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Malaysia cracks down on protesters - Asia-Pacific - Al Jazeera English

Arab Spring fever spreads to Malaysia. Once again another authoritarian over reacts to peaceful pro-reform protesters .

Which is more important democracy, basic human rights and freedom or the so-called "Rule Of Law"

As we have seen over and over is that those in power use excuses such as "The Rule Of Law" to defend the status quo including keeping friendly dictators, authoritarian Regimes etc. in power unless they lean a bit to the left .
So in order to maintain the "Status Quo" the various oppressive regimes use excuses such as "The Rule of Law" or "national Security" calling dissidents "terrorists" or "Agent Provocateurs " or calling protesters "Islamic extremists" -
Meanwhile most Western nations are mainly concerned about keeping the oil and gas flowing and have little interests in defending the peoples of these nations where there are calls for reform.

Malaysian PM defends protest crackdown - 10Jul2011

MJ-They Dont care about us-Malaysia Bersih Version

Will the US or one of its allies send in the air force and then the marines to provide support for the government or for the people.The more to the right the government is the more authoritarian more resembling a dictatorship of the right of course using barbaric forms of torture the more it denies basic human rights america is often an admirer and a friend.

Aljazeera Tear gas fired at Malaysia protest
Malaysian government's brutal crackdown on protesters
tens of thousands protest for reform
Government bans all protest
600 protesters detained

Malaysia cracks down on protesters - Asia-Pacific - Al Jazeera English

Police in Malaysia have fired tear gas and arrested more than 1,600 protesters in the biggest opposition-backed rally in years, demanding electoral reforms.

Organisers said up to 50,000 demonstrators massed across Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur on Saturday, but the police put the number at closer to 10,000.

Several senior opposition leaders were arrested in a clampdown called Operation Erase Bersih, referring to the Bersih coalition, the group that organised the rally.

According to reports those arrested included 16 children.

Ambiga Sreenavasan, head of the Bersih coalition, said that the suppression of the protests had "stirred a sense of outrage against the exhibition of raw power by our government".

"What is the necessity for a show of might against right? No matter what, right will always prevail," she said.

Prime Minister Najib Razak's government had declared the demonstration illegal, and police had sealed off parts of the capital in advance, warning those who took part in demonstrations that they would face "stern action".

(In HD) Bersih 2.0 Rally 2011: Malaysian Police Crack Down On Protesters At Bersih Rally
July 9, 2011

1400 arrested in Malaysia rally
Jul 9, 2011 by Euronews
Police in Malaysia have arrested more than 1,400 anti-government protesters after thousands of people marched on the capital Kuala Lumpur.

and things still not going well in Bahrain as the government holds one sided dialogue with reformers .

In Bahrain "Dialogue Doomed To Fail"

How America's Ally Treats protesters and dissidents
Bahrain's Royal Family is anti-democracy anti-reform and yet defended by the Obama administration
Bahrain citizen beaten by mercenaries Bahrain citizen beaten by mercenaries

PressTVGlobalNews on Jul 8, 2011
Renewed anti-regime protests in Bahrain have been suppressed by the Saudi-backed security forces leading to several casualties and detentions amidst the ongoing "national dialogue."

Saeed al-Shahabi, an activist with the Bahrain Freedom Movement, tells Press TV about the reasons behind the ongoing protests despite the national dialogue efforts.

and more on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla prevented from sailing to Gaza-
Freedom to assembly, freedom to protest not permitted in the case of Israel

Hillary Clinton give Israeli IDF the Green Light to shoot and or arrest protesters including American citizens

US not willing to protect Flotilla protesters -now if they were armed and dangerous or involved in special operations or black ops ie renditions, kidnapping , torturing prisoners etc. they would be protected by US government.

Pro-Palestinian activists attack US stance on Gaza ships

Malaysian government tightens control of media including internet /social networking.

Malaysia media laws raise concern - Asia-pacific - Al Jazeera English

Arab Spring fever spreads to Malaysia.

and so it goes,

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