Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pro-Gov't Bahrain English news bulletins 10-06-2011

For some 50 years or so the United States government criticized the former Soviet Union for its denial of human rights or civil rights of its citizens now the USA supports various brutal regimes which are considered to be allies to the USA.

One such regime is Bahrain in which the USA has given the Green Light to take whatever action necessary to crush the pro-reform pro-democracy pro-equal rights movement in Bahrain .

So America and Britain and other Western nations give their full support to gov't house to house searches for pro-reformers to then drag them out of their homes beating them then incarcerating these individuals indefinitely or having them take part in show trials in which after being, beaten, abused & tortured the defendants publicly make false confessions and then are denounced as traitors and imprisoned for life or are executed. Other protesters and gov't critics are disappeared or summarily executed in front of their families.

According to the state run Pro-Government /Pro-Royal Family Bahraini TV channel reports that the USA and the Obama administration supports unconditionally the Bahraini governments brutal crackdown on protesters , critics and dissidents.

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