Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rachell Maddow & Michael Moore Union Busting Republicans Assault On The Right To Vote

Radical religious Evangelical leader Ralph Reed once said that those on the right want poor voter turnout to help people like himself get elected. They know that their ideology and theological Dominonists exclusivists puts them at odds with

Tea Party Republicans enabled by the rich and the religious and political right are piece by piece hoping to dismantle the rights of workers and other American citizens.

Rachel Maddow and Michael Moore on Madison Protests against the legislature and Governor's assault on the rights of workers , the Middle Class all to profit the rich that is the 1% who are the defacto rulers of America

Rachel Maddow interview AFL-CIO's Richard Trumka - 03/10/11

Republican Tea Party Pro-rich getting the fix in early for the next state and federal election as in 2012.
They are passing legislation which will prevent a portion of pro-democrats from casting their vote
So these governors have targeted students, young people, the poor minorities and first time voters all groups which usually vote for democrats to insure fewer votes for democrats.

Wisconsin passes bill but their vote and passing of the bill in the manner they have may in fact be illegal.

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