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Bahrain UPDATE: US Ignores Bahrain & Saudi Forces Killing Innocent Bahraini Civilians


It's all about the oil & extending the American Empire

President Obama and Hillary Clinton refuse to acknowledge wide spread human rights violations and crimes against humanity in Bahrain.
In Bahrain doctors have been sentenced to prison for doing their duty by treating those wounded by government forces.
In Bahrain every day people are being attacked in their own homes beaten and taken into custody
Bahrain taking a page from Obama's play book don't bother with arrest warrants or any of that leftist legal nonsense.
Prisoners in Bahrain are routinely beaten, intimidated and tortured and then made to make public confessions at their Show Trials ala American Military (Kangaroo) courts.

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That's the daily life of Bahraini people... Simply police would come and try to break into houses, if they didn't succeed they just would fire tear gases (mad in the USA by a company called (Non Lethal Industries)) and go away.

No crocodile tears for Bahrainis, unlike the Syrians and Libyans, their dictator is a friend of Hillary Clinton and Robert Gates (He's a moderate Arab as the US media like to call him).

That's what the phone camera of an amateur photographer managed to capture, no one is there in the prisons to film the torture meals that the prisoners go through everyday! Just imagine!

US ignores widespread human rights violations and War crimes in Bahrain.
US unwilling to critique Bahrain since Bahrain is supported militarily by Saudi Arabia
US also has its fifth fleet stationed in Bahrain.
US even in other Arab states only favors cosmetic changes and not substantive democratic reform.
US in Libya wants to get rid of Qaddaffi which they failed to do in over 40 years and so the US has teamed up with "Rebels" who are supporters and foot soldiers of the Taliban and Al Qaeda in their desperate move to take out Qaddaffi.

The US we should note backed a host of fanatics in Afghanistan in order to oust the Soviet Military. One the Soviets left the fanatical unpopular Taliban tribesmen took over and gave sanctuary to Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda.
It was the Iranian government just after 9/11 who offered to help get Bin Laden but the US that is Bush/Cheney & the gang refused Iran's help -
Iran as a Shia country did not like Osama Bin Laden anymore than the Americans did.
It should be noted Iran like Iraq had no connection with the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
The Iranian people on 9/11 held massive candle light vigils to show their solidarity and sympathy for those Americans murdered by the Al Qaeda attacks.
Unfortunately the US government is still angry and wants revenge for the ousting of the dictatorial brutal Shah of Iran who was hated by many Iranians but loved by Americans.
The US has still not been able to get beyond the hostage crisis in Iran after its revolution even though the Iranian government has officially apologized for the hostage incident.

So now the Obama /Clinton Regime is equating the Shia population in Bahrain with the Iranian Shia and by extension to the crimes committed under Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini who died some 20 years ago . The majority of Shia in Bahrain do not want an anti-democratic theocracy which Iran put into place after the revolution.

Bahrain and the Democratic Uprising

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Hamid Dabashi: The Cold War delayed the democratic movement in the Arab world, but it will not be stopped now

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