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PressTV -Syria, Bahrain A Tale Of Western Double Standards - Royal Wedding & Monarchs Who Oppress

Prince Salman bin Hamad al-Khalifa of Bahrain - Killing his own subjects to defend the Divine Right of Kings

                    " A Man's A Man for a'that and a ' that"
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British anti-monarchy campaign group Republic hit out at inclusion of royals from not only Bahrain but also Saudi Arabia, Oman, Brunei, Qatar, Swaziland, Lesotho, Bhutan and Kuwait.
"This guest list reads like a 'Who's Who' of tyrants and their cronies," Republic chief Graham Smith said.
"Whatever happened to William's supposedly strong social conscience? He must take personal responsibility for this and rescind the invitations immediately."
St James's Palace said earlier it had sought advice from Britain's foreign ministry on guests from abroad.
from Bahrain crown prince to miss royal wedding By Europe correspondent Philip Williams,Updated Mon Apr 25, 2011

Time to man the barricades!!!
While millions in a dozen countries rise up against Monarchs and other Tyrants the West pays homage to the Royal Family of the UK.
Is this a sign that the struggle over the last two centuries is being undone by the rich and powerful who insists that the lower classes should know their place and not try to go beyond their station???

Les Miserables - Do You Hear the People Sing?

Why should anyone pay homage to someone just because of an accident of birth.
The Royal Family in the UK are given financial support by the UK government and its people.
It's just another form of glorified welfare for those who believe themselves superior to everyone else.
As we have seen in the USA for all their blather about democracy the government in its infinite wisdom and folly has spent billions to bail out the rich and powerful while cutting back on government help for the poor and the so-called lower classes who are sent into the streets to beg.

Paying homage to Royalty in the UK while their fellow monarchs and dictators in the Middle East and Northern Africa who still have absolute power oppress their people ie Saudi Arabia , Bahrain,
The only good thing one can say about the Royal family in the UK is just that they no longer have any legal power or political influence over the government or their so called subjects.

Is the Royal Wedding just a harmless bit of fuzzy nostalgia or does such an event show that there are those individuals or class which are still considered superiour than those who are part of the lower classes.

In the USA the Bush Regime extended the powers of the presidency making the president into a virtual king . Obama has even further increased the power of the executive since it appears he too wants to be able to act like royalty .Day in and Day out there is a constant ongoing attack on America's democratic principles and laws.

In our society homage is paid on a daily basis to the rich upper class and the political elite.

PressTV -Syria, Bahrain A Tale Of Western Standards
April29, 2011

Syria, Bahrain: A tale of Western double standards by presstv

Given the support Bahraini protesters are getting in a number of countries including Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan America and the West in their hypocrisy and double standards and propaganda are now making more enemies in the Muslim world.
Is the West in their actions helping to create a whole new generation of extremists and terrorists since the West led by the USA are only concerned about democratic reform where the USA has strategic /geopolitical interests and taking control of oil producing states.

Is the USA and the West refusing to take action against Bahrain and Saudi Arabia because they support the Divine Right of these Royal Families.
Didn't the USA fight a war against the UK Royals in order to create a more democratic society???

Bahrain's Royal Family Not Champions of Democratic Reform
Four Bahraini Protesters Sentenced To Death

Four Bahraini Protesters Sentenced to Death by tvnportal

Afghans Rally In Support Of Bahraini Protesters

Afghans rally in solidarity with Bahrainis by presstv

US media either ignores the protests for reform in Bahrain or write off these protests as part of a conspiracy by Iran.
Otherwise the turmoil in Bahrain is seen as a sectarian struggle and therefore not news worthy.

Iran: UN Must Protect Shiites in Bahrain

Iran: UN Must Protect Shiites in Bahrain by NewsyVideos

Pakistanis stage solidarity rally with Bahrainis

Pakistanis stage solidarity rally with Bahrainis by presstv

Iraqis Hold Rally in Support of Bahraini Protesters

Iraqis hold rally in support of Bahraini... by presstv

Kiev Protesters Slam Saudi Intervention in Bahrain

Kiev protesters slam Saudi intervention in Bahrain by presstv

Crackdown In Bahrain inflames International Press

Crackdown in Bahrain inflames intl. media by presstv

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