Friday, April 22, 2011

Arab Awakening: Burying Bahrain Is USA Inaction Pushing Bahrainis To Look To Iran For Help

US backs rebels in Libya while ignoring Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen , Jordan etc.
USA is seen as giving a Green Light to the Saudis and Bahrain to shut down protesters , dissidents including doctors who help wounded protesters or who talk to the media or who dare to criticize the Royal Family in Bahrain and the Royal Family in Saudi Arabia.

By refusing to take steps to intervene in Bahrain through diplomatic channels or threaten to cut off trade, or put in place an embargo on armaments or cut funding to either country -
Obama has become another Hawkish president who picks and chooses which countries & peoples deserve or have a right to democracy or to basic human rights and freedoms.

The danger for the USA is that it will be seen once again to be on the side of anti-democratic authoritarian regimes in this case both countries are Monarchies and appear to believe that the Shiite majority in Bahrain do not have the same rights as other citizens of Bahrain.

Will the Shiites turn now to Iran or other countries to get help.
Of course if the Iranians get involved the USA will get on its high horse unleash its propaganda in order to undermine the regime in Iran or even to invade Iran with the help of the Saudis and Israelis.

Those of a more conspiratorial mind-set might conclude that this is part of the USA's lack of action in Bahrain- if they can produce evidence of an Iranian/Bahraini Shiite conspiracy then the USA can further demonize Iran.

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