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Obsessed Christian Korean Child Abuse & Bomb and Burn Buddhist Temples & Islamic Extremist Destroy Giant Buddha's Of Bamiyan

UPDATE: 10:12 PM , April 17, 2011.

Sunday sermon on the need for understanding, compassion and respect for those of other religious beliefs.

Why didn't the world or the United Nations or a US president step in to stop the wanton destruction of the Giant Buddhas of Bamiyan in Afghanistan by the Taliban

Why is the Western especially the American Mainstream Media unwilling to cover such stories whether it is Muslim fanatics, or Christian or fanatics from other religions who wish to wipe all traces of other religions off of the face of the earth. (authors comment Gord.)

These fanatics are only interested in history as it pertains to their religion all else is considered trivial , unimportant or as having a negative influence on human kind.
They believe that their religion is the one true religion and that protecting other religious people or their sacred sites is in their view heretical or blasphemous and an affront to their God or Gods.

Is it primarily because the Western Nations have little regard for Buddhism or any other non-Western religion.

In Afghanistan the Islamic Extremist Taliban destroyed a number of Buddhist statues and temples and this sort of bigotry and thugery has spread to other countries ruled by Muslim extremists and in countries where the number of American Evangelical Dominionism / or Moonie style Christianity is on the rise.

Whatever their thological beliefs these Christian supremacist insist all other religions from Islam, hinduism to Buddhism are not just different but are seen as being in one way or another Satanic in the same way that some Muslims regard all other religions to be a tacit denial of Islam and as being anti-Islam and possibly even under the influence of Satan.

Islamic fanatics are not the only ones out to destroy the sacred temples, statues and spaces of other religions. The born again Americanized Evangelical Dominionist Christians are as bigoted as Islamic extremist.

So what's the difference between Christian evangelical dominionists at Jesus Camp and in America's Mega Churches preaching hate and demanding Christian supremacy and the Taliban
In Korea Malaysia Christians are preaching hate against Buddhism and Hindus and all other non-Christian religions

Jesus Camp Korean style -Christian extremists and fanatics
There is a dark side to the evangelizing of Koreans and Malaysians , Thai etc. as they demand that Buddhism and Hinduism and other religious temples, statues,Stupas be destroyed and that eventually these other religions should be banned.
Is this the Christian Way -What would Jesus Do?
Would Jesus praise these so-called Christians or chastise them for their lack of compassion .

S. korean christians praying for Buddhist temple to collapse (NOW WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES)

Aug 11, 2007
To view subtitles, click on the bottom right triangle box and then click CC
***Lee Myung Bak has won the election with landslide, but now he suffers extreme unpopularity due to his George Bush like policies and politics

Korean presidential candidate Lee myung bak supporting crazy christians who prays for the collapse of buddhist temple

So these Christians hate Buddhism as much as the Afghanistan Taliban who destoyed the giant Buddha statues at Bimyan in Afghanistan

Korean Christians Vandalize and Burn Buddhist Temple

CrazyKoreanChristian on Nov 24, 2008
Buddhist temples and followers have been targeted by fundamentalist Christian groups in Korea. This news footage shows an example of one attack. Buddhists are currently victims of hate crimes committed by obsessive Korean followers of Christianity. Check out my other videos on how evangelical Christians are hurting old Korean culture and its people.

see below for more on bigotry and prejudice against Buddhist by Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka or by Hindus , Christians and Muslims and so on.

Islamic Fundamentalists Destroy Ancient Statue of the Buddha
It is a knife thrusted into one's heart or darkness passing over one's very soul- GORD.
Note no sound on this video.

The destruction of the Bamiyan Giant Buddhas is the act of the bigoted and the ignorant. We should remembers such a dismissive attitude towards other religions their scred sites is common to extremists in all religions .
This destruction is an attack on Buddhism but is also an attack on the past on history itself -The Taliban can be compared in their ideological/ theological fanatacism to that of Mao's destructive "Cultual Revolution " in China or to that of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia who decided to end history and begin again at the "Year One"

Rebuilding Bamiyan - 23 Jul 07 - Part 2 Al Jazeera

Pipe Bombing At Buddhist Temple 2007 Rockford

Learn more at A clip showing repeated pipe bombing incidents at a Buddhist Temple in Rockford and local residents' speculations about who may be responsible. Excerpted from Blue Collar And Buddha, an anthropological documentary about Laotian refugees living in America.

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