Saturday, April 23, 2011

UK Queen rewards Bahrain's Torture in Chief With Knighthood

"A man's a man for a' that & a'that"

The UK like the USA merely pays lipservice to democracy, freedom, rights, justice, equality and fraternity .
In the end there are those whom we are told are our betters and we as plebs must obey our betters.
These Royal watchers even believe Jesus or God gave these fatuous overbearing bunch of cold hearted bullies the Divine Right to rule over the rest of us.

It was the English who carried out ethnic cleansing of Ireland, Scotland and Wales and enslaved millions to build their Empire with little concern for human rights or justice

Yes to Royalwedding enthusiast remember this that the Queen of England rewarded Bahrain's torture in chief with a Knighthood-
ah well as most Royal enthusiast would say Ian Henderson & UK troops in Kenya and Bahrain only killed non-whites or at least those who were not real Englishmen.
As long as there are those who divide the world into the better class or upperclass as more worthy of freedom , justice and unearned wealth the world will remain a place of injustice-

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