Saturday, June 11, 2011

President Obama of USA& The UK complicit in Bahrain crimes

USA and UK by their inaction are complicit in the Bahraini governments brutal crackdown and
its illegal military trials of protesters .

These trials are being held based upon trumped up charges especially those against medical personnel who supposedly broke the law by giving medical aid to wounded protesters.

Once again the USA is on the side of the Tyrants and not on the side of the people.
One can only speculate that the USA is supporting Bahrain's Royal Family because they do not want to anger the Saudi Royal Family which might affect oil prices or America's cozy relationship with the anti-democracy government in Saudi Arabia.
While the US condemns strict adherence to Sharia Islamic law elsewhere the US supports Saudi Arabia's right to implement Sharia which denies their citizens their human rights and civil rights and especially the rights of Saudi women .

Saudi Arabia like Bahrain denies equal rights to Shiites.
The Obama administration in these countries is on the side of the Sunni Royal Families and those attached to these Sunni Regimes.
The justification is that they claim erroneously that the hidden hand of Iran is somehow involved in the protests in Bahrain or Saudi Arabia.

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The United States and Britain are complicit in the violent Saudi-backed crackdowns of the Bahraini regime on peaceful anti-government protesters in Bahrain, says a Bahraini political activist.

"I have no doubt that neither [the crackdowns by] the Al-Khalifa regime nor the Saudi invasion [of Bahrain] would have taken place without the tacit approval or, without the silence at least, of the United States; and keeping silent when facing such enormous human rights violations is tantamount to complicity," Saeed al-Shehabi, with Bahrain Freedom Movement told Press TV on Friday.

The Bahraini activist went on to say that, when the Al-Khalifa crown prince is received warmly by the British Prime Minister David Cameron upon a trip to London, this sends the signal that Britain approves of what the Bahraini regime's crackdowns on anti-government protesters.

Meanwhile, a Lebanon-based rights body has announced plans to file a case with the International Criminal Court (ICC) against Bahraini and UK governments for their collusion in the brutal crackdown on Bahraini protesters.

Chief Representative of Beirut-based International Coalition against Impunity May el-Khansa and 10 European lawyers would file the lawsuit on June 17.

Anti-government protests against the rule of the Al Khalifa dynasty in Bahrain began in mid-February. Since then, the Manama regime has unleashed a massive brutal crackdown on anti-government protesters.

On March 14, Saudi Arabia deployed troops to Bahrain at Manama's request to help crush the nationwide anti-government protests in the Persian Gulf sheikdom.

Scores of people have been killed and many more arrested and tortured in prisons in the Saudi-backed crackdown on protests in Bahrain -- a longtime ally of the US and home to a huge military base of the US Navy's Fifth Fleet

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