Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Israeli Forces Kill 20 Protesters On Israeli/Syrian Border & Netanyahu & Obama Insist Egypt Shut Border TO Gaza

USA and Israel Pressure Egypt to shut down border crossing from Gaza

So called Post Revolution Egyptian Regime still Kow Tows to Israel & USA
Questiona arise over how much of a change is in reality taking place within Egypt and on its borders
Egypt Closes Gaza Rafah Border Crossing - Democracy NOW!

President Obama insisting the border be once again closed between Egypt and Gaza is just what we expected.
Even Obama sees nothing untoward with Israel's Warsaw Ghetto approach to slowly destroying Gaza and its people.
So let's ask the question at what point will the US ever condemn Israeli actions.
The US defended Israel's unnecessary bombing of the Gaza Ghetto but also of a few years ago the massive bombing of Lebanon killing over a thousand people or the attack on the Gaza Flotilla last year and the killings a month ago or those of yesterday or the day before.
Obama 's so called peace proposal is just a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing,
The Obama administration and the Israeli government are also upset that Hamas and Fatah have made an agreement to join together to make common cause for a real peaceful solution in which not just the Palestinians but also the Israelis should make compromises but Netanyahu wants instead to drive all Palestinians out of Israel and the Occupied Territories.

Cooper: SYRIA Gov tortures children. May 31. Hamza Al Khatib

Anderson Cooper and US government hypocrisy over the torture of people by the Syrian forces.
And yet America believes that they and their allies can do what they want but not other nations.
The US gov't and Media in their cover up of American wrongdoing that is kidnappings/renditions, torture, indefinite detention and the abuse of Child Soldiers argue that either America doesn't do these things or that America because of its exceptionalism should be to do as it pleases with its alleged enemies.
Anderson Cooper & Hillary clinton and Pres. Obama erroneously see a big difference with what America does compared to Syria.
They ignore or down play US and allied forces in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya killing of innocent civilians in drone attacks or the killing of Shepherd boys or kids scrounging for fire wood or as merely collateral damage.
So the killing of civilians in these countries by US forces is OK because they are not killing American civilians.
America claims it is on God'side and therefore all whom they kill or murder is part of God's plan and therefore part of America's destiny.
When the Israelis kill innocent civilians the US looks the other way and tells its citizens that Palestinians for example are some how not worthy of life since all Palestinians are part of an evil race .

The US gov't and its quisling media are more upset when someone leaks to the public information or pictures or video of American forces blasting away at civilians or abusing prisoners ala Gitmo & Abu Ghraib & Bagram than they are with the actual abuses and crimes being committed by USA personnel .

So CNN and Anderson Cooper and Fox News and even PBS should deal with the real world and not the American on going Myth making ie the US can do no wrong and Israel can do no wrong and Saudi Arabia can do no wrong or Hosni Mubarak up til recently could do no wrong.
Obama and Hillary Clinton did not criticize Hosni Mubarak while he incarcerated thousands and then systematically tortured them until he was forced out of office by massive non-violent protests.
And if Israel decided to bomb Cairo the US would unconditionally defend the action.
The USA defended the unprovoked armed attacks on the Gaza aid Flottila last year.
The US defended Israel's bombing of Gaza killing some 1500 peolpe because a couple of their soldiers were killed or kidnapped.
When the Israelis fire on peaceful demonstrators the US defends Israel even when the IDF or the Armed Settlers Movement shoot at elementay school children on their way to and from their schools.

Given the latest spectacle of President Obama and the media supporting Israel unconditionally at the recent AIPAC meeting or Netanyahu's speech in the US congress it is obvious to most of the world that the US does not value the lives of Palestinians or other Middle Easterners besides the Israelis.

It must be reasserted again and again that the US calls for peace agreements or a resolution of the border disputes with Israel and the Palestinians and so forth is not quite genuine when in fact they insist that Israel will be the one who decides on what a solution should be.

Again Netanyahu has claimed he will not disengage from the Occupied territories and that Israel's borders are not to be redrawn to what they were prior to the 1967 War and that all of Jerusalem is to be under Israeli control .

Therefore Israel and the USA claim Israel has a right to treat all Palestinians and Arabs within Israeli borders as second class citizens .

and so it goes,

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