Saturday, June 04, 2011

Ousted Zelaya Returns to Honduras & Wikileaks Provides Evidence of US (Bush/ Obama's) Support For The Military Coup

The Obama Regime's foreign policy was shown in the actions taken in Honduras to be not a change at all but a return to Ameica's anti-democratic policies in Latin America.
These policies were based originally on Cold War fears of a Communist foothold in Latin America.
This was just a rationalization for denying the citizens in Latin American countries a real voice in the governance of their country.
Instead the USA erroneously characterized all popular movements and uprisings in Latin America as being engineered by outside communists agitators.

Unfortunately President Obama is more concerned with upholding the status quo and with stability and security over the rights of the people of Honduras or other nations.
We saw this also with Obama's lack of support for the people of Egypt when they rose up and demanded that the American backed brutal dictatorial regime of Hosni Mubarak be ousted.

Over and over America has been on the wrong side in the disputes in latin American countries.
The US backed the military and the elite in Honduras over the people.
Ignoring the Military Junta of Honduras and the US government A massive Demonstration is held by the people to celebrate Zelaya's return to Honduras.

Obama like other US presidents before him is supportive of reform and democracy only if it does not in anyway shape or form impact negatively on US government or Pentagon or US businesses.
So if a government were to take power and demand US corporations pay their workers in that country a decent wage or allow them to unionize or be made to pay fairer amount in taxes to its host country then the US will do what it can to undermine that government as they did in Honduras or the Obama's regime's silence on the brutal crackdown in Bahrain.

American administrations and its elite of the rich and powerful become rather upset to say the least when they hear the people in a country which is friendly to the US and considered an ally talking about reform and economic and social justice.

Heaven forbid that US multinational corporations have to treat the workers in a foreign country with respect and dignity. That as they say is not the American way.
The American way is that of profits before people or other concerns such as the environment.
If workers unionize or insist on better treatment the American government and its media will label those in favor of such reform as being either Communists or as anti-American or even as terrorists or what ever epithet would suit the circumstances.

As we have seen even if an American corporation in order to quash unions or other workers rights or human rights groups complaints were to hire thugs or mercenaries or home grown death squads in a host country to intimidated, terrorize or even kill leaders of such organizations the US government and Media and even many Americans see nothing wrong with this since people outside America do not have the same rights as American citizens.
The Americans by way of their Supreme Court insist that corporations have the same rights as any citizen yet of course not the same responsibilities legal or otherwise.
Corporations and businesses supposedly have the right to do as they please in order to maintain or increase their profit margins .
Honduran Coup :Another reason Obama hates wikileaks and named its director/editor Julianne Assange & Whistleblower Bradley Manning as enemies of the United States.
Democracy Now!
Manuel Zelaya Discusses the WikiLeaks Cables About the U.S. Ties to the Honduran Military Coup

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