protect their workers or the environment or have regulations of any kind. Money is the bottom line period.

Chris Mathews interviews Bruce Bartlett who Calls Rep Caucus Stupid, Crazy, Ignorant, Craven Cowards!

America under the heel of a handfull of Billionaires and Republicans think this is a good think WTF!

Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow Exposes Karl Rove and American Crossroads

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Rachel Maddow exposes American Crossroads which is supposed to be, as explained by Karl Rove, a "grassroots" supported movement of which over 90% of it's funding is supported by only 3 billionaires.

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