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US Hypocrisy Promotes Democratic Values Reform For All Nations Except Its Allies ie Saudi Arabia & Rep. King's Islamophobia ia

UPDATE: 3:51 PM, March 14, 2011.

Saudi Arabia time For an Uprising
Tell the Royal Family and USA where to go!!!
Tell King Abdullah Enough is Enough !!!

Saudi Arabia government uses lethal force against pro-reform Protesters
US hypocritical in its response to Saudi violence compared to its stern response to
that of other Regimes in the Middle East and Africa.

Saudi Arabia also governs in large part based upon a strict oppressive form medieval Sharia Law.

Rep. King's hearings on the Loyalty of Muslim Americans is just more anti-Muslim bigotry

Rep. King refused to even entertain the thought since 9/11 and before it was those on the extreme right in America which was and is a real threat to Americans. This would of course include anti-Immigrant and various racist or anti-government groups and individuals.
But Rep. King like Fox News is dismissive of any accusations concerning right-wing terrorist threats in the USA. Besides Fox itself is an anti-government propaganda machine.
There is nothing fair or balance about it.

Washington is too cozy with Saudi Royal Family and its strict oppressive anti-democratic Regime.

The USA and Obama and Co. merely pay lip service to democracy when it comes to the actions of the Royal Family of  Saudi Arabia.

The US is just concerned about making sure the oil flows interrupted to US oil Companies.

If Obama does not take real action against the Saudi government then he and his regime are enablers and supporters of the brutal corrupt and unjust regime in Saudi Arabia.

The clip below is from AlJazeera "Inside Story" which examines in some depth the protests and anger by the people of Saudi Arabia and their demands for reform and to end the police state in Saudi Arabia.

Fox News shed crocodile tears when protesters were gunned down in Iran but other countries not so much.
So Saudi Arabia like Israel is not to be criticized .
So the Saudis and Israelis are to be praised not condemned when they murder innocent cilians .
And it goes of course without saying that the US including its military, CIA, FBI, Special Operations, Homeland Security is also not to be condemned when it abuses, tortures and murders people in Iraq or Afghanistan or anywhere else.
These Fox News propagandists appear to believe that the government in Iran is illegitimate while the Faux Royal Family put in power by the British Empire are in fact legitimate.

I didn't realize that Americans actully do believe in monarchies and the rights of Kings that they are put there by God.
So Americans prefer authoritarian regimes to that of democracy which is messy and can seem at times unstable and precarious .

Fox News not so pro-democracy or reform when it comes to Saudi oil
Suddenly Fox News and the MSM are more concerned about oil production than the killing of protesters by Saudi ' s Oppressive Regime.

John Bolton and Krautheimer as typical neocons appear to sing the praises of Saudi Arabia because it rules in the way the Neocons prefer. (see Plato's Republic & Neocon Godfather Leo Strauss that the masses need to be ruled by an elite which allows no dissent ie Socrates drinks the poisonous Hemlock to show loyalty to the state)
Once again they show they are in fact anti-democratic and prefer authoritarian governments in part because they are for the most part stable .
 Justice human rights women's rights the rights of minorities are not important to these American first propagandists.
Didn't they say that they invaded and occupied both Iraq and Afghanistan to spread freedom democracy and human rights but I guess not when it comes to affecting the US economy

Obama either ignores the violence and human rights violations committed by the Saudi government and its Royal Family or Obama makes some sort of statement without backing it up with sanctions or cutting trade etc.
shouldn't this also apply to Saudi Arabia or other authoritarian Islamic Regimes.
Americans and other nations in the West should demand action by Obama against the the House of Saud and should return the medal given to him by the Saudi King.
For those who believe that one of the reasons to criticize the Taliban or Iran's treatment of women

Cenk points out as others have that the US government and media while critical of Iran and its crackdown on protests and dissidents but when it comes to Saudi Arabia when they use violence against anti-government protests and its dissidents it is ignored or played down because the Saudis are an American ally.
This is odd in large part because the majority of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudis .
The Saudis are also belong to the extremist Wahabbi sect.
The Wahabbis are responsible for the radicalization of Islam and the use of terrorist tactics against non-Muslims and against Shia Muslims.
The Saudis are Sunni Muslims and they discriminate and terrorize the Shia minority in their country.
Saddam was a Sunni Muslim as were most members of the Bathists party in Iraq.
Pakistan and Afghanistan for instance are also Wahabbi Sunni Muslims.
Iran on the otherhand is a Shia ruled country .
Sunni Muslims in general believe Shia Muslims are not realMuslims but are heretics or apostates.
Anyway the upshot is that Saudi Arabia is not taken to task for murdering protesters and dissidents or for incarcerating or executing dissidents or for its its trampling on the rights of women in Saudi Arabia.
So when the Saudi stone a woman to death this is ignored if Iran or the Taliban in Afghanistan do the same thing the US government and media make it front page news.

Saudi Arabia Shooting At Protestors

The Young Turks takes down Rep. King and his Islamophobic hearings.
Without any real proof he claims Muslim Americans are not cooperating with Homeland Security etc.
Rep. King also says he never said "there were too many Mosques and too many Muslims in America"
but as Cenk shows Rep. King is not being honest about this .

Rep. King Busted On Muslims & Mosques Comments
March 11 2011

Keith Ellison gives testimony about Muslim American who was a firefighter and was killed on 9/11
Rep. King wanted to raise more suspicion and doubts about American Muslims
As Cenk points out Rep. King who supported the terrorist organization the IRA and saw nothing wrong with their tactics of blowing up pubs and killing innocent unarmed civilians.

and so it goes,

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