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U.S. Intolerant Christian Taliban & The Easter War Egg &Wal-Mart VS "Ground Zero Mosque" & Muslims are Not "Real Americans"

OMG It's a Body Part-YIKES

State of Florida's legislature bans the use of the word "uterus" from public discussions & debates etc. ???
They believe the word is inappropriate because young people might be present-they believe that "Uterus " is a "dirty word".

Above breast covered up on State of Virgina Seal

SEE: "Florida GOP commandment: Thou shalt not say "uterus"
A Democrat connects a woman's womb to the Republican attack on unions, and gets admonished: No body parts, please!" by Andrew Leonard at Salon.com,March 31, 2011

Making Easter more fun for American children -The War Easter Egg -camofloughed eggs & US Marines figurines - From: "CVS Makes War on Easter" by Nancy Aykanian via CommonDreams.org,April 4, 2011

Pam Geller's blog Atlas Shrugs


Anti-Ground Zero Mosque Crazy blogger Pam Geller is still anti-Mosque but favors giant Wal-Mart for Ground Zero NY. Shrine to 9/11 victims and such sweet deals-

even Hillary Clinton loves the anti-union anti-workers rights Wal-mart-swhe no more approves of Unions than does George W. Bush or Glenn Beck or Sara Palin or Newt Gingrich.
" Anti-Islam blogger to hold pro-Wal-Mart rally Pamela Geller may hate the imaginary "ground zero mosque," but everyone loves a bargain" BY ALEX PAREENE Salon.com, Jan. 11, 2011

and  above Pam Geller's friend  Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch which has at least two members

And here's Geller and Spencer's Hero as portrayed in this clip from Loonwatch

Geert Wilders and other Islamophobes characterize Islam as a political ideology and not a true religion.
Resistance is futile You Will be Assimilated - Borg (Star trek)
Mr. Peroxide, Geert Wilders: The "Hero" of Western Civilization

Meanwhile in the land of the Free and the home of the Bravest of Bigots

"Free Speech" is not extended to any depiction of the contribution of labor or American workers to their nation.
Glenn Beck and now the governor of Maine believe that such celebrations of American workers whether factory workers , farmers, fishermen or school teachers etc. is just part of the centuries old Communist/Socialists/Progressive/ Liberal plot to undermine true American values -ie only the rich and powerful are to be celebrated .

Here's a fun video dealing with Glenn Beck's Progressives century long conspiracy to undermine America from Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, Woodrow Wilson , the union organizers, the votes for women suffragettes, to Mexican artists Diego Rivera and his wife Freda Kahlo to graven Hollywood and President Obama.

Christian Taliban Glenn Beck and Gov. of Maine only art they allow is pro-Christian and pro-capitalism

Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera & Fox News

and see slide show of frescoes at NPR:
slideshow:  NPR: detroit Industry , Diego Rivera's Frescoes

As the article at NPR points out it wasn't just that the murals included Marx, Lenin and Trotsky but also because it was sympathetic to workers and their rights but Rivera crossed the line by also showing people of different races working together and he showed workers being beaten by the police and he also showed people from various professions working alongside laborers in a common endeavor.
On the other hand Rivera was celebrating the achievements of the Industrial age airplanes, railroads, telegraph system. telephones, the radio, electricity and so on.
Rivera's basic assumption was one which even today many Americans whether Conservayive, Neocons or Neo-liberals and that is that all men are created equal and deserving of respect and that all have equal rights.
But the elites in America and in much of the West believe they are superior and deserve respect but those below them not so much.

Detroit Industry: The Murals of Diego Rivera by DON GONYEA NPR

The Controversy

Many people objected to Rivera's work when it was unveiled to the public. He painted workers of different races – white, black and brown, working side by side. The nudes in the mural were called pornographic, and one panel was labeled blasphemous by some members of the religious community. The section depicts a nativity scene where a baby is receiving a vaccination from a doctor and scientists from different countries took the place of the wise men.
A Detroit News editorial called the murals "coarse in conception ... foolishly vulgar ... a slander to Detroit workmen ... un-American." The writer wanted the murals to be destroyed.
Even the commissioning of Rivera caused a stir. The country was in the midst of the Great Depression and some questioned why a Mexican artist had been chosen over an American painter. Others questioned Rivera's communist ties.
Edsel Ford, patron of the murals, never publicly responded to the outcry. He only issued a simple statement saying "I admire Rivera's spirit. I really believe he was trying to express his idea of the spirit of Detroit."

Above photo: Christian Taliban in Afghanistan "Kill Team" posing with innocent civilian he and his lynch mob of American soldiers murdered. Meanwhile Pentagon and White House mainly concerned over this as a Public Relations disaster and of course refuse to investigate higher up the chain of command. We know most of the US commanders in the field encourage and reward increased body counts -since all Iraqis or Afghans are potential terrorists they are all from Zygot to 100 years old a threat to the American Empire. Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld, Rice backed by millions of Americans believe the only good Muslim is a dead Muslim- General Custer during the ethnic cleansing of Native Americans said the only good Indian is a dead Indian - America you've come a long way baby (Not!!!) Different century same old shit!!! U.S. A incarcerates tens of thousands abuse and torture most and hand some "detainees" over to Iraqi or Afghan or Pakistan or other nations to be torured by Proxy. Obama like Bush argues these are not POWs and so are not protected by the "Quaint" out-dated Geneva Conventions and other unenforcable International agreements which are they claim not binding on American citizens or soldiers or authorities.

Afterall they claim since America is better in every way than any other nation and because it is " God's Chosen Nation " it is the only nation which has the right to define what is lawful or not and what is moral and what is not.
No other nation has they believe the right in any way shape or form to judge the actions of America.
But this is nothing new all Empires have operated under such delusions of grandeur believing they were blessed by God or the Gods.
The Romans , Persians, Greeks, Dutch, British, French, British all have suffered from such delusional thinking and behavior which allowed them to be able to exterminate millions believing they needed more space to grow and that they had a right to take the lands they conquered from people whom they believed were inferior.
The British believed and some still do that they are a superior race while many Westerners believe they are superior to those in the Middle East, Africa, India, Asia and so on.
So when we invade their lands destroy their countries, their way of life , their cultures , their traditions and we compound this with a rather arrogant and dismissive attitude towards their history no matter how old or how glorious at one time or another.

For instance why did the invading forces in Iraq or elsewhere show little concern over the destruction of ancient buildings, Museums, libraries , houses of worship it appear as as if the British and Americans wanted to deny these peoples in Iraq or Afghanistan their history .

For instance while the Museum in Baghdad was being looted of unique treasures dating back some ten thousand years of human civilization and while archeologists and historians around the world were sickened and disheartened by the sight  the arrogant know nothing  USA Don Rumsfeld  said " Stuff Happens."

Rumsfeld response to the looting of Baghdad Museum and hundreds of archeological sites in Iraq.
It was Rumsfeld and the Bush Regimes responsibility to secure all of these places after invading the country.
Rumsfeld and Cheney refused to bring in more troops or to bring in US MPs brigades to secure all such sites throughout Iraq..
They just didn't care - the only history that matters to these Nationalist fanatics is that of the United States all that went before that is human history in total as someone once said was just a "prelude" to the creation of America .
Besides for the Christian Taliban in the USA they objected to being told that there great cultures even before the birth of Abraham or Jesus and they further believe we are now closing in on the end of history so what does it matter.
Or to put it in another context when someone asked a Christian Priests about burning down some ancient library he replied it didn't matter since all the answers one wants are in the Bible -that which contradicts the Bible is Blasphemy and the rest is redundant.
The story goes this was asked of a Muslim Imam who basically gave the same answer about destroying the ancient library of Alexander- that Imam was a literalist and a fanatic who was against any knowledge that was not in the Qur'an.
Rumsfeld response to the looting of Baghdad Museum and hundreds of archeological sites in Iraq.

Remember Iraq's Heritage, Our Heritage

and so it goes,

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