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Sunday Sermon Part 2 :Norway Mourns 91 Dead in Twin Attacks; Police Question "Right-Wing Christian" | AlterNet

UPDATE: Sunday Sermon Part 2 Christian Anti-Islam Terrorists(s)

Is this what Christians mean by spreading the " Teachings of Jesus"

Right wing Christian Islamophobic rhetoric has consequences .

 In my humble opinion I would think Jesus would not approve of these murders nor would he even approve of the extremist right wing Islamophobic rhetoric which is the rhetoric of intolerance and hate which can only lead to the spread of more hate.

Will much of the Western Media especially US and Canadian media ignore or downplay this story because it doesn't fit the Media and governments preferred narrative that all terrorists are Muslims.
That is will the media spend time seriously and substantively analyse these incidents in an honest manner or ignore them or raise the old standby by blaming the victims ie if the Europeans were not so tolerant of Muslims in Europe this sort of backlash would not occur.
Its all the fault of the liberals and those who favor pluralism and multiculturalism and so someone is forced to take extreme actions because the government in Europe will not do what the Islamophobes want ie pass laws to segregate Muslim Europeans , banning the full veil, banning the Call to Payer, pass laws banning the building of Mosques, Minarets, Madrassas (Islamic Religious Schools) and /or deport Muslim Immigrants as the Spanish did in 1492.

The Islamophobes such as Geert Wilders as we have seen erroneously argue that Islam is not a religion but a political/religious ideology and therefore should not be granted the same rights as other religious groups.
Terrorists attacks in Norway perpetrator(s) Anti-Islam Christian Extremist(s)murder 91 .
Not all terrorists international or domestic are Muslims or Islamic extremists.

Norway Mourns 91 Dead in Twin Attacks; Police Question "Right-Wing Christian" | AlterNet

After a horrific day of violence in Norway that left more than 80 dead, police detained a man in connection with the massive bomb blasts that blew out windows for blocks in downtown Oslo and an attack on a youth camp about 20 miles away that followed shortly thereafter.

Police and the justice minister said a 32-year-old Norwegian man was arrested on the Island where a man who reportedly introduced himself as a police officer opened fire on teenagers attending a camp of Norway’s ruling Labour Party. The man was reportedly also seen in Oslo before the bombs went off. “The police have every reason to believe there is a connection between the explosions and what happened at Utoya,” police told the New York Times, referring to the island.

The Associated Press reported that a Norwegian public broadcaster named the man in custody as Anders Breivik. The British newspaper The Telegraph reported the same name for the suspect, citing the justice ministry. According to earlier reports on Norwegian television, Breivik, not named yet, had connections to right-wing politics.

A Facebook page (now taken down) bearing the same name as the apparent suspect lists his religion as “Christianity” and his political views as “Conservative.” The interests listed on the page range from the computer game World of Warcraft to the U.S. television show The Commish. A Twitter account also surfaced bearing the name Anders Breivik, but only one tweet had been issued. “One person with a belief is equal to the force of 100 000 who have only interests,” it read. Neither of the online accounts were immediately verifiable.

Another Norwegian news account, as translated by Google, indicated that Breivik harbored anti-Islam sentiment. The report said he identified strongly with nationalism and posted on an anti-Islam right-wing website, where he expressed views in opposition to multiculturalism and internationalism. He also expressed admiration for controversial Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders’s party.

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