Friday, March 11, 2011

Obama & Bush Emperors of the American Empire Who Give Us More Wars & Little Left Over For Social and Economic Justice

President Zardari of Pakistan is just the newest American made Puppet
Zardari is one of the most corrupt people in Pakisatan.
The Chief Justice who stood up to Musharraf , the ISI and military should have been made president or permitted to run in fair elections against Zardari.
President Obama did not take the bold steps and do the right thing by the ordinary American Citizens which it appears he has abandon in favor of an agenda and policies more conducive to his hawkish his neo-liberal and neoconservative friends to whom average citizens are mere pawns in their political and ideological games.

1 dead Iranian =50 dead Afghans
Drones Obama and Double Standards
And people in the West wonder why people in other parts of the world are angry at Westerners.
Tariq Ali
1person killed in Iran Western Media covers the story while ignoring the story of 50 men women and children killed by US forces in the western frontier of Pakistan.

Tariq Ali -Obama's War
Obama's War; Tariq Ali LRB Lecture June 3, 2010

Tariq Ali: Truth About President Zardari of Pakistan as the most corrupt of the regime who was appointed to power in large part because Benazair Bhutto in her Will left the leadership of the party to her son and her husband is acting as regent until the son comes of age .
Is that democracy .
If Obama et al support the Saudi Royalty and its authoritaqrian regime as akin to democracy even though the people have few rights then what can we expect of them. Democracy Now!

As Tariq Ali and others including Ahmed Rashid, and Seymour Hersch and Noam Chomsky , Eric Magolis and Howard Zinn all make similar criticisms about the USA and NATO this should at least lead to those in power in the USA to pause step back take a breath and really think about the havoc they are causing .
They should from a practical point of view realize that their criminal and brutal actions only fuel more resistance and if there is no hope of improvement then the Ideological extremists and religious extremists march in and take advange of the situation telling the people who are suffering that Americans have no regard for the lives of those in other nations .

For Obama and his spin machine the death of a pro-reform protester in Iran outweighs 50 civilians killed by us forces in Afghanistan.

And why because Obama like the former George Bush is quite happy demonizing Iran.
When the Saudi Arabians beat up or kill protesters Obama ignores it.
Saudi Arabia applies a strict form of Sharia and it is never mentioned by the Obama administration .
While Sharia in Iran is called backward and evil when practiced in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia or other Islamic states which are allies of the US it is ignored or played down
When the armed forces and ISI in Pakistan commits human rights violations abuses and tortures civilians or brutally puts down a protest Obama and his gang praise Pakistan for taking on the terrorists.

When the so called "Freedom Fighters" the Contras in El Salvador killed innocent civilians or tortured and abused and raped civilians they were called the good guys
When the death squads reeked havoc in El Salvador or other Latin American countries and murdered priests and Nuns and Archbishop Romero they were praised for killing communists.

In Honduras and other American backed countries kill civilians torture dissidents they too are praised by the White House and the wealthy elite.

When the ordinary people of Iraq or Afghanistan protest or take up arms against the American occupation and its corrupt puppet regimes Obama et al refer to these freedom fighters as evil, as terrorists as subhuman and we are told by the Western Propaganda Machine that these people do not believe in the sanctity of human life and that they view lives as cheap .

Meanwhile the hypocrites in the USA and NATO forces celebrate the deaths of unarmed civilians.
Just remember the jubilation of Americans and Canadians when in 2003 the American forces using "Shock and Awe" and rained death down on Iraqi civilans killing over ten thousand in the first week Americans cheered .
Of what crime were the citizens of Iraq guilty or those of Afghanistan or Pakistan murdered by "The Good Guys".

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