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US Supports Murderous Crack down on Bahrain's Protesters & Cyber Activists

Is the Obama administration giving Bahrain and Saudi Arabia immunity to do whatever they want while Qaddafi is being attacked for similar crimes.

The US reasoning or rationalization for taking down Qaddafi because he is "EVIL" but according to the US and Obama administration the governments of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen , Syria who are all allies of the USA are the "Good Guys" why ? because these states are known to torture suspected terrorists and dissidents because they are anti-human rights and civil rights and are more in favor of the rich and powerful -so therefore their mindset is equivalent to those in power in America. The faces in US government may change but the agendas and who is really in control changes little. And Obama has refused time and again to stand up to these people ie the GOP, the powerful and wealthy elite.

Outside the Obama USA Pentagon or Firewall there is growing concern over other countries besides Libya and Qaddafi.

Wounded protesters in Bahrain unwilling to go to hospitals which have been taken over by security forces
Government of Bahrain targetting doctors, nurses, ambulance attendents and protesters , bloggers etc.

CNN report about Bahrain 11-04-2011

CNN report 2 about Bahrain 12-4-2011

USA Ignores Government Cover up of killings in Bahrain
Just blocks away from the US fifth fleet protesters are being tear gassed, shot and killed.
CNN-Bahrain Part 2, CNN International News.

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Crackdown on cyber-activists in Bahrain

Crackdown on cyber-activists in Bahrain

After Bahrainís rulers, the Al Khalifa family imposed martial law and troops from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates were brought in to quell the protest movement which had been going on for several weeks, the authorities are now cracking down on online opponents. Bloggers arrested, web sites blocked, and the Internet has even been used against the cyber activists themselves. Bahrainís rulers are doing their upmost to silence the online activists.

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Bahrain - the kingdom of gagged mouths

For some reason the Obama administration to its shame has defended Saudi Arabia's murderous actions in Bahrain ( and in Saudi Arabia) Hillary Clinton & Obama say Bahrain as a sovereign nation is permitted to ask Saudi Arabia for help and it is not US policy (give me a break) to interfer with domestic and internal affairs.
Then why defend the armed rebels in Libya .
This is still the question Why Libya and not Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria & Cote d'Ivoire ???

And why so little concern for protesters in Yemen and Syria and the Ivory Coast -does the US have too many interests in these countries -these are countries the US has used to hide captured Terrorists suspects who can then be tortured on behalf of the USA. Doing so is in fact a War Crime or a Crime Against Humanity.

at least 150 dead in Yemen killed by Yemen security forces
President Abduullah Saleh refuses to step down insist he will stay on til 2013.
Yemen Freedom for all -Just like a waving flag .


keymastermind77 on Apr 11, 2011
Both sides in Yemen have rejected a Gulf Arab initiative for a peaceful transition of power. President Ali Abdullah Saleh refuses to go early, and protestors reject any hint of immunity from prosecution.

Monday saw another blow to attempts for a peaceful transition of power in Yemen.

President Ali Abdullah Saleh rejected a proposal by Gulf Arab nations that he step down before the end of his term in 2013.

Clashes between demonstrators and security forces have been deadly at times during two months of daily protests. More than 120 people have been killed.

On Sunday, the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council called on Saleh to step down as part of a deal with the protest movement.

Last week, Saleh rejected a mediation offer by the GCC, which had invited Saleh and opposition groups to Saudi Arabia for talks.

Ashton on Libya, Bahrain, Syria, Yemen, Cote d'Ivoire

EUXTV on Apr 12, 2011
At her arrival to the EU Foreign Ministers meeting, in Luxembourg, Catherine Ashton said the EU remains 'concerned' by the ongoing situation in Yemen, Syria and Bahrain, and that on Libya, a meeting of the African Union, Arab Leaue EU, Nato and others will be held to decide on the countries future in the coming week

Suspend talks with Syria, reassess ties with Bahrain and Yemen, EP says
April 7, 2011.

The EU must reassess its bilateral relations with Syria, Bahrain and Yemen in the light of their violent repression of demonstrators, and talks on a future Association Agreement with Syria must be suspended, members of the European Parliament said on Thursday as they passed a resolution in Strasbourg.

MEPs are also concerned about the presence of international troops in Bahrain and call for an investigation into the death of 54 protestors in Yemen.

EU negotiations on the still-pending Association Agreement with Syria must be suspended until the Syrian authorities carry out "expected tangible democratic reforms", say MEPs. The resignation of Syria's government on 29 March "will not be enough to satisfy the growing frustrations of the people", they add. President Bashar al-Assad must put an end to repression of political opposition and human right defenders, lift the state of emergency and undertake genuine political, economic and social reforms, says the resolution.

The use of violence by a state against its own people must always have direct consequences, stresses the resolution, drafted by the EPP, S&D, ALDE, Greens/EFA and ECR groups and passed by a show of hands. MEPs therefore call on both the EU and national governments to revise bilateral relations with Bahrain and Yemen, and consider imposing asset freezes or travel bans. The text condemns interference by the authorities of both countries in the provision of medical treatment and denial of access to health facilities for injured protestors.

MEPs state their "concern at the presence of foreign troops under the Gulf Cooperation Council banner in Bahrain". They call on this body to "to mediate in the interest of peaceful reforms" and call on all parties to engage in constructive dialogue without preconditions.


Parliament wants independent investigations into attacks on protestors in all three countries. In the case of Yemen, the UN or the International Criminal Court should lead an enquiry into the 18 March attacks, in which 54 people were killed and more than 300 injured, it says. Parliament is deeply worried about the extent of poverty and unemployment in Yemen, and believes that the EU and the Gulf Cooperation Council should grant it specific financial and technical support as soon as President Saleh is ready to make way for a democratically-established government.

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