Thursday, April 21, 2011

More Secret US Prisons Found in Afghanistan POWS Abused & Tortured

Bradley Manning being transferred to another facility
US government in their treatment of Manning is sending a graphic message to any other would be leakers or Whistle Blowers that they too will be abused , tortured and their lives ruined.
So much for Obama defending whistle blowers.
Given Obama's reasoning even some one leaking information from the EPA or some large corporation can expect no sympathy let alone help in revealing any wrong doing-
Loyalty to the government and to corporations comes before morality or ethical considerations.

For the Obama administration its all about Public Relations and not about human rights violations
Appearance versus reality.

Gates: Americans Shouldn't See Torture Photos

Saudi & Bahraini forces given blessing by Obama administration to do whatever they want.
The lives of the people of Bahrain are not it appears as precious to the USA and the West as the lives of the people of Libya.

Bahrain police shooting at independent cameraman filming and reporting

Bahrain police step on man's head then take him away

US Secret Prisons Used for harsh & Abusive interrogations of "Detainees"
Meanwhile Obama and the West as usual are hypocritical in their concerns over civil rights or human rights.

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