Friday, April 22, 2011

Political Prisoner Pfc. Bradley Manning Moving To New Prison Obama Continues Bush & Cheney Policies

Pentagon's Treatment Of Bradley Manning Has Turned Him Into A Political Prisoner
BBC News

Is it too late for Bradley Manning has his abusive treatment in prison at Quantico already accomplished what the US government and military had intended to break him .
The Obama administration has been making up excuses for their abusive treatment of Bradley Manning.
Are they hoping that he make a false confession and blame Julian Assange and Wikileaks for his disclosure of classified information.

President Obama like President Bush and Dick Cheney believe that how they treat Manning whom they believe is a Traitor and an enemy of the United States because he allegedly revealed information which could be damaging to America's War efforts.
So anyone revealing such information is to be considered to have committed the crime of "Treason".

Obama is upset such information has been leaked to the public and this is his main concern and not commission of these abuses and crimes.
So what matters to this administration is a matter of PR and appearance versus reality.
Obama has a habit of lying about various issues and then gets upset when these lies are revealed. He then goes after the leakers and the media and ignores those who are guilty of these war crimes.
Obama like Bush and Cheney consider talk of human rights, international Law or Nuremberg etc. as "quaint" and therefore inapplicable in the matter of the so-called "War On Terror".

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