Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Sermon : Paul McCartney & Allen Ginsberg " American Skeletons" & President Obama Supports Israeli Crackdown on Gaza Freedom Flotilla & Flytilla

Sunday Sermon: Paul McCartney & Allen Ginsberg : "American Skeletons "
President Obama aids Israel's crackdown on domestic and international Protests re: Gaza Freedom Flotilla & Flytilla.

Even peacful Protests are outlawed in the state Of Israel
Obama administration fully supports Israel and whatever action it takes against the international protesters.
President Obama supports the IDF use of force and sabotage and deportations -and yet they call it Democracy???
Will protests about Israel's policies in Gaza be banned in the USA.
Will Obama consider all who protests Israel's Gaza policies to be enemies of America and Israel or as giving aid and comfort to the enemy ie the terrorists, Palestinians, the men women & children of Gaza even a nine year old who throws a rock at an Israeli tank in Israel or the illegally occupied territories .

President Obama and his administration talk a good game about human rights, freedom, democracy etc. but such basic rights are denied to the Palestinians and as we have seen to the people of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen , Uzbekistan and other US allies.

Paul McCartney with Allen Ginsberg's Ballad of the American Skeletons

Flotilla backed by Flytilla? Gaza activists to advance by sea & air
Russia Television July 7, 2011.

Gaza 'Flytilla' activists arrested for chanting 'Free Palestine' in Tel Aviv airport
July 8, 2011.

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