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The Young Turks Cenk Uygur :Van Jones Glenn Beck Debate Challenge

Updated: June 28, 2011.

Cenk Uygur defends Van Jones and his movement with Rebuild America against Glenn Beck's attacks on him

*Van Jones is in fact a repentant Marxist Communist Revolutionary (Beck said otherwise)
* Van Jones is not promoting a violent overthrow of the US Government
*Van Jones in fact wants to return America to its core values of the "American Dream"
* Van Jones believes that the American Dream is that there is economic and political equality for all Americans
* Van Jones now believes in the market place & private business & private ownership
* Van Jones defines the enemy of the American Dream as a small group of selfish , Greedy Super-wealthy who promote a form of 19th century unfettered non-regulated Monopolistic Capitalism In order to achieve their aims they need and want to destroy the US government and America's basic infrastructure such as Public Education, schools, universities, emergency services, the social safety net and so on.

And now let's look at glenn beck's rant against Van Jones

According to Glenn Beck anyone in favor of higher taxes for the richest members of society or the regulation of industries or in favor of the minimum wage or protections for workers or in favor of a comprehensive medical program for all citizens or in favor of putting more money into education or the country's infrastructure or defending the rights of all citizens and against discrimination practices based upon color, race, creed, religion , gender or sexual orientation must be some sort of unAmerican or anti-American Communist revolutionary.

Glenn Beck and his ilk of right wing rich white fat cats may claim to believe that all men are created but in fact believe that those who are part of the white wealthy elite are superiour to all other citizens.

European governments or the british government or the Canadian Government is an evil force ala Stalin or Satan it has socialist policies are extremely violent massacring their own people.
Socialist policies such as Medicare or unemployment insurance or defending unions against big corporations , free Public Schools and heavily subsidised Universities or a year long paid maternity leave

What Beck is describing is his own projection in which he and his followers may have to imprison and kill people but it would be for freedom in a Fascist state whengovernmet and corporations

Beck is the one becoming unhinged or is just power hungry
Beck for instance accuses Van Jones of being a racist who wants to destroy White Americans
In this piece Glenn beck plays on certain racist stereotypes of African Americans
Blacks are too emotional , unreasonable, and they want to steal through political means what does not belong to "them". He also suggests that African Americans are not very bright and are lazy & dirty-their neighborhoods are messy and dirty -
Well over the years Beck has made some rather racist remarks suggesting that all Blacks in America live in run down gang war & drug plagued Ghettoes and its their own fault .
So forget slavery , lynchings, the KKK , Jim Crow , the impossible to pass literacy testing for voter registration and the ongoing problem of racial profiling and putting tens of thousands of African Americans unjustly incarcerated and felons the law says lose their right to vote how convenient and the numbers of African Americans unnecessarily killed rather than arrested as we saw in the Miami Massacre and the victim was African American-
Glenn Beck like Nancy grace and others have no pity for these "dirt bags' just like the terrorists as far as he's concerned Black Americans are the danger within and therefore Van Jones is a justifiable target.

This reminds me of speeches by leading American fascists and Nazis such as Father Couglin or Billy Sunday or Joseph McCarthy Strum Thurmond or Jessie Helms -Beck just keeps repeating various phrases the repetitiveness suggests it must be true and this will stay with the audience - "He is a Communist Revolutionary"
When he admits that then we can debate but that means ...let's see ...ah admitting to what the very debate is supposed to be about-so no matter what Van Jones says proves that he is a Communist Revolutionary- the old McCarthy trick -when you admit to beating your wife then we can talk... about whether you do or not - this is simply ass-backwards
Van Jones admits publicly that once was a Communist Revolutionary but Beck never mentions the Neoconservatives in Washington who also admit to have been Marxist but changed their minds.
Glenn Beck admits to having been an alcoholic drug addict etc. and then became a Mormon. Should we judge Beck by his actions in the present or his actions and mistakes in his past- otherwise we would have to accept that people can not change , can not be redeemed or saved as it were.
Former President Bush also had a rather checkered past which he says he escaped when he found God and was Born Again- so does Mr. Beck want us to condemn Bush for his past or should we judge him for what he has done since then-Beck is on very thin ice indeed.

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Glenn Beck To Van Jones: We'll Debate When 'You're Honest'
First Posted: 06/20/11

Glenn Beck responded to Van Jones' debate challenge by calling Jones an "unrepentant Communist revolutionary" and refusing to debate him.

Jones, who was driven out of the White House by Beck's campaign against him, challenged Beck to a debate on Saturday at the Netroots Nation conference.

On his Monday radio show, Beck repeated his charges against Jones, and said he had never made any untruthful claims about him.

"He is an unrepentant Communist revolutionary," Beck said. "He is a guy who stands with cop-killers. Period."

He also declined to debate Jones--for now.

"There's really not anything to talk about until you're honest and you say you want the overthrow of the government as you have in the past. The violent overthrow for a Marxist government. When you're honest, then people can have a debate."

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