Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oslo, Norway Terrorist Attack: Video Footage of Explosion and Camp Shoot...

UPDATE: Christian Fundamentalists Terrorist attack.
And where are the Moderate Christians to step up and condemn such attacks by other Christians in the name of Christianity and Jesus.
Instead all we get is a deafing "SILENCE"

Attack covered widely when the Media was certain it was an attack by Islamic Jihadists but when it was discovered the killers were white , blonde hair blue eyed Nordics who were anti-Muslim Christian Fundamentalists the coverage dropped off.
The hypocrisy is just so disturbing that when non Muslims commit acts of violence these acts are treated as unimportant and barely newsworthy especially in the USA.
Part of the reason is of course pure racism on the part of the media and much of its audience.
The media then downplayed the incident as being acts committed by a lone wolf or two and that they were mentally deranged.
The media avoided the obvious conclusion that the attacker(s) were anti-Muslim Islamophobes who were influenced by the likes of anti-Muslim public personalities such as Geert Wilders, Pam Geller, Robert Spencer, Bat Yeor , Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and of course Fox News and other media outlets that are to a greater or lesser degree anti-Muslim.

This mass murder should have been used by the media to question the leaders of the Islamophobia movement and to question all those on the religious right especially in America about the danger of their violent hate speech against Islam and all Muslims.

So where are the moderate Christians who should be speaking out against these fanatical extremist Christians.

Since the American Media refuses to pay much attention to these horrific acts of terrorism we have to turn to non-American and Non-Western Media such as Aljazeera to get a more in depth analysis of what is at the root of such attacks on "Liberal Democrats"
Pam Geller, Michelle Bachmann, Ann Coulter , Limbaugh etc. probably feel good about these attacks on the people that is "liberals" " Multiculturalists " "Progressives" and any who preach in favor of tolerance & pluralism whom these members of the Religious Right & claim are the real enemies of the USA and Christendom.

We see this played out over and over again that when Christian Fundamentalists murder the media in general is reluctant to spend much time on such acts because the Religious Right then claims the media is attacking Christianity or the American way or the basic values of Western Civilization which are rooted we are told in Judeo-Christian values , traditions and theology.

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