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Vancouver Kissing Couple Beaten By Riot Police!!! In USA Extremist Arrest Women For Losing Babies Racist Sen. John McCain & Sheriff Arpaio Blame "IL-Legal Immigrants" For Brush Fires

Couple kiss after being beaten by riot police in Vancouver

Women being arrested for murder after losing babies-

Sen. John McCain blames "Ill-legal Immigrants" for brush fires
and good old Boy Sheriff Arpaio uses this for another excuse to abuse undocumented immigrants he has incarcerated

Let's begin with a Reality Check care of:
" Video of "Kissing Couple" at Vancouver Protest Shows Woman Being Violently Beaten" by Riot CopsBy Julianne Escobedo Shepherd | Sourced from AlterNet
Posted at June 25, 2011

"You know that romantically making out couple at the Vancouver protests the other week? Wasn't so sweet after all. Wasn't staged, either, unfortunately. New video shows the couple just before the photo was shot, and that lovely kiss was in fact a visibly upset Alexandra Thomas being comforted by Scott Jones, after riot cops beat and kicked her while she lay supine on the ground. Despicable."

" Extreme Radical States Charging Pregnant Women Who Lose Babies with Murder! Seriously I'm not joking" by Feminista (DailyKos) via, June 25, 2011

"Women are being stripped of their constitutional personhood and subjected to truly cruel laws," said Lynn Paltrow of the campaign National Advocates for Pregnant Women (NAPW).
Being reduced to mobile incubators as their humanity is stripped away in some moralistic fundamentalist backlash. The Taliban have arrived in the US, sharia law my ass; this is pure unadulterated theocratic authoritarianism.

Just one story of the many:

Amanda Kimbrough is one of the women who have been ensnared as a result of the law being applied in a wholly different way. During her pregnancy her foetus was diagnosed with possible Down's syndrome and doctors suggested she consider a termination, which Kimbrough declined as she is not in favour of abortion.
The baby was delivered by caesarean section prematurely in April 2008 and died 19 minutes after birth.

Six months later Kimbrough was arrested at home and charged with "chemical endangerment" of her unborn child on the grounds that she had taken drugs during the pregnancy – a claim she has denied.

The rage I feel is almost beyond words, their moralistic posturing when reducing women to biological slavery to satisfy their fucking religious zealotry is beyond the pale. All they care about is bringing another baby into the world, the world that child has to deal with is not their concern. I suppose the next step is if your child is handicapped it is your fault, you did something during pregnancy to cause this; so its off to prison with you.

They will sacrifice women, children and refuse to give either access to affordable health care with their talibangelical ideology.

So if I get their ideological claptrap that every miscarriage is potentially a crime then the better start building fucking prisons because half the population is at risk from going to jail?

It is nothing short of terrorism.

I'm wondering when they are going to propose internment as prenatal care with twenty four hour surveillance. I suppose the initial candidates would be those that were victims of rape or incest as they are the greatest risk to the resulting blastocyst.

There is freedom of religion in the US, there is also freedom from religion and I for one dread theocracy, and this is how it begins by targeting one group. I see the right screaming about Sharia law but as far as I know they have nothing equivalent to criminalizing miscarriage.

At least 38 of the 50 states across America have introduced foetal homicide laws that were intended to protect pregnant women and their unborn children from violent attacks by third parties – usually abusive male partners – but are increasingly being turned by renegade prosecutors against the women themselves.
So you redefine rape based on the violence inflicted during the crime.

Then you redefine miscarriage as potentially a criminal act.

Then you force women to be subservient.

You have reduced women to objects.

It's an outrage; and I'm not going to be silent.

I repeat:

Damn them; they can all go to fucking hell.

"McCain Blames Undocumented Immigrants For Arizona Fire, Forest Service Says He’s Wrong"
By Marie Diamond via, Jun 20, 2011

The three-week old Wallow Fire in northern Arizona, which has burned over 500,000 acres, is the largest wildfire in the state’s history. Over the weekend, Sens. John McCain (R-AZ) and Jon Kyl (R-AZ) went back to their home state to tour the damage and give a press conference. At the conference, McCain blamed undocumented immigrants for setting the wildfires:
“There is substantial evidence that some of these fires are caused by people who have crossed our border illegally,” McCain, said at a press conference Saturday after touring the Wallow fire [...]
“They have set fires because they signal others, they have set fires to keep warm, and they have set fires in order to divert law enforcement agents and agencies from them,” McCain said. “The answer to that part of the problem is to get a secure border.”
When he was asked which fires were started by immigrants, McCain couldn’t given an answer. A McCain spokesperson later told Salon’s Justin Elliott that “a Forest Service official” told McCain that “illegal immigrants” were involved in setting the fires. However, that directly contradicts what U.S. Forest Service spokesman Tom Berglund told ABC News yesterday:
When asked if there is substantial evidence that some fires were caused by undocumented immigrants, as McCain said at a news conference Saturday, Berglund said: “Absolutely not, at this level.”

Berglund said the fire was likely started by an “escaped campfire.”
This sort of unfounded accusation provides a sharp contrast with McCain’s previously moderate stance on immigration. He used to tell his aides he was disgusted by GOP demagoguing on the issue. “They’re going to destroy the party,” he once said of Republicans who bashed immigrants. However, McCain became more hawkish after his support of a comprehensive immigration reform package in 2007 with Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) backfired and nearly cost him the Republican nomination in 2008. Right-wing groups threatened to “primary” McCain with a more conservative candidate if he did not change his tune.
He certainly has. His latest remarks have sparked an uproar. Immigrants’ rights groups are furious at McCain for scapegoating immigrants without any evidence at a time when people are looking for someone to blame. Angelo Falcon, the president of the National Institute for Latino Policy, told CNN, “The degree of irresponsible political pandering by Sen. McCain has no limits. With the lack of evidence, he might as well also blame aliens from outer space for the fires.”

Anyway Sheriff Arpaio who represents the worst side of America uses McCain lies to further intimidated and abuse incarcerated undocumented immigrants.
What is disturbing about Sheriff Arpaio is that he is still the Sheriff and continues with his abusive and humiliating treatment of prisoners under his care.
That is even with President Obama in power and yet Klansman & Racist Sheriff Arpaio  still operates with impunity.
Sheriff Arpaio is merely representative of those millions of Americans who are racist and or who reject such liberal notions as Human Rights or Civil Rights or International Law.
But as we have seen even the Obama administration treats Human Rights, civil Rights and International Laws and agreements as merely voluntary guide-lines.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Humiliates Prisoners By Making them Wear Pink Underwear and the parades them through the streets- Arpaio is a throwback to the Pre-Civil Rights Movement and so loved by The Rightwing Media such as Fox News, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Lou Dobbs, Sean Hannity, Limbaugh & other KKK Wannabees.

"By parading human beings shackled in chain gang stripes, in a misguided effort to collectively humiliate and to terrorize an entire population... reopened the wounds from which we all still suffer, by invoking the painful memories of slavery and segregation . . . By doing so, he has not only brought shame upon the state of Arizona, but is bringing shame upon the entire nation."

Quote by Zack De la Rocha of Rage Against The machine March 2009 Protest march against Sheriff Joe Arpaio. see links to previous posts for Gord's Poetry Factory re: Sheriff Arpaio, anti-immigrant racism & the Extreme Right .

Arpaio Orders Deputies to Start Asking Undocumented Immigrants About Wildfires by Marie Diamond (ThinkProgress) via, ,June 25, 2011

The fallout from Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ)patently false statement that undocumented immigrants were responsible for the destructive wildfires in Arizona continued this week, as his fellow Arizona senator Jon Kyl (R) and Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio entered the fray. “Sheriff Joe,” as he’s called, may be the most notoriously ruthless law enforcement official in the country. He’s known for cramming detained immigrants into inhumane outdoor “tent cities” he proudly likens to concentration camps, and for parading prisoners around in pink underwear, in addition to his numerous legal violations.
Arpaio, who never misses an opportunity to scapegoat or harass immigrants, eagerlyreleased a statement this week in response to McCain’s baseless charge. Arpaio announced he had instructed his deputies to question all detained undocumented immigrants about their connection to the wildfires, even though he admitted it’s “a long shot” that these interrogations will yield any information:
Deputies arrested 20 immigrants as they made their way through Maricopa County Wednesday morning.
All were reportedly from Mexico and said they were headed to locations in Texas, Tennessee, and New York state.
They all entered the border near where the fires are burning in southeast Arizona, according to the news release.
“It’s a long shot I know,” Arpaio said. “But since we already gather information from them about their U.S. entry points and travelling routes and methods, this is simply one more area of intelligence to explore that may help us to determine the origins of these fires.“
After McCain said at a press conference that there was “substantial evidence that some of these fires are caused by people who have crossed our border illegally,” U.S. Forest Service Officials rushed to dispute his charge. Spokesman Tom Berglund told ABC News “there’s no evidence” indicating immigrants had any role in the fire.
Arpaio, who promotes himself as “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” is being investigatedby the FBI, Justice Department, and a Federal Grand Jury for civil rights violations and abuse of power. His persecution of immigrants who apparently entered the country after the fires started is further evidence of his willingness to seize any excuse to subject migrants to degrading treatment for his own PR purposes.
Meanwhile, Sen. Kyl has repeatedly come to McCain’s defense this week, and continues to stand by their debunked claim that undocumented immigrants are to blame for the Arizona wildfires. He reiterated that position today on Hugh Hewitt’s conservative radio show. When asked what he thought of McCain’s comments, Kylsaid, “Well, he was correct. I was right there.”

Sheriff Joe Arpaio honored by being accused of being a member of the Ku Klux Klan along with his buddy Lou Dobbs??? But as we see with the new racist anti-immigrant Law in Arizona we can not just laugh at the what seems over the top rhetoric because these racists are deadly serious and dangerous. They fear that White Americans are losing their grip on power and that America is not the traditional America they are so nostalgic for ala Glenn Beck & Fox News etc. The Good Old Days when America was a paradise???(GORD.)

Lou Dobbs interview of Sheriff Joe Arpaio on CNN
Sheriff Arpaio calls it an honor that he and Lou Dobbs have been compared to the KKK

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