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Maddow Angry About Republican Hypocrisy & Democrats Kow Towing to the GOP & The Jon Stewart Affair/scandal At Fox News???

Rachel Maddow angry about the hyocrisy and double standards of the GOP/Republicans as they ignore major scandals of their elected officials while attacking and demanding resignations of Democrats elected representatives even when their so called scandal is not really a crime or is just a personal problem ie having an extramarital affair ie Weiner & Bill Clinton. Rigging elections, voter fraud, using hookers or dodging taxes etc. is all OK if you are a republican.

The GOP are the ones who should be more vulnerable to scandals as they are the ones constantly preaching about ethics, moral values, Christian values and personal integrity and honesty.
Yet that's not how it works .
Weiner should have brought his pastor or other religious adviser to his press appearances and said he was in need of more prayer, fasting and possibly an exorcism and he might have placated more of his critics by playing what might be called the GOP strategy of the religious cover- the Devil made me do it excuse.

Maybe he should have called up faux liberal preacher Rick Warren in order to get marriage counselling since Warren is adamantly opposed to divorce -and has the values of the loonies on the right.

Democrats by piling on against one of their own have left the door open for more such faux scandals.

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And controversy erupts over Jon Stewart correctly characterizing the Fox News Network as promulgating lies and misinformation and exploiting certain news items to further their right wing anti-Obama anti-democrat anti-liberal agenda which otherwise might justifiably be ignored.

Jon Stewart LIVE On Fox News, Tells Host 'You're Insane' (VIDEO) via Huffington,June 19, 2011

Full Interview of jon Stewart on Fox News is more interesting than the short clip
Jon Stewart is correct to call Fox News a right wing GOP Republican Propaganda machine.

Meanwhile Brett Baier makes things worse by defending Fox News exploitation and over-blowing the Anthony Weiner coverage.Baier & Fox News went after Weiner because he's a democrat while he and others downplayed more serious scandals involving Republican legislators.

Afterall what Weiner did was to flirt with a woman by texting so it was not an explicit extramarital affair. Besides while the US economy is in the tank and America is now involved in 3 wars to what extent is Weiner's indiscretion that important to be exploited for weeks on end by Fox News or the media in general-it is merely a distraction from the mess which the Obama administration inherited from the Bush Regime.
Or one can argue there are more important issues to raise about the Obama's administrations activities though the most egregious are those in which Obama has continued with same old disastrous policies of the Bush Regime.

Bret Baier Defends Anthony Weiner Coverage, Calls Out Jon Stewart via Huffington Post, June 20, 2011

Bret Baier defended the media's coverage of the Anthony Weiner scandal in an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The press—and, in particular, cable news—has been criticized for the amount of space it devoted to the Weiner scandal. During his appearance on Fox News, Jon Stewart called the coverage an example of the media's tendency towards "sensationalism" and "laziness."

"Do you think the coverage of Anthony Weiner scandal is an example of pack journalism?" Baier's interviewer, Patricia Sheridan, asked him.

"No," Baier said. "It was an example of the media collectively saying, 'Why won't he answer a simple question with a simple answer?' The whole thing didn't add up from the beginning. So when he became combative, evasive and vague when he first started talking about it, he MADE it a story."

Speaking of Jon Stewart, Baier said that his appearance on "The Daily Show" in March went "fine," though he added that he didn't think he was going to be talking so much about Fox News. (The two wound up arguing about whether or not the network has a political slant.)

"Clearly Jon had his point of view going in," Baier said. "...The pre-interview for that interview, the producers were telling me how he was really interested in my trip to Afghanistan ... so I said during the pre-interview, 'I'm, sure there's going to be a lot of talk about Fox News Channel.' And she said, 'Oh, yeah, yeah.' It ended up being pretty much that is all he wanted to do."
Bret Baier of Fox news interviews Anthony Weiner
Posted June 1st, 2011

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