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US Supports Saudi Arabia's Invasion Of Bahrain To Crush Protest US tunnel vision on Libya while whole region on fire

Question of the day: Is the life of a Libyan citizen worth more than the life of a citizen of Bahrain, Syria, Egypt, Jordan,  or a citizen of Saudi Arabia ???
US tunnel vision on Libya while whole region on fire
Syria, Libya, Bahrain , Egypt , Jordan , Saudi Arabia Uprisings around the region

Shootings - Saudi Arabia In Bahrain Over Protests
Cenk Uygur of TYT: The Young Turks

Having made deals with Pakistan, Saudi Arabia Obama has allowed the Saudi army to invade and occupy Bahrain.
While the US has not bothered to even reconize that there have been pro-reform pro-democracy in Saudi Arabia which were met by brute force

Bahrain London Protest - 19 March 2011
Peaceful protest in Bahrain turns to violence after attacks by the Bahrain military

BAHRAIN Saudi King Orders Culling Of Humans 14 Mar 2011

"Bahrain and Yemen Declare War on Their Protesters:With 42 killed in Sanaa, regimes show they will keep power at any cost" by Patrick Cockburn Independent UK, March 20, 2011

A brutal counter-revolution is sweeping through the Arabian Peninsula as Bahrain and Yemen both declare war on reform movements and ferociously try to suppress them with armed force.

In Yemen police and snipers on rooftops opened fire on Friday on a mass demonstration outside the main university, killing at least 42 people. The government has since declared martial law and set up checkpoints throughout the capital, Sanaa.

In Bahrain repression began a few days earlier, when King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa called for military support from other Gulf monarchs and 1,000 troops from Saudi Arabia crossed into the island kingdom. "This was the green light for our army to kill people," says Ali Salman, the leader of al-Wefaq, the main opposition party.

As decisively as in Yemen the Bahraini al-Khalifa royal family has rejected reform and showed that it intends to hold power by armed force. Serried ranks of riot police advancing behind a cloud of tear gas and backed by armoured vehicles and helicopters cleared protesters from Pearl Square, which has been the gathering point for protesters. The 300ft-high monument commemorating the pearl fishers of the Gulf, a rallying point for protesters, has been torn down by the army. "It was a bad memory," said the Bahraini Foreign Minister, Khalid bin Ahmed al-Khalifa.

...Any action by Iran will be swiftly used by the al-Khalifas as evidence that there has been an Iranian hand behind the disturbances. Leaked cables from the US embassy say there has been no evidence for this in the past but the accusation will find believers in the US Congress.

The US has important strategic interests in supporting the status quo in Bahrain This is the headquarters of the US Navy Fifth Fleet and a vital base for the US in any future confrontation with Iran. After the dispatch this week of Saudi troops to Bahrain the island looks even more like a Saudi protectorate than before. With the fall of President Mubarak, America is even more reliant on the Saudis and averse to offending them.

The crackdown in Bahrain and Yemen means that the Arabian Peninsula, where so much of the world's oil reserves are located, is becoming a zone of conflict. ...Minority rule by the Sunni al-Khalifas means the little kingdom will remain unstable in the long term.

In Yemen even short-term stability is not likely. President Saleh faces a host of well-armed enemies in his impoverished country where 40 per cent of the population try to survive on $2 a day. In addition to pro-democracy reformers, there is a powerful independence movement in the south of the country and rebels barely restrained by a truce in the north.

The struggle in Arabia in future will be on several levels: between kleptocratic ruling elites and disenfranchised and impoverished masses; between Sunni and Shia; and between regional powers such as Saudi Arabia and Iran and the US. The price for last week's counter-revolutions is long-term crisis and instability.

Since over the last few decades most Americans have been dumbed down to the extent that they are unable to grasp even the most simple basics for understanding what is happening in the region.

This means spending some time looking at the Geopolitical circumstances and the role the USA has played in backing some of the world's worst authoritarian regimes whether they are made up a Monarchy, or are governed by the military or have some of the trappings of democracy which at the end of the day are just a cover for a ruthless dictatorship .
If the USA was so concerned about protecting peaceful protesters and the demands for reform and want regime change in a half dozen countries in the region then the USA should deal in an even handed and just manner with these countries .

Instead the USA gave the green light for the Saudi Arabian dictatorial authoritarian regime to invade to protect the people in the streets protesting but rather to help crush a popular uprising against the brutal regime in Bahrain.

Why for instance is Obama allowing the Bahrain government to use American made US Apache Helicopters to fire into peaceful protesters.

And it must be pointed out that the USA uses Bahrain to station its fifth fleet which could have been used as leverage to get the government as such to step down or at least to negotiate with their people.

In a country like Bahrain or Saudi Arabia and Iran protest are met with brute deadly force.
When the Iranians shoot protesters and ban protest and public gatherings and lock up dissidents Obama and the US media takes a coneption fit and will ascribe to Iran every terrorist act that has taken place in the Middle East and around the world.

But this is odd you see since the biggest backer of terrorists organization includes the American ally Saudi Arabia and Bahrain , Syria. Pakistan etc.

This is typical American hypocrisy in that they are out to destroy the Qaddafi regime while still supporting other nations which are anti-democracy anti-human rights anti-substantive reforms. But America traditionally or at least over the last sixty years relies on and has supported a number authoritarian and dictatorial brutal leaders from the Shah of Iran, to Chile's mass murderer Pinochet to Iraq's mass murderer Saddam to Pakistan's corrupt Benazir Bhutto and her father and later Musharraf and Mubarak of Egypt to AlQaeda and the Taliban til they were no longer of use or had become a liability .

Most of these nations deny basic human rights to their people and routinely abuse and torture criminals and alleged terrorists.

Those referred to as terrorists includes any dissident or those who are critical of the current regime in their nations.

Of course in the USA the media is once again playing along with the Obama administration rather than going after the real story of each of these nations.

Obama is afraid to criticize those countries which are considered allies of the USA and other Western Powers ie Saudi Arabia, Syria, Bahrain

The mainstream media along with President Obama insist that Saudi Arabia is a free and just nation in which the average person's rights and freedoms are respected.
This is blatant nonsense.

So here's the sort of propaganda films that the Saudi government makes to encourage support by the international Community.

The film shows King Abdullah returning from abroad after an operation .
The streets are supposedly lined up with tens of thousands of Saudis who wanted to welcome King Abdullah home- but were they paid to do this or are they just taken from his supporters that is those who profit from his regime.

So they stage this demonstration
Note for educational purposes this is pure unadulterated propaganda .
It also shows how brazen the so-called Royal Family and its supporters are in their imaginary world where they are portrayed as the good guys.

Yet they are corrupt and rotten to the core as they steal from their own people to make themselves wealthy while governing by Islamic Sharia and if applied to them they would all lose their heads.

But then again isn't this what the wealthy and powerful do where ever they are found. Whether its Saudi Arabia , Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Jordan or even the good old USA.

Saudi's King Abdullah back home after recovery
Protest in Saudi Arabia

In America a similar phenomenon is at work as the wealthy Americans will support a government as long as it does their bidding.

As we have seen President Obama went from being an agent of change to a unconditional defender of the status quo that is helping the rich showing disdain for the poor and the working class and even for the millions of progressives who got him into power.
( for instance he refused to stand up against the Republicans to put through Universal Health Care -he tinkered with Health insurance most of it sound and fury signifying nothing.
As for the anti-collective bargaining and union busting he said only a few words he did not fly down and take part in the Wisconsin protests-if he really believed in the cause he should have taken action instead he was too involved with keeping Bradley Manning in an abusive situation while trying to get his hands on the people's hero Julian Assange.)

Now Obama wants to take out Qaddafi to get at his oil and distract the public from his two disastrous wars and his sell out to Wall Street .Qaddafi has been in power for some forty years why suddenly has he become America's enemy when America's real enemies are Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and other nations allied to them

Now his main focus is on expanding the American Empire building huge military bases around the Globe and silencing allthose critics such as Julian Assange of Wikileaks and Bradley Manning.
Obam won't even allow a defender of civil rights and women's rights in Afghanistan because she has also been critical of the role played by the USA and its NATO & United Nations quislings.

So even Obama is in favor of censorship ie wikileaks, Al Jazeera or anyone who in his administration who refuses to tow the Pro-War Pro-Military Industrial Complex policies .

Maybe he thinks if he plays his cards right during these uprisings in the Middle East North Africa and Central Asia he might be able to tap into some rich oil and gas fields to make the US economy once more a worlrd economic power and not just a military power.

He could have had theoperation in Saudi Arabia but the king and the 20,000 playboy princes prefer going abroad for medical treatments and to imbibe in binge drinking and making out with prostitutes while gambling in the French Riviera or monaco etc.

These princes are all supported by the government which uses most of the wealth obtained from oil in Saudi Arabia to help the Royal Family and the Princes to live in ostentatious luxury and utter debauchery.

Massive Propaganda Campaign to prove that King Abdullah is Supported by most Saudis - utter nonsense which only President Obama actually believes -Most people in the West hopefully know better.

The Saudi Family like any monarchy by definition is illegitimate in the sense of weilding power. As mere figure heads or whatever they only seem to play the role asan example of the natural hierachy -that is some people are intrinisically better than others by their genetic makeup their ancestry etc.

So if one believes that the Royal family of Saudi Arabia or of Jordan or Bahrain are put there not by the people but by God or Allah then one accepts that each person is born into a class and is supposed to be content with their lot.

Obama appears to believe as other presidents have that he too was chosen not by the people but by God. or destiny or an alignment of the celestial heavens and is therefore outside the normal real of responsibility accountability or even using propaganda and lies to further his control or just to appease his own over-inflated ego.

This sort of pathological disorder appears to be common not just to the presidents of the United States but also to most world leaders whether it is Obama, Bush 1 & 2 or Clinton or Reagan or Qaddafi or King Abdullah or King Huessin or his cousin Saddam.

The faces change but the game remains the same to keep the lower classes and the struggling poor countries in their place so they " won't try to go beyond their station" to use an British colloqualism. And that they will do the bidding of the ruling class and hand over their nations natural resources and their labor as a price set by by greedy corrupt politicians and their Corporate Elite friends.

and so it goes,

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