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McCarthyism :"Maddow " A Code Word For UnAmerican ? Maine's Labor Mural Revisited & Maddow on Government's Role

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"It shouldn't be an act of bravery to watch this show " !!!

Rachel Maddow University Professors E-Mails being checked for the use of the name "Maddow"

Conservative Tea Party Republicans ask court to release E-Mail and other online communications of University professors which includes such search words which may point to the fact that anyone using Maddow's name in E-Mails, Twitter, Face Book is a suspect -Just a bit of McCarthyism -what antiAmerican or UnAmerican or anti-war or anti-God or in fact a potential terrorist-There is something definitelly going wrong in America maybe its the lead or mercury or bits of plutonium circling through their bodies.

The other thing that strikes as being a bit odd is that Homeland Security and others are monitoring anyone who refers to Aljazeera , Wikileaks, Assange, Bradley Manning

What's so special about "Maddow"?

Rachel Maddow - Follow up on the Labor Mural removed by Maine's governor who believes the Mural by celebrating the history of labor in Maine is a propaganda piece which is anti-capitalism. As mentioned in previous posts the Maine governor is being influenced by looniness of Glenn Beck's Progressives/Liberal/Socialist overarching Conspiracy theories which he argues have been going on for over a century.

Maddow Government has a role in protecting citizens by way of regulations of corporations for safety and government policies which defend all citizens.
Maddow refers to the examples of 737 airplanes possibly suffering from metal fatigue and the regulatory department is insisting all airline do thorough inspections of their 737s.
Maddow then refers to the fact that despite the conclusions of the inquiry into the BP blowout disaster in the Gulf last year which pointed out the blowout prevention mechanism does not work -despite this the Obama administration is handing out drilling permits to various oil companies in the Gulf including BP.
This is supposedly where the government has a role to play to ensure oil companies abide by safety regulations and assume liability for instance if there is a mishap which was the result of a corporation shirking its responsibility to the safety of the public and the environment.
The Republicans who are in fact the representatives of the uberconservative movement for instance want to get rid of medicaid for senior citizens since these conservatives believe healthcare is not the responsibility of the government for senior citizens or anyone else-
as mentioned a number of times the Republicans believe in no free lunch and this means if someone has become ill they should pay up front for their trip in an ambulance and their stay in a hospital -in which they are asked not where it hurts but rather, Cash or credit card.
Maddow argues that Obama should use the whole health and safety issues in his election campaign to defend what should be the role of government .
The problem is that Maddow is talking about Obama when he was not yet president because as we have seen he is afraid to be tough on corporations because it upsets them and their Republican friends.
She forgets Obama did not get tough on corporations and insist they adhere to safety regulations which are meant to protect the workers, the public and the environment.
At times during the BP gulf disaster the Obama administration and even now has acted in such a way as to run interference for BP and Big Oil . So the Obama administration like the Bush administration acts as if it were another Public Relations firm working for Big Oil, Big Coal, the Pharmaceutical companies , Nuclear Energy industry and of course as the PR guys for the Military Industrial and Security and Intelligence complex.

Maddow Government has a role in protecting citizens by way of regulations of corporations for public safety and government policies which defend all citizens.

Rachel Maddow On the Role of Government in protecting the health and safety of the public.
Gov'ts Role in Enforcing Health and Safety Regulations Part 1 of 2

Scott Walker anti-government but pro-Cronyism - Of Course

Government as a cash cow for Republicans and Big Business.


Obama administration still not willing to condemn the government of Yemen for its violent response to mostly peaceful demonstrations.
When it comes to protecting what it believes to be its interests the US foreign policies are rife with contradictions, duplicity and hypocrisy. For instance they are only in favor of democratic reforms and the protection of the rights of the citizens in various countries depending on how it affects America's interests which it appears is seen as more important than democracy, reform or even human rights.
But as we have seen American foreign policy has been conducted in this self-serving fashion for at least the last 50 or sixty years. And unfortunately President Obama shares this view voluntarily or believes it is in his own interests to promote such a craven Imperialists view of the world .
All of these people who have been encouraged in various ways by the US government to oust these brutal authoritarian governments and to embrace democratic reform only to be met with brute force on the parts of some of these governments while the US is either silent or in fact supports the use of force against even peaceful protesters.

No Plans to Suspend Military Aid to Yemen: US by Agence France via, April 6,2011

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon said Tuesday there were no plans to suspend US military assistance to Yemen but urged a swift transition of power amid a wave of anti-regime protests.

Yemeni anti-regime protesters shout during a rally calling for the ouster of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. (AFP/Getty)
Asked at a news conference if the US administration was considering withholding military aid due to unrest and violence against demonstrators, press secretary Geoff Morrell said: "As far as I know, it has not been (considered)."

"Obviously, we are monitoring the situation closely. It's fluid," Morrell said.

Tensions are running high in Yemen after 24 people were killed in anti-regime unrest, with European governments condemning violence by President Ali Abdullah Saleh's regime.

Washington had viewed the autocratic leader, in power since 1978, as a valuable ally in its fight against Al-Qaeda in the region but the United States shifted its stance this week, urging Saleh to peacefully relinquish power.

"The situation right now is a difficult one, the longer it festers the more difficult it becomes," Morrell told reporters.

"That is why this government has been urging a negotiated transition as quickly as possible."

He said the threat from Al-Qaeda in Yemen was serious and suggested US military assistance would continue no matter the outcome of the political turmoil.

Once there is a political settlement, "we will be able to better collectively go after this threat that exists in Yemen," he said.

In 2010, the Defense Department spent $150 million to train and arm Yemen?s security forces and has requested from Congress more than $100 million for the current fiscal year and $115.6 million in military and economic aid for 2012.

Morrell said there was no evidence to show that weapons supplied by the United States had been used by the regime against demonstrators.

The White House on Monday expressed fears that Al-Qaeda's affiliate in the country could take advantage of a power vacuum produced by the upheaval.

Western officials believe Al-Qaeda's branch in Yemen was behind a failed plot to blow up an airliner bound for Detroit in 2009 and an attempt to detonate explosives last year on a cargo plane bound for Chicago.

In Yemen, Saleh's official response to opposition demands to step down and hand over to his deputy for an interim period has been to urge protesters to dismantle their roadblocks and go home.

Saleh has said he is willing to step down by the end of this year, but his ruling General People's Congress party has defiantly said he should serve out his term until 2013.

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