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Bill Maher: Ft. Hood Shooter a "Muslim Terrorist," Norwegian Murderer Not a "Christian Terrorist"? & US Military Training Based On Christian Theology

Nuclear War & Christian Theology and Ethics  - Faith V War

US Military "Christian Crusaders" ???

Sunday Sermon

Fart Hood mass murderer is labeled a terrorists but Anders Beivik of Norway is not labeled a "Christian Terrorists"
Christian Dominionists infiltration of the US Military
Ex-Nazi teaches ethics to US Air Force personnel about the morality and religious justification of using nuclear weapons.

"Leave it to the United States Air Force to find a way to dictate the 'ethical' value of nuclear war and it's inevitable role in the 'natural order' of humanity's existence, to it's missile launch officer trainees by merging unadulterated, fundamentalist Christian end times Armageddon doctrines with the tortured 'people who are guided by the bible endorsements of a former, leading Nazi SS official..."  Quote by Mikey Weinstein president of Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF)

"Air Force Cites New Testament, Ex-Nazi, to Train Officers on Ethics of Launching Nuclear Weapons" by: Jason Leopold, Truthout July 27, 2011

To listen to the bloviators, "religious extremist" means Muslim, and too many Americans buy in without understanding that this "God is (only) on Our Side" nonsense infects elements in pretty much every belief system. But while violent fanatics are certainly dangerous and should be dealt with appropriately, it's vital that we recognize extremism wherever it appears. Because in some cases fanatical belief puts on a benevolent face and encroaches through stealth; rather than fly planes into buildings or massacre nonbelievers on a train or in gas chambers, these adherents ease into institutions and infiltrate systems with the aim of gaining legitimacy and, eventually, control.
Quote by Mike Farrell Coercive Religion Misplaced in US Armed Forces" , Truthout July 26, 2011

Bill Maher

"Religion gives license to crazies..."
"Christianity coming out of its dormant stage... returning to the Crusades"

Bill Maher: Why Is the Ft. Hood Shooter a "Muslim Terrorist," But the Norwegian Murderer Not a "Christian Terrorist"? | AlterNet

Just War Christian Ethics -St. Augustine
War & Faith

PDF FILE: ETHICS Slides Five Principles

"Air Force Cites New Testament, Ex-Nazi, to Train Officers on Ethics of Launching Nuclear Weapons" by: Jason Leopold, Truthout July 27, 2011

The United States Air Force has been training young missile officers about the morals and ethics of launching nuclear weapons by citing passages from the New Testament and commentary from a former member of the Nazi Party, according to newly released documents.

The mandatory Nuclear Ethics and Nuclear Warfare session, which includes a discussion on St. Augustine's "Christian Just War Theory," is led by Air Force chaplains and takes place during a missile officer's first week in training at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

St. Augustine's "Qualifications for Just War," according to the way it is cited in a 43-page PowerPoint presentation, are: "to avenge or to avert evil; to protect the innocent and restore moral social order (just cause)" and "to restore moral order; not expand power, not for pride or revenge (just intent)."

The Air Force documents were released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and provided to Truthout by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), a civil rights organization. MRFF President Mikey Weinstein said more than 30 Air Force officers, a majority of whom describe themselves as practicing Protestants and Roman Catholics, have contacted his group over the past week in hopes of enlisting him to work with the Air Force to have the Christian-themed teachings removed from the nuclear weapons ethics training session.

One of the most disturbing slides quotes Wernher Von Braun, a former member of the Nazi Party and SS officer. Von Braun, regarded as the father of the US space program, is not being cited as a scientific expert, rather he's specifically being referenced as a moral authority, which is remarkable considering that the Nazi scientist used Jews imprisoned in concentration camps and captured French anti-Nazi partisans and civilians to help build the V-2 rocket, a weapon responsible for the death of thousands of British civilians


Mike Farrell discusses the infiltration of the US military by Christian Dominionists ( Christian Nationalists/ Seven mountains Prophecy, The Call) who believe all institutions and facets of American culture should reflect and be controlled by Christian Fundamentalists in order that America become a True Christian Nation.

Coercive Religion Misplaced in US Armed Forces" by: Mike Farrell, Truthout July 26, 2011

...Take a look at fundamentalist, Dominionist Christianity. That's the bunch, per writer and researcher Chris Berlet, that is called not only to be "active political participants in civic society, but also seek to dominate the political process as part of a mandate from God." Or, as sociologist Sara Diamond puts it, they "alone are Biblically mandated to occupy all secular institutions until Christ returns - and there is no consensus on when that might be."

A mandate from God that the adherents of this particular "One True Faith" should take over our nation's institutions? Yup. And I'm afraid it's easy to dismiss the idea as arrogant posturing and just laugh. O.K., maybe wince when that clown in Florida burns the Koran, or shake our heads when a Christian organizer says gays are Nazis, or, per another more recent source, "barbarians." Maybe you scoffed when a Christian leader said 9/11 was God's punishment for creeping secularism, but these folks are serious.

For example, one of the secular institutions on which this bunch is working its wiles is our armed forces. Hard to imagine, isn't it; that a cult-like extremist group could quietly weave its way into control of the command structure of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines? But think about it; did the "Jesus Rifles" just happen by accident? Remember the 800,000 high-powered rifle sights engraved with Bible codes proclaiming, "Jesus as the light of the world" and other quotes that our troops unwittingly carried into battle in two primarily Muslim countries? Just a fluke? Ya' think? Just an innocent mistake, the unfortunate mix of a zealous Christian manufacturer and a sleepy Pentagon acquisitions officer?

...Aside from dealing with the everyday verbal and written assaults like "Kike," leader of "the forces of Satan," "devoted servant of Satan," "... are all Jews just money-grubbing busy-bodies," "... grind yourself into dust against the wave of Christianity that is sweeping this nation," "... you and your atheist comrades' days are running out," "jew lawyer crybaby who sucks moslems (sic) c**k..." and other such homilies from his Christian detractors, Weinstein and the MRFF (now including a security staff to deal with death threats and assassination attempts) work to safeguard the right to religious freedom of thousands of marines, sailors, soldiers and airmen and women of all faiths (96 percent of them Christian - Catholics and mainline Protestants), Academy staff, cadets, midshipmen, military personnel, and others whose education, jobs and careers are in jeopardy if they fail to toe the line dictated by military superiors who claim to be the only true followers of Jesus of Nazareth.

The article below suggests by its title that this controversial Christian based ethics course on the use of Nuclear Weapons has been removed but in actual fact it has been suspended while undergoing a review. So it is possible that this is merely a Public Relations move on the part of the military and that once attention is diverted away from it; the course may be reintroduced with the rhetoric and tone lowered and yet contain the same basic quasi-religious message ie God approves of the use of nuclear weapons under certain conditions.

Air Force Pulls Christian-Themed Ethics Training for Nuclear Missile Officers After Publication of Truthout Report" by: Jason Leopold, Truthout July 30, 2011

The Air Force, in response to an exclusive report published by Truthout earlier this week, has withdrawn materials used in a training session that relied upon passages from the New and Old Testament and a quote from an ex-Nazi SS officer to teach missile officers about the morals and ethics of launching nuclear weapons.

The Nuclear Ethics and Nuclear Warfare training "has been taken out of the curriculum and is being reviewed," said David Smith, chief of public affairs of Air Education and Training Command at Randolph Air Force Base in Texas. "The commander reviewed it and decided we needed to have a good hard look at it and make sure it reflected views of modern society."

Smith said the ethics training has been in place for "20-plus years" and the decision to remove it was made on Wednesday after Truthout's report was published. He added that it will now be "given thorough scrutiny" and "folks will be appointed to look at what we have and determine its utility and if they think its useful to continue having an ethics course they will develop a new course."

and as Mikey Weinstein of MRFF concludes that this training course should never have been permitted as Air Force training to begin with so the Military does not deserve praise for submitting this Christian based course to an indepth review. The top brass as it were should have been more diligent about such a training course to begin with.

MRFF President Mikey Weinstein said more than 30 missile officers contacted his organization over the past week to complain about the Christian imagery and biblical passages in the ethics training. He said the decision by the Air Force to pull the ethics course material is a "great victory for the constitution." [Full disclosure: Weinstein is a member of Truthout's Board of Advisers.]

"We are not going to commend the Air Force for doing something they should have done a quarter-century ago," Weinstein said. "It's an outrage and a deliberate attempt to torture and distort our constitution when the US Air Force mandatorily teaches its nuclear missile launch officers that fundamentalist Christian theology is inextricably intertwined with the 'correct' decision to launch nukes."

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Islamophobia and The Religious Right

Breivik epitomises the new Euro right, which is both fanatically pro-Israel and anti-Muslim. Breivik even approves of a Caliphate for Muslims, as long as it is in the Middle East. This is similar to Hitler’s desire to push Jews out of Europe into their own Jewish state in Palestine, as Zionist collaboration with the Nazis in the 1930–40s makes clear. But Euro neo-Nazism has the startling characteristic of being pro-Jewish, and wishes not to rid Europe of Jews, but of Muslims. If this requires terrorising and even killing a few million in the process, that is a price worth paying to make Europe pure again.
From: Behind Norway’s Kristallnacht by Eric Walberg / July 28th, 2011

Islamophobia existed well before the terror attacks of 9/11. After the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995 (orchestrated by Gulf War veteran and right-wing extremist Timothy McVeigh), the media blamed Muslims, and the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee documented death threats against Muslims and vandalism of mosques. But for the past decade there has been a surge in Islamophobia to scapegoat populations at home and justify wars abroad. The Western countries with Islamophobic policies overlaps with those occupying Afghanistan: from the US (which incarcerated Muslims without trial in Guantanamo Bay), to Canada (which has rounded up Muslim men and pressured them to admit to terrorism, while Muslim Canadians have been abandoned abroad, and media have amplified fringe-group campaigns against prayer spaces), to France (which is banning girls who wear hijab from school, and women who wear niqab from public space), to Norway.
The Bombs in Afghanistan Have Landed in Norway by Jesse McLaren at Common , July 25, 2011

Norwegian Shooting Suspect Anders Breivik Echoes Extremists in U.S. 2-2 Democracy NOW!
Interview of Jeff Sharlett on Anders Beivik's 1500 page manifesto and his connections especially with American Christian Nationalists and American Islamophobes .
Christian Nationalism and Islamophobia have gone more and more mainstream in America.
The Islamophobes argue that Christianity is a religion of peace as opposed to Islam which is a violent religion.
Anders Beivik self-identified Christian and supports what he calls Crusader Christianity
Breivik is Militantly anti-Islam
Breivik's Idealization of the Medieval period and rejects the age of enlightenment

Sharlett talks about the cozy connection between The Washington based Family Christian organization or "C" Street Gang of Doug Coe and the former Norwegian government.
The Family is an exclusive club for the rich and powerfule around the globe which teaches them that the reason they are in positions of power and influence is because has chosen them to God' will on earth.
Sharlett also compares Breivik to the American born again Christian Chuck Colson.
Both believe in Christian Dominionism and that governments must govern according to God's Law though Colson does not insist on non-Christians to convert to Christianity
Beivik and Colson and others see themselves as modern day Vikings and the Crusaders that is Macho manly men who are / were willng to use violence to reform society .
Islamophobes such as Robert Spencer, Daniel Pipes, Horowitz Pam Geller analyse the problems of Western Civilization as being in a war against Islam in which Islam is out to destroy Christianity.
The cure they claim is squashing the rights of Muslims in the west and limiting their participation in society or in politics and so forth.

Sharlett argues Mainstream Islamophobes usually stop short of calling for committing violence against Muslims and those in the West who act as enablers of Islamic Jihadists ie politicians, media, educational system .

In the article below by Jesse McLaren who argues that authorities including police in Norway and other Western nations have refused to see or do anything much about Islamophobia. The result is the Massacre in Norway by anti-Muslim Anders Breivik.
It is possible that if the authorites had been paying attention they might have been able to stop Anders Beivik. And as the media playsdown the incident as being the work of someone who was just crazy and that the words of Islamophobes in the media even if constituting Hate Speech or inciting violence are not to blame.
Once again words have consequences. the Islamophobes are bigots and Hate Mongers.

Racism, bigotry, prejudice which in essence is irrational but such individuals often create a stereotype which defines the entire Ethnic/Racial/Religious in such a way that any perceived characterists are exaggerated and seen through a prism of Hate . These characteristics are seen therefore in a negative light. What may otherwise be considered a positive personality attribute of an individual and even praiseworthy is redefined when associated with the targetted group or community so thrift becomes cheap ,meanness and trying to make a living and being self-reliant becomes greediness and arrogance
Muslims are characterized in various ways by the Islamophobes of having a number of negative traits such as being fanatical; as being inferior ; as being violent ;having no respect for life even celebrating violence murdering innocents to achieve their hidden agenda , they deceptive, sly, tricky ,liars, sexually deviant and intolerant.-

The Bombs in Afghanistan Have Landed in Norway
by Jesse McLaren at Common , July 25, 2011

A decade of Islamophobia to justify the war in Afghanistan is now spreading violence to the West. Right-wing Islamophobe Anders Behring Breivik has killed 91 people in Norway, through the explosion of a bomb near the Prime Minister's building and a shooting spree in a youth camp organized by the Workers’ Youth League.


Islamophobia existed well before the terror attacks of 9/11. After the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995 (orchestrated by Gulf War veteran and right-wing extremist Timothy McVeigh), the media blamed Muslims, and the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee documented death threats against Muslims and vandalism of mosques. But for the past decade there has been a surge in Islamophobia to scapegoat populations at home and justify wars abroad. The Western countries with Islamophobic policies overlaps with those occupying Afghanistan: from the US (which incarcerated Muslims without trial in Guantanamo Bay), to Canada (which has rounded up Muslim men and pressured them to admit to terrorism, while Muslim Canadians have been abandoned abroad, and media have amplified fringe-group campaigns against prayer spaces), to France (which is banning girls who wear hijab from school, and women who wear niqab from public space), to Norway.

The website Islamophobia-watch has documented anti-Muslim racism around the world, which in Norway includes:

2006: the Directorate for Primary and Secondary Education of Norway banned girls and women wearing niqab form school
2007: anti-immigration politicians in Bergen threatened to use pigs feet to chase praying Muslims out of a public square.
2009: the Norwegian government tried to ban female police officers from wearing the hijab
April 2011: attempts were made to set up a Norwegian Defense League -- modeled on the English Defense League--with a demonstration was called against the “Islamic occupation of Noway”. While only 10-15 Islamophobes turned up, up to 1000 people attended a counter-demonstration
May 2011: a school in Bergen had to be evacuated when a national newspaper received a message threatening “A massacre at Gimle school Bergen. Everyone that stands in the way will die, especially Muslims.”

But police have refused to see Islamophobia as a threat. “It’s surprising, because the Norwegian police have long said that the right wing extremist community was under control,” said Hegghammer, of the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment.

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American Idol(s) Oslo Massacre: Christian Terrorist Anders Breivik Admires Pam Geller, Robert Spencer &Fox News

Pam Geller: Obama "is a third worlder and a coward" who's "appeas[ing] his Islamic overlords. 

Geller: Liberal Jews are "lost souls," "self-hating wretches." / 

Geller on Obama's Israel policy: "Jews Refuse to Get on 
Obama's Trains."

Geller: Obama "wants jihad to win. That's what he is doing." 

Geller called Democrats "National Socialists." etc.

“Muslims should dispense with this discredited term [of Islamophobia] and instead engage in some earnest introspection. Rather than blame the potential victim for fearing his would-be executioner, they would do better to ponder how Islamists have transformed their faith into an ideology celebrating murder and develop strategies to redeem their religion by combating this morbid totalitarianism.” Daniel Pipes (Islamophobia? New York Sun, 10/25/2005)

“What hate crimes, what hate crimes, there is no documentation, there is no backlash, this is part of this narrative, it’s part of this narrative, it’s part of this Islamic narrative… There is no [anti] Muslim backlash, that’s part of this Islamic narrative, you cannot cite any hate crimes, there has been no hate crimes, America has gone out of its way to make sure there is no backlash”( Pam Geller on The Alyona Show, RT, 07/25/2010)

So is it within the realm of possibility that the incendiary hate filled rhetoric of  Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs and other Islamophobes in the US and Europe such as Robert Spencer, Newt Gingrich , Geert Wilders, EDL & BNP political parties and media stars such as Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh , Fox News and its owner Rupert Murdoch  could have influenced Ander Breivik to lead him to believe he was doing God's work by massacring over 76 people in Norway last week.

The mainstream media was quick to blame the Massacre in Norway on Islamic extremists and ran it as the number one story till it was uncovered the Terrorist was a Christian Nationalists who was anti-Muslim, anti-liberal, anti-pluralism anti-religious tolerance  for him Norway and Europe need to be cleansed of these unwanted non-Christians and Christian & secular liberals.

Once it was known the terrorist was a Christian the story dropped from being the no. 1 story to just about disappearing from the media in the USA. Meanwhile in the alternative non-mainstream media it is still a big story in the US and elsewhere and is a big story in most of the mainstream media in Europe.

Rather than just link to this post of Sept. 3, 2010 Iam reposting -to show some of the connections and similar ideology and rhetoric of America's & European extreme right of Islamophobes , anti-immigrationist , racist and white Christian Supremacists-

From Pam Geller , Glenn Beck, Fox News, to Newt Gingrich to fascist Geert Wilders and the EDL and BNP .

For instance it appears that self-identified Christian nationalists and Islamophobe Anders Breivik who massacred over 76 people in Norway appears to have been in his own words especially influenced in his own ideology and his actions by American Islamophobes and mentions people such as Pam Geller, Robert Spencer


Anti- "Ground Zero Mosque" Professional Agitators Support UK's Vile & Violent Racist Organizations BNP & EDL

European, British and American anti-Muslims, anti-Immigrant, Nativists, Xenophobes give moral support to each other.
They want only " Real Americans " & " Real Europeans " & " Real Brits " to occupy the West and want all others to be kept out. They define the "Real" citizens or legitimate citizens as "Real Christians" and "Real Jews" and mainly white.

Note: some images , pictures & video disturbing- foul language , swearing, racist, bigoted-Vile, Vicious & Violent
Posted for Educational Purposes as always. 

As part of BNP Fun Day , 12 yr old girl burns Black Doll - This is what the EDL and BNP think about Muslims and Black People & Asians etc.

As Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs has informed us it is our duty to connect the dots - of course she means between CAIR, Ground Zero Mosque Al Qaeda & president Obama-
But let's see what happens when we connect the dots as it were between so called moderates and extremists who are critical of Islam and all Muslims.

Islamophobes Bostom, Geert Wilders (SIOE), Robert Spencer (Jihad Watch) And Pamela Geller (SIOA)

Poster by British Nationalist Party-Nativists White Supremacists

BNP members give the Nazi Salute at BNP Fun day

Undercover Journalist at BNP Fun Day with Nick Griffin
BNP Poster Defaming Islam and Inciting Hate

Anti-Muslim Racist Geert Wilders of Netherlands with Nick Griffin head of BNP
Geert Wilders is a hero to Islamophobes and Christian Zionists in America see Pam Geller. RobertSpencer, Hannity, Glenn Beck interviews of Geert.

April 5, 2010

Once again the racist EDL have bought terror, destruction and violence to England's streets. This video contains footage from the Stoke riot and the Dudley riot where EDL supporters are seen violently attacking a lone Policeman, smashing down barriers, goading the Police and screaming racist abuse. It's obvious the EDL went to Dudley to commit racist violence. Well done to the Police for stopping them.
Surely we should now ban the EDL as its racist and violent intentions are beyond doubt. Maybe if these EDL supporters are so worried about Islamic "extremism" they should join the British army and go fight in Afghanistan where they could fight Islamic "extremism" at the source...

Pam Geller's SIOA 9/11 Anti-Ground Zero Mosque Protest Spreading Islamophobia And Hate" Sept. 13, 2010

and check out Media Matters articles about Pam Geller's outrageous inflammatory comments on Islam and Muslims and her various conspiracy theories suggesting Obama is a secret Muslim and that he is not an American citizen etc. and that liberals and progressives are in cahoots with Muslims to destroy America Memo to media: Pamela Geller does not belong on national television July 14, 2010 and Geller routinely uses downright outrageous, hateful rhetoric

Pam Geller: Obama "is a third worlder and a coward" who's "appeas[ing] his Islamic overlords. / Geller: Liberal Jews are "lost souls," "self-hating wretches." / Geller on Obama's Israel policy: "Jews Refuse to Get on Obama's Trains." Geller: Obama "wants jihad to win. That's what he is doing." Geller called Democrats "National Socialists." etc.

and from the Southern Poverty Law Center here's some info about Pam Geller of SIOA( Stop Islamization of America )
If you haven't visited Pam Geller's Blog Atlas Shrugs you should to get a better picture of how extreme she actually is : White Supremacists Find Common Cause with Pam Geller’s Anti-Islam Campaign
by Heidi Beirich at Southern Poverty Law Center August 25, 2010

"Anti- "Ground Zero Mosque" Professional Agitators Support UK's Vile & Violent Racist Organizations BNP & EDL" Sept. 5, 2010

Islamophobes Unapologetic About NY Cabbie Stabbed BY Bigot And Loonwatch's "Islamophobia ? What Islamophobia? " Sept. 25. 2010

Michael Moore Defends Park51/Ground Zero Mosque & Fox News Attacks Muslim Americans As UnAmerican" Sept. 17, 2010

British Nationalist Party and EDL are connected by some of their stated policies and through various indivduals who have been involved with both organizations .
 EDL (English Defence League) leader warns that more violence is inevitable if England and Europe don't take steps to stop the immigration of Muslims
and curb the freedom & Rights of Muslim immigrants who are already in England & Europe.
The EDL would also send many Muslims who immigrated back to their home countries.
The EDL is a xenophobic anti-Muslim white Christian supremacists .
The EDL party 's platform and ideology is very much in line with the ideology of right wing Americans who support the Tea Party movement , the Religious Right and the GOP.
So Pam Geller ,Robert Spencer , Pat Buchanan , Bill O'Reilly , Rupert Murdoch would feel at home in the EDL.

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and related articles on 9/11 protests & Islamophobia & accusations against Obama as a "Secret Muslim" and Pro-Al Qaeda etc.

Gingrich: Obama’s ‘Kenyan, anti-colonial’ worldview By Robert Costa at National review, Sept.11, 2010

Media Coverage of FDI/SIOA Rally of Remembrance Worse than Pravda:
The Big Lie , Sept. 14, 2010

Revenge killings were ordered, say Israeli soldiers By Conal Urquhart in Tel Aviv June 4, 2005

Newt Gingrich: Did he go too far with comments about Obama? "Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich accused President Obama of having a 'Kenyan, anticolonial' worldview in an interview Saturday with National Review Online." By Amanda Paulson, Staff Writer Christian Science Monitor / September 13, 2010

Pamela Geller Watch: Genocide Denier
Pamela Geller is at her business once again — lunacy. Now she is taking it to another level and reiterating her support for Serbian war criminals. 12 July 2010 by Emperor at

All Terrorists are Muslims…Except the 94% that Aren’t 20 January 2010 by Danios at

Report: 'Rampant Abuse in Iraq Jails'New Amnesty International report documents wide abuse, torture and detention without trial in Iraqi prisons. Al Jazeera via CommonDreams, Sept. 12, 2010

Fox Calls for Repeal of the 20th Century by Mathew Gertz, Media Matters via, Sept. 7, 2010

Second Soldier Alleges Former Tillman Commander Ordered "360 Rotational Fire" in Iraq by: Ralph Lopez, t r u t h o u t 12 September 2010

"Backlash: Right-Wing Radicals, High-Def Hucksters, and Paranoid Politics in the Age of Obama" by: Thom Hartmann, t r u t h o u t Monday 13 September 2010

President & Vice President- Beck & Palin ???
Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck in Alaska: testing the 2012 waters? By Gloria Goodale, Staff writer / September 13, 2010 Christian Science Monitor

Christine O'Donnell roiling Delaware's GOP establishment By Philip Elliott, Associated Press Writer / September 13, 2010 via Christian Science Monitor

Human Rights First and Muslim Advocates Call for Protection of Muslims Amid Growing Social Tensions Human Rights First Aug. 26, 2010

Muslims Are Just The Latest American Scapegoat Rachel Slajda at TPMMuckraker September 8, 2010

US Soldiers 'Killed Afghan Civilians for Sport and Collected Fingers as Trophies' Guardian UK Via ,Sept. 11, 2010

The United States of Fear by Bill Quigley at Common, Sept. 7, 2010

and on Serbian activities in WWII and in the so called Bosnian War 1993-1995 which was started by Serbs as an act of genocide or Ethnic Cleansing of Non-Serbs to create a Greater Serbia or "Heavenly Serbia" occupied entirely by Christian Orthodox Serbs.

Bosnian Serb ex-policemen charged for Srebrenica massacre, Sep 14, 2010

Serbia police search 5 locations on trail of fugitive genocide suspect Ratko Mladic, Canadian Press, Sept. 13, 2010

The History Place -Genocide in the 20th Century : Bosnia-Herzegovina 1992-1995

WWII GENOCIDE OF JEWS & BOSNIAN MUSLIMS at Bosniak & Jewish Solidarity

SERBS WERE NAZIS IN WORLD WAR II :Notice to Israel: Serbs and Serbia were Nazi Collaborators in World War II By Yahalom Kashny
at Srebrencia Genocide Blog, Sept. 5,2010

As a survivor of the Holocaust, I am increasingly agitated by Serbian revisionist propaganda on the internet.

The crimes of the Croatian Ustashas were terrible, but the Serbian Chetniks also collaborated with German Nazis in World War II. Serbia was a Nazi puppet state in World War II led by Milan Nedic, Serbian fascist collaborator.

10,419 (MOSTLY BOSNIAKS) STILL MISSING 15 YEARS AFTER THE BOSNIAN WAR International Day of the Disappeared at Srebrencia Genocide Blog, Aug. 30, 2010

About 15,000 people are still considered missing from the wars among the former Yugoslavia's succeeding countries, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Of that number, a total of 10,419 people are still missing in Bosnia and Herzegovina and almost all of the missing - or 10,276 - are Bosnian Muslims (Bosniaks).

and videos:

Video 29 minutes at Real News Network Paul Jay interviews Lawrence Wilkerson, Colin Powell's former Chief of Staff, on Bush Admin 9/11 responsibility, Sept. 12, 2010.

Video: 'Tea party's' Dick Armey: A GOP majority would take up abortion fight Christian Science Monitor Sept. 13, 2010

Video: 31 August 2010: Soldiers and police violently seal shops in Hebron without showing order B'Tselem


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( Faux scholar Robert Spencer ignores the real history of Europe and the Middle East and how Christians treated Jews & Muslims & how Muslims treated the Dhimmi ie Jews & Christians-his scholarship is flawed as he only refers to evidence supporting his Islamophobia ignoring anything which may undermine his view or that suggest the history is more complex than he relates it )

* Stern, Jessica: Terror In The Name Of God: Why Religious Militants Kill, Pub. 2003

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Norwegian Shooting Suspect’s Views Echo Xenophobia of Right-Wing Extremists in U.S., Europe | Common Dreams

Pat Buchanan and other Islamophobes and Xenophobes characterize Anders Breivik actions as understandable if not justifiable.
Buchanan and others on the right believe that Western Civilization is facing a crisis as the numbers of none whites and none Christians is outnumbering the traditional White Christian population of Europe and America.
Further they blame liberals and their ideology of tolerance, pluralism and multiculturalism for hastening in their view the destruction of traditional Christian Western Civilization .
They believe that outsiders such as Muslims are taking advantage of liberal secular ideology to stealthily take over Europe and America to transform the West into an Islamic dominated society.

Norwegian Shooting Suspect’s Views Echo Xenophobia of Right-Wing Extremists in U.S., Europe | Common Dreams

Before the deadly attack in Norway that killed 76 people, suspect Anders Behring Breivik left a long trail of material meticulously outlining his political beliefs. His 1,500-page political manifesto titled, “A European Declaration of Independence,” seeks common cause with xenophobic right-wing groups around the world, particularly in the United States. It draws heavily on the writing of prominent anti-Islam American bloggers, as well as Unabomber Ted Kaczynski. His writing reveals he is a right-wing nationalist fueled by a combined hatred of Muslims, Marxists, multiculturalists and feminist women. Even after the massacre in Norway, some right-wing pundits in the United States have come out in defense of Breivik’s analysis. We speak with Jeff Sharlet, an author who has written extensively about right-wing movements in the United States, who has read much of Breivik’s 1500-page manifesto. "What struck me most about this document is just how American it is in every way, a huge amount of it is from American sources," Sharlet says. "He is a great admirer of America because the United States, unlike Europe, has maintained its 'Christian identity.'"

Insanity of Bill O'Reilly Twisting Facts To Shred Media for Calling Norway Terrorist 'Christian' - Norway - Fox Nation

UPDATE: 11:31 July 28, 2011

O'Reilly Shreds Media for Calling Norway Terrorist 'Christian' - Norway - Fox Nation


Fox News and Bill O'Reilly delude themselves and erroneously claim the Media other than Fox hates Christians and so stress the religion of Anders Breivik who massacred some 63 people in Oslo.

O'reilly adhere's to the belief that Christians can not be killers or terrorist why because they are True Christians only a fake Christian could be a terrorists.
But O'Reilly refuses to use similar logic to differentiate between Muslim Terrorists and the wider community of Muslims.
Of course O'Reilly is unable to make this distinction among Muslims because as he and others insist Islam itself is a violent ideology  unlike in his view Christianity.
Further the Islamophobes characterize Islam as not even qualifying as a religion and therefore discussions about religious freedom and such does not apply to Islam and Muslims.

Besides as Bill O'Reilly and other Islamophobes believe Christianity is under attack in America and in Europe so they believe Christians are some sort of oppressed minority. Utter nonsense like the fictitious War on Christmas .

What O'Reillyis himself doing is denying the existence of Christian Terrorists while wanting to downplay any form of Domestic terrorism except that committed by Muslim Americans.

Any other acts of violence those committed by Non-Muslims are merely those who are mentally unstable and act on their own and are not the victims of the Hate Mongering of Bill O'Reilly and Fox News and Pam Geller and others -the usual suspects. O'Reilly , Glenn Beck et al take no responsibility for someone taking action against all those whom they vilify .

Indeed they are trying to preemptively undermine those in the media and in government who might begin considering an investigation into Fox News for its Hate Speech and whether or not Fox News or News Corp may have crossed the line with their incendiary extremist violent rhetoric.

They that is Bill O'Reilly and his gang of racist Islamophobes should be taught a lesson that words heard by millions of people can have deadly consequences.

Like others on the right O'Reilly makes fun of the Nation of Norway as he says: "Norwegian authorities couldn't get to the island because they didn't have a helicopter, if you can believe it."

and he goes on to argue that Christian Domestic Terrorist don't exist and yet he applies a different set of standards for other religious groups ie if a Muslim goes on a killing spree this proves that all Muslims are violent Jihadists waiting for their moment to pounce.

Once upon a time and even today there are those who are anti-semitic and use the same language and rhetoric about Jews. The anti-semite believes all Jews are part of an ongoing conspiracy to control most of the world -for O'Reilly and the gang just change the word to Jews and see how it sounds.

Oslo Massacre

Olbermann: What's behind Beck's "Hitler Youth" comment? by Natasha Lennard at, July 27,2011
The Current TV host discusses hateful conservative reactions to the Norway terror attacks
In a move a Norwegian official called a "new low" for Glenn Beck, the firebrand talk show host compared the shooting victims of the Norway youth camp to the "Hitler Youth" on his Monday show.
           Speaking with Democratic strategist and syndicated columnist Karl Frisch, Keith Olbermann on Tuesday asked what was behind Beck's comment: "Is this ignorance? Is he obtuse? Is he insane?"
Frisch noted that the youth camp -- organized by Norway's ruling Labor party -- where Anders Behring Breivik murdered 68 people actually seemed more reminiscent of the YMCA camps scattered around America.

Olbermann went on to criticize Bill O'Reilly's troubling analysis that Breivik -- a self-identifying Christian -- could not really be a Christian because Christians do not commit acts of terror (the preserve, in some conservative eyes, of Muslims).
"There is no logic. You will never hear the words 'respected theologian' and 'Bill O'Reilly' in any other sentence than the one I just said," Frisch noted.
Watch the clip below:

According to Glenn Beck the Oslo Massacre might have been justified because it included the killing of youth at Labor Party camp whom Beck compares to the Hitler Youth.

Because the killing was done by a Christian and not a Muslim Glenn Beck is determined to downplay the massacre and by comparing the young people to Hitler's Youth Beck is offering an excuse or justification for the massacre.
Is Beck arguing that since these young people were like Hitler's Youth they deserved what they got or that these deaths are not all that tragic.

Meanwhile O'Reilly says the person who committed these attrocious acts by definition could not be a "Real Christian".

And why because Christians do not commit "Terrorists acts" WTF- Tautology !!! 

Glenn Beck compares Norway shooting victims to Hitler Youth, July 26, 2011

 - videoSpeaking on his US radio show, rightwing broadcaster and Tea Party favourite Glenn Beck likens the young people massacred on the Norwegian island of Utøya to the Nazi party's youth wing.

Anders Behring Breivik murdered 68 people attending the ruling Labour party's youth camp on Utøya and eight in a bomb attack in Oslo

and so it goes,

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oslo Massacre : Islamophobia Racism and The Religious Right & America 's Mainstream Media

UPDATE: 3:06 PM , July 27, 2011

The Oslo Massacre should be seen as a warning to America that right wing Hate Speech against Muslims and liberalism may soon have violent consequences in America - and such violent terrorists attacks by Christian Supremacists will be downplayed by the Mainstream Media which has bought into this anti-Muslim extremism as if it were a rational response to Islam and liberalism. (GORD)

"The American public psyche has undergone a subtle but profound metamorphosis since 2001, moving from initial rage at the 9/11 mass murder to fear of another devastating attack by Muslim extremists to, most recently, a more generalized fear of Islam itself. That evolution from specific concerns to general stereotyping is the customary track of racism and xenophobia — and in Muslims, those inclined to bigotry may have found their perfect bogeyman.

Muslims are predominantly non-white. They practice an unfamiliar religion with unusual rituals. They are a small population in this land with a largely inconspicuous history here. They are regarded by many as a military enemy of the United States. They are perceived as a threat to the American social and cultural fabric. They have few ideological allies outside their own number. Never before has an American minority group had all of these factors arrayed against them."

Note to conservatives: Anders Breivik is a Christian

Christian Jihadists Timothy McVeigh And Anders Behring 


Question of the day: Has Islamophobia and Religious

 Intolerance become the norm in Mainstream America???

Democracy Now! Amy Goodmann
Over 100,000 Norwegians gather for a memorial to victims of Christian Terrorist attacks .
They gathered in unity to defend their governments liberal and democratic values and that they refuse to change their systen to suit the values of those who are anti-pluralism, anti-Multiculturalism and anti-liberal Democratic values.
Meanwhile US media ignores story once it was it was known the Terrorists were not Muslims and were in fact Christian White Supremacists.
Glenn Greenwald Western Media's Hypocrisy and Racism
Interview begins at approximately the 34 minute mark til the end of clip.

Norway's official response one of defiance against the anti-liberal democracy ideology of these Racist Christian extremists who's pernicious ideology has gone mainstream in the USA and elsewhere in the West.

" Norway PM: 'We Must – and Will – Meet Terror with More Democracy, Not Less' Resilient and peaceful Norwegians won't allow attack to change their way of life" by y Adam Lee-Potter
Norway is in shock, but its 4.9 million people are a rugged, ­resilient race who will recover from this terrible attack on their shores, its leaders have vowed. Sunday Mirror /UK via Common Dreams, july 24, 2011

Robert Steinback at Southern Poverty Law Center (USA) takes on the often ignored issue of the outspoken hate mongering Islamophobes who have become part of the Mainstream Media especially in America.
The Massacre in Oslo is a direct result of the hate mongering not just of a few fanatical extremists but also by the Mainstream Media which often gives these extremists Islamophobes a soap box from which to spout their Wacko Conspiracy theories about the connection between Islamic Jihadists and Liberal democratic notions such as tolerance, pluralism, multiculturalism and religious freedom.
The Islamophobes include bloggers and writers and faux scholars and political pundits and politicians such as Sara Palin, Pastor John Hagee, Pam Geller, Robert Spencer,Laura Ingraham, Michelle Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs, Bill O'Reilly, Michelle Malkin,Ann Coulter, Michael Savage , Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and Fox News , Washington Times, New York Post, Wall Street Journal etc..
So as we can see the peddlers of this Hate Mongering have moved into the Mainstream Media in America and are treated not as loony racists but as having a reasonable view based upon actual facts and evidence when in fact they are just the same old white Supremacists , racists who believe in the creation of a Christian Nationalist state akin to a theocracy.

Jihad Against Islam - The Anti-Muslim Inner Circle By Robert Steinback July 23, 2011 "SPLC"

Activists attacking Muslims and Islam are springing up around the country. But there's a core group of 10 hard-liners
- - Rarely has the United States seen a more reckless and bare-knuckled campaign to vilify a distinct class of people and compromise their fundamental civil and human rights than the recent rhetoric against Muslims.
It would also be hard to imagine a more successful campaign. In the span of the two years since the start of Barack Obama's presidency in early 2009, an astonishing number of people have turned into a kind of political wolf pack, convinced that 0.6% of the U.S. population is on the verge of trampling the Constitution and imposing an Islamic, Shariah-guided caliphate in its place. Like the communists that an earlier generation believed to be hiding behind every rock, infiltrated "Islamist" operatives today are said to be diabolically preparing for a forcible takeover.

Ironically, the Constitution seems more threatened by certain Americans who, prodded into paranoia by clever activists, opportunistic politicians and guileful media players, seem downright eager to deny Muslims the guarantees of religious freedom and the presumption of innocence.

"As an American Muslim, what is of most concern to me is that it is no longer only a small cadre of dedicated Islamophobes who are expressing bigotry and even hatred towards the American Muslim community — but sadly, also many among our elected representatives and government officials," Sheila Musaji, moderator of the website The American Muslim, wrote in an E-mail to the Intelligence Report. "It provides a veneer of respectability and reasonableness to what would otherwise be more easily perceived to be outright bigotry."

And that bigotry has consequences. Recent news reports strongly suggest a spike in anti-Muslim hate crimes. In May 2010, for example, a bomb exploded at an Islamic center in Jacksonville, Fla. In August, a man slashed the neck and face of a New York taxi driver after finding out he was a Muslim. Four days later, someone set fire to construction equipment at the future site of an Islamic center in Murfreesboro, Tenn. This March, a radical Christian pastor burned a Koran in Gainesville, Fla., leading to deadly riots in Afghanistan that left at least 20 people dead. Hate crime statistics for 2010 won't be released by the FBI until the fall, but it appears certain they will show increasing violence against Muslims.

The American public psyche has undergone a subtle but profound metamorphosis since 2001, moving from initial rage at the 9/11 mass murder to fear of another devastating attack by Muslim extremists to, most recently, a more generalized fear of Islam itself. That evolution from specific concerns to general stereotyping is the customary track of racism and xenophobia — and in Muslims, those inclined to bigotry may have found their perfect bogeyman.

Muslims are predominantly non-white. They practice an unfamiliar religion with unusual rituals. They are a small population in this land with a largely inconspicuous history here. They are regarded by many as a military enemy of the United States. They are perceived as a threat to the American social and cultural fabric. They have few ideological allies outside their own number. Never before has an American minority group had all of these factors arrayed against them.

"Exploiting a Tragedy" By Stephen M. Walt at Foreign Policy via Information Clearing House, July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011 "Foreign Policy" - -July 24, 2011 -- As soon as the shocking and tragic news from Norway hit the airwaves, it was entirely predictable that various right-wing Islamophobes would type first and think later. They were so eager to exploit the tragedy to peddle their pre-existing policy preferences that they blindly assumed the acts had to have been perpetrated by al Qaeda, by its various clones, or by some other radical Muslim group.
This is the sort of bias one expects from an ideologue like Jennifer Rubin (who gets taken to task for her rush-to-judgment by James Fallows here). Sadly, it is also not out of character for the supposedly respectable Wall Street Journal, whose editorial page has been a reliable source of threat-mongering and distortion for years. Even as Norwegian officials were cautioning that they had no reason to suspect Islamist groups, the Journal was plunging ahead with an editorial entitled "Terror in Oslo," which drew the following utterly bogus conclusion:

Norway certainly did not buy itself much grace from the jihadis for staying out of the Iraq war, or for Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg's demand that Israel open its borders with Gaza, or for his calls for a Palestinian unity government between Fatah and its terrorist cousin Hamas.

Norway can do all this and more, but in jihadist eyes it will forever remain guilty of being what it is: a liberal nation committed to freedom of speech and conscience, equality between the sexes, representative democracy and every other freedom that still defines the West. For being true to these ideals Norwegians have now been made to pay a terrible price."

Given that remarkable statement, the Journal's editors must have been deeply disappointed to learn that the person who was actually charged in the case, Anders Behring Breivik, was not in fact a jihadi, a critic of Israel, or even a Muslim. Instead, he is a right-wing Norwegian Islamophobe who is reportedly obsessed with the dangers of multi-culturalism and a contributor to extremist websites like Jihad Watch and Atlas Shrugs. In other words, he's the sort of person who might well subscribe to the Wall Street Journal not for its coverage of the business world, but for its predictably hardline editorial "insight."

As I write this (Saturday noon EDT), the editorial has still not been removed from the WSJ website and no apology or retraction has been issued. The Journal and its editors are obviously free to continue to sow the seeds of hatred and paranoia, but the rest of us are equally free to view them with appropriate contempt. And let us also take time to reflect on Norway's sorrow, and to remember that hatred and violence can erupt from many directions.

UPDATE: Obviously aware of the egg on its face, the Journal has posted a rewritten version of the editorial on its website here. Note the marked absence of any apology for its initial rush-to-judgment. You can find a fascimile of the original editorial here. And for an interesting commentary suggesting that right-wing hate-mongering websites might have contributed to the murderous mind-set behind the attack, see Paul Woodward's War in Context here.

Stephen M. Walt is the Robert and Renée Belfer professor of international relations at Harvard University

--The Greater Threat: Christian Extremism From Timothy McVeigh to Anders Breivik
by Pierre Tristam Commondreams ,July 25, 2011

Those two jihadists—two right-wing reactionaries, two terrorists, two anti-government white supremacists, two Christians—have a lot in common, down to the way the massacres they carried out were first mistaken for the work of Islamists by an American press rich in zealotry of its own. And they have a lot more in common with the fundamentalist politicians and ideologues among us who pretend to have nothing to do with the demons they inspire.

After the Oklahoma City bombing in April 1995, speculation flew on television news stations about Arab terrorists seen in the vicinity of the federal building. The thought that a home-grown, Midwestern Army veteran of the first Gulf war could possibly murder 168 people, including 19 children at a day care center, seemed as foreign as those Islamic lands that were then inspiring so much of bigotry’s latest American mutant. McVeigh turned out to be as all-American as he could possibly be, with extras. His paradoxical worship of the Second Amendment was the faith that fueled his hatred of a government he felt had betrayed American ideals by enabling what he called “Socialist wannabe slaves.” His idealism of a golden-age white America was the Christian translation of al-Qaeda’s idealized caliphate.

It became quickly evident that the bombing in Oslo and the massacre on Utoya Island on Friday had been carried out by Anders Breivik, who surrendered to police 40 minutes after beginning his killing spree on the island. Yet the Wall Street Journal ran an editorial on Saturday putting the blame for the attack on Islamist extremists, because “in jihadist eyes,” the paper said, “it will forever remain guilty of being what it is: a liberal nation committed to freedom of speech and conscience, equality between the sexes, representative democracy and every other freedom that still defines the West."

The paper subsequently amended its editorial to concede that Breivik “was an ethnic Norwegian with no previously known ties to Islamist groups.” But the rest of the piece still framed the attack in the context of Islamist terrorism. It’s a common tactic at the Journal and Fox News—co-owned by Rupert Murdoch’s scandal-riddled News Corp.—where facts are incidental to ideology. It is enough for the Journal to insinuate a connection for its Foxified audience to catch the drift and run with it. Breivik may be Norwegian. But he wouldn’t be doing what he did if it weren’t for the pollution of white, Christian European blood by Muslims and multiculturalists, by leftists, by Socialist wannabe slaves.

McVeigh and Breivik are bloody reminders that Western culture’s original sin—the presumption of supremacy—is alive and well and clenching many a trigger. It’ll be easy in coming days, as it was in 1995, to categorize the demons as exceptions unrepresentative of their societies. Easy, but false. Norway, like much of Europe, like the United States, is in the grips of a disturbing resurgence of right-wing fanaticism. “The success of populist parties appealing to a sense of lost national identity,” The Times reports, “has brought criticism of minorities, immigrants and in particular Muslims out of the beer halls and Internet chat rooms and into mainstream politics. While the parties themselves generally do not condone violence, some experts say a climate of hatred in the political discourse has encouraged violent individuals."

Frank Schaeffer traces connections between the Islamophobes , the Religious Right, The Tea Party movement and the GOP. He also argues that there is a direct connection between the domestic terrorists and the hate filled violent and incendiary rhetoric Christian Right .

In the article he refers to his own personal experiences when he was involved with the Religious Right and that his father Francis Schaeffer had in his writings and speeches indicated that if change cannot come about by peaceful means then True Christians would have to resort to violence. And now Frank Schaeffer the West is now experiencing as in the Oslo Massacre the consequences of such violent rhetoric.

These "True Christians " Evangelical Fundamentalists believe that God and Jesus are on their side and that any actions they take will be a fulfillment of God's Law.
It is difficult to differentiate between the Islamic terrorists who believe God/Allah is on their side and the Religious Christian Right who also believe they are doing God's Will.

" Why We Should Worry About Right-Wing Terror Attacks Like Norway's in the US " by: Frank Schaeffer, AlterNet July 24, 2011

There is a history to the far right, religious right extremism on the rise today, extremism so extreme that in its congressional manifestation it is risking the good faith and credit of the US in the debt calling fiasco. The Tea Party activists also want purity of doctrine.

My family was part of the far right/violent right's rise in the 1970s and 80s when we helped create the "pro-life" movement come into existence that in the end spawned the killers of abortion providers. These killers were literally doing what we'd called for.

The terror unleashed on Norway - and the terror now unleashed by the Tea Party through Congress as it holds our economy hostage to extremist "economic" theories that want to destroy our ability to function -- is the sort of white, Christian; far right terror America can expect more of.

The "Christian Brotherhood"

Call this the ultimate "Tea Party" type "answer" to secularism, modernity, and above all our hated government. Call this the Christian Brotherhood. From far right congress people, to far right gun-toting terror in Norway and here at home, our own Western version of the Taliban is on the rise.

Foreigners, visitors from another planet and Americans living in a bubble of reasonable or educated people might not know this but the reality is that the debt ceiling confrontation is by, for and the result of America's evangelical Christian control of the Republican Party.

It is the ultimate expression of an alternate reality, one that has the mistrust of the US government as its bedrock "faith," second only to faith in Jesus.

To understand why an irrational self-defeating action like destroying the credit of the USA might seem like the right thing to do you have to understand two things: that the Republican Party is now the party of religious fanatics and that these fanatics -- people like Michele Bachmann -- don't want to work within our system, they want to bring it down along the lines of so-called Christian "Reconstruction." (See my book for a full account of what this is.)

In the scorched-earth era of the "health care reform debates" of 2009 and beyond, Evangelicals seemed to believe that Jesus commanded that all hospitals (and everything else) should be run by corporations for profit, just because corporations weren't the evil government. The right even decided that it was "normal" for the state to hand over its age-old public and patriotic duties to private companies -- even for military operations ("contractors"), prisons, health care, public transport, and all the rest.

...The Far Right intellectual enablers began by questioning abortion rights, gay rights, school prayer rulings, and so forth. What they ended up doing was to help foster a climate in which--in the eyes of a dangerous and growing (mostly white lower class undereducated gun-toting) minority--the very legitimacy of the U.S. government was called into question, sometimes in paranoid generalities, but often with ridiculous specificity: for instance, in the persistent lie that President Obama was not a citizen or was a Muslim or that the Federal Reserve and/or United Nations were somehow involved in a plot to "take away our freedoms" or that sensible gun control equaled "tyranny."

Terror for Christ

It was in the context of delegitimizing our government that actions by domestic terrorists like Timothy McVeigh became thinkable. In 1993 McVeigh told a reporter, "The government is continually growing bigger and more powerful and the people need to prepare to defend themselves against government control."

...Change a word or two and his words could have been lifted from my father's 1981 book A Christian Manifesto, or for that matter a few decades later, from statements by the so-called Tea Party or those by Michele Bachmann, or Robert George or his follower Glenn Beck.

In my father's book he called for the overthrow of the US government unless non-violent ways were found to overturn Roe v Wade. He compared America to Nazi Germany.

Note the ominous rhetorical shadow Dad's book cast over a benighted and divided American future, a future that produced the climate of hate that eventually spawned the murder of abortion providers such as Dr. George Tiller in Wichita in 2009 and the threat of destroying America's credit in an effort to literally defund the USA.

Here's a bit from Manifesto on how the government was "taking away" our country and turning it over to Liberals, codenamed by Dad as "this total humanistic way of thinking":

"The law, and especially the courts, is the vehicle to force this total humanistic way of thinking upon the entire population..."

And this:

"Simply put, the Declaration of Independence states that the people, if they find that their basic rights are being systematically attacked by the state, have a duty to try and change that government, and if they cannot do so, to abolish it."

Then this:

"There does come a time when force, even physical force, is appropriate. . . . A true Christian in Hitler's Germany and in the occupied countries should have defied the false and counterfeit state. This brings us to a current issue that is crucial for the future of the church in the United States, the issue of abortion. . . . It is time we consciously realize that when any office commands what is contrary to God's law it abrogates its authority. And our loyalty to the God who gave this law then requires that we make the appropriate response in that situation."

In other words, Dad's followers were told that (1) force is a legitimate weapon to use against an evil government; (2) America was like Hitler's Germany--because of legal abortion and of the forcing of "Humanism" on the population--and thus intrinsically evil; and (3) whatever would have been the "appropriate response" to stop Hitler was now appropriate to do here in America to stop our government, which Dad had just branded a "counterfeit state."

and Schaeffer ends his article with a warning of more violence coming in America not by Muslims but by The Religious Right:

In a country awash in weapons and wallowing in the rhetoric of rebellion against an "evil" government, sporadic outbursts of murder tinged with political overtones seem as inevitable as they seem horribly "normal."

It doesn't seem like much of a stretch to foresee a day when a "secessionist" group and/or members of some "militia"--let alone one lone individual--will use their U.S. passports, white skins, and solid- citizen standing as a cover for importing a weapon of mass destruction to "liberate" the rest of us from our federal government's "tyranny" and/or to "punish" some city like New York, known as the U.S. "abortion capital" or San Francisco as the place that "those gays have taken over." And the possibility of an assassination in the same vein is a never-ending threat.

What we fear most from Islamist terrorists will be unleashed here as it was in Norway.

Terror is on the way on the way from our very own Christian and/or Libertarian "Tea Party" type activists inspired by right wing "Christian" intellectuals and political leaders like Bachmann who - after the killing starts -- will then disown them and express horror at their actions, actions that are in fact the logical extension of the anti-government rhetoric spewing from Congress and the religious right.

also see Alex Kane's article in which he argues there is a connection between Islamophobia, racism and Pro-Israel Zionism.

The Norway Massacre and the nexus of Islamophobia and Right-wing Zionism
By Alex Kane
July 23, 2011 "Mondoweiss" - - Details on the culprit behind yesterday's massacre in Norway, which saw car bombings in Oslo and a mass shooting attack on the island of Utoya that caused the deaths of at least 91 people, have begun to emerge.  While it is still too early for a complete portrait of the killer, Anders Behring Breivik, there are enough details to begin to piece together what's behind the attack. Although initial media reports, spurred on by the tweets of former State Department adviser on violent extremism Will McCantslinked the attacks to Islamist extremists, it was in fact an anti-Muslim zealot who committed the murders.  An examination of Breivik's views, and his support for far-right European political movements, makes it clear that only by interrogating the nexus of Islamophobia and right-wing Zionism can one understand the political beliefs behind the terrorist attack. Breivik is apparently an avid fan of U.S.-based anti-Muslim activists such as Pamela GellerRobert Spencer and Daniel Pipes, and has repeatedly professed his ardent support for Israel.  Breivik's political ideology is illuminated by looking at comments he posted to the right-wing site, which author and journalist Doug Sanders put up. Here's a sampling of some of Breivik's comments:And then we have the relationship between conservative Muslims and so-called "moderate Muslims".There is moderate Nazis, too, that does not support fumigation of rooms and Jews. But they're still Nazis and will only sit and watch as the conservatives Nazis strike (if it ever happens). If we accept the moderate Nazis as long as they distance themselves from the fumigation of rooms and Jews?Now it unfortunately already cut himself with Marxists who have already infiltrated-culture, media and educational organizations. These individuals will be tolerated and will even work asprofessors and lecturers at colleges / universities and are thus able to spread their propaganda.For me it is very hypocritical to treat Muslims, Nazis and Marxists differ. They are all supporters of hate-ideologies...(page 2-3)What is globalization and modernity to do with mass Muslim immigration?And you may not have heard and Japan and South Korea? These are successful and modern regimes even if they rejected multiculturalism in the 70's. Are Japanese and South Koreans goblins?Can you name ONE country where multiculturalism is successful where Islam is involved? The only historical example is the society without a welfare state with only non-Muslim minorities (U.S.)...(page 7)We have selected the Vienna School of Thought as the ideological basis. This implies opposition to multiculturalism and Islamization (on cultural grounds). All ideological arguments based on anti-racism. This has proven to be very successful which explains why the modern cultural conservative movement / parties that use the Vienna School of Thought is so successful: the Progress Party,Geert Wilders, document and many others...(page 13)I consider the future consolidation of the cultural conservative forces on all seven fronts as the most important in Norway and in all Western European countries. It is essential that we work to ensure that all these 7 fronts using the Vienna school of thought, or at least parts of the grunlag for 20-70 year-struggle that lies in front of us.The book is called, by the way 2083 and is in English, 1100 pages).To sums up the Vienna school of thought:-Cultural Conservatism (anti-multiculturalism)-Against Islamization-Anti-racist-Anti-authoritarian (resistance to all authoritarian ideologies of hate)-Pro-Israel/forsvarer of non-Muslim minorities in Muslim countries- Defender of the cultural aspects of Christianity- To reveal the Eurabia project and the Frankfurt School (ny-marxisme/kulturmarxisme/multikulturalisme)- Is not an economic policy and can collect everything from socialists to capitalists...(page 20)Daniel Pipes: Leftism and Islam. Muslims, the warriors Marxists Have Been praying to following summarizes the agenda of many kulturmarxister with Islam, it explains also why those on death and life protecting them. It explains so well why we, the cultural conservatives,are against Islamization and the implementation of these agendas... (page 27)We must therefore make sure to influence other cultural conservatives to come to our anti-rasistiske/pro-homser/pro-Israel line. When they reach this line, one can take it to the next level...(page 41)

Breivik's right-wing pro-Israel line, combined with his antipathy to Muslims, is just one example of the European far-right's ideology, exemplified by groups such as the English Defense League (EDL).  The EDL, a group Breivik praisesalong with the anti-Muslim politician Geert Wilders, share with Breivik an admiration for Israel.   Anti-Muslim activists and right-wing Zionists share a political narrative that the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is a "clash of civilizations," one in which Judeo-Christian culture is under attack by Islam.  Israel, in this narrative, is the West's bulwark against the threat that Islam is posing to Europe and the United States.  The nexus of Islamophobia and right-wing Zionism was clearly on display during last summer's"Ground Zero mosque" hysteria, which culminated in a rally where Geller and Wilders addressed a crowd that included members of the EDL waving Israeli flags.  This comment by Breivik is one example of the twisted way in which Islamophobia and a militant pro-Israel ideology fit together:Cultural conservatives disagree when they believe the conflict is based on Islamic imperialism,that Islam is a political ideology and not a race.Cultural conservatives believe Israel has a right to protect themselves against the Jihad.Kulturmarxistene refuses to recognize the fact that Islam's political doctrine is relevant and essential. They can never admit to or support this because they believe that this is primarily about a race war - that Israel hates Arabs (breed).As long as you can not agree on the fundamental perceptions of reality are too naive to expect that one to come to any conclusion.Before one at all can begin to discuss this conflict must first agree on the fundamental truths of Islam's political doctrine.Most people here have great insight in key Muslim concepts that al-taqiiya (political deceit), naskh (Quranic abrogation) and Jihad. The problem is that kulturmarxister refuses to recognizet hese concepts.They can not recognize these key Muslim concepts. For if they do so erodes the primary argument that Israel is a "racist state" and that this is a race war (Israelis vs. Arabs) and not defense against Jihad (Kafr vs. Ummah)

and so it goes,