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GE & Japanese Nuclear Disaster & Max Blumenthal On Ginning Up Anti-Muslim Hatred & U.S. Local Police Being Indoctrinated By Hate Mongering Islamophobes

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Anyway America once again shows it is still in some ways the old narrow minded puritanical self-righteous hypocrites as they have been since the religious fanatics stepped onto the shores of New England.

New York Times says 11 eleven year old raped by 28 men was asking for it!!!!!!!!
This is afterall one of the Media outlets that has defended torture, mass murder , invasion of a sovereign nations, the wanton killing of civilians especially Muslims who don't really count as people -just ask her star reporter Judith Miller- besides the only good Muslims according to the Mass Media in the US , Canada and Britain and Australia is a dead Muslim .
Americans are indeed morally bankrupt-racist , sexist, Islamophobic, Xenophobic etc.

Quote of the Day - THIS IS AMERICA in the 21st century .American sexism paints all girls and women as the instigators of rape:

What could an 11-year-old girl do that would be so terrible she somehow deserved to be raped by at least 17 but as many as 28 men? Did she ax-murder a family? Burn down a city? Orchestrate a genocide?

According to some members of the Cleveland, Texas community quoted in the New York Times and Houston Chronicle, she courted gang-rape by being on the verge of adolescence and striving to seem older than she was, a common enough behavior for girls that age. In both papers, much is made of the reputation of the alleged victim wearing makeup, dressing older than her age and currying favor from teenage boys. The Houston Chronicle dwelled extensively on the girl’s bragging about drinking, smoking and sex on her Facebook page, and also takes note of the alleged victim’s defensiveness in the face of so much community disapproval.

"What Kind of Sick Culture Blames an 11-Year-Old for Being Gang-Raped?: Recent coverage of a young girl's rape in Texas reveals our twisted assumptions about sexual violence." by Amanda Marcott via Alternet March 11, 2011

As President Obama last year ended up siding with BP after the catastrophic Oil Drilling platform explosion and the gigantic oil spill in the gulf so the Japanese government and the US government and others fearful of a backlash against Nuclear Energy will do all they can to silence or undermine any substantive criticisms of the Nuclear Energy Industry. Once again these governments are now or have been involved in various forms of coverups and misinformation campaigns to defend the Nuclear Energy Industry.
China for instance has stated that it will suspend the current construction of Nuclear Energy facilities and those which have been proposed. And the Chinese government says it wants a complete and comprehensive investigations into such facilities to ensure they were built and are being operated according to the strictist safety standards possible now operating in China.

More questions are being raised about to what extent the damage in the Japanese Nuclear facilities is a result of the Earthquake and Tsunami and whether these plants were built in accordance to available technology which could have prevented catastrophic failures. It appears that in the building and operation of these plants corners were cut and those in charge blatantly lied about the effectiveness of the safe-guards to prevent such a catastrophe.

"Will General Electric Get Whacked for the Catastrophic Failure of Its Nuke Plants in Fukushima?" by: Dave Lindorff This Can't Be Happening | Report, Truthout, March 14, 2011

GE, the company that boasts that it “brings good things to life,” was the designer of the nuclear plants that are blowing up like hot popcorn kernels at the Fukushima Dai-ichi generating plant north of Tokyo that was hit by the double-whammy of an 9.1 earthquake and a huge tsunami.

The company may escape tens or hundreds of billions of dollars in liability from this continuing disaster, which could still result in a catastrophic total meltdown of one or more of the reactors (as of this writing three of the reactors are reported to have suffered explosions and partial meltdowns, and all could potentially become more serious total meltdowns with a rupture of the reactor container), thanks to Japanese law, which makes the operator--in this case Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) liable. But if it were found that it was design flaws by GE that caused the problem, presumably TEPCO or the Japanese government could pursue GE for damages.

In fact, the design of these facilities--a design which, it should be noted, was also used in 23 nuclear plants operating in the US in Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Vermont--appear to have included serious flaws, from a safety perspective.

The drawings of the plants in question, called Mark I Reactors, provide no way for venting hydrogen gas from the containment buildings, despite the fact that one of the first things that happens in the event of a cooling failure is the massive production of hydrogen gas by the exposed fuel rods in the core. This is why three of the nuclear generator buildings at Fukushima Dai-ichi have exploded with tremendous force blasting off the roof and walls of the structures, and damaging control equipment needed to control the reactors.

One would have thought that design engineers at GE would have thought about that fact, and provided venting systems for any hydrogen gas being vented in an emergency into the building. But no. They didn’t.

Max Blumenthal
Zionist interest groups finance the hatemongering against Muslims

In a recent expose at the Washington Monthly the journalists Meg Stalcup and Joshua Craze raise concerns about Homeland Security and other agencies attempting to train local police officers in identifying would be Islamic terrorists so these police officers could become an integral part of the counter terrorism initiative across America.

So let's take a look at some of the issues raised by the article in question
The article is entitled
"The Shocking Way US Cops Are Trained to Hate Muslims:Increasingly, American beat cops are exposed to virulently anti-Muslim teachings, by self-styled "terrorism experts" with no experience in national security."

The article notes that Homeland Security and other U.S. government agencies want to make the local police forces across America part of the counter terrorism initiatives so they can act like an early warning system identifying and gathering intelligence about would be terrorists and passing this intelligence onto Homeland Security and other agencies.
Which at first blush doesn't necessarily strike one as being anything but a means to have better informed police officers concerning Islamic terrorists.

As the authors point out there has been

"...a sweeping shift in America’s official thinking about law enforcement and intelligence gathering. In recent years, the United States has become more and more committed to the idea of bringing local police forces into the business of sniffing out terrorists. In 2002, the National Joint Terrorism Task Force was set up to coordinate existing collaborative efforts among federal, state, and local law enforcement. And since 2006, the Department of Justice has been developing a program called the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative, through which local cops are meant to act as intelligence gatherers on the ground, feeding reports of suspicious activity to a network of data “fusion centers” spread out across the country. The system is scheduled to be up and running in all seventy-two of the nation’s fusion centers by the end of this year. But in order for the cops to play a role in counterterrorism, the thinking goes, they need to be trained. And that’s where Kharoba and his ilk—counterterrorism trainers for hire—come in.

The very idea of integrating local police into the nation’s counterterror intelligence efforts is a subject of debate among security experts. People at the highest level of law enforcement and intelligence—to say nothing of civil liberties groups—have concerns about the strategy. While the premise is perhaps intuitively appealing—particularly in a place like Florida, where several of the 9/11 hijackers took flying lessons—one danger is that the system will be flooded with bad leads. An increase in incidents like the mistaken arrests on Alligator Alley would only degrade police work, obscure real threats, and spoil relations between America’s cops and America’s Muslims—who have thus far volunteered some of the most fruitful leads in preventing domestic terror attacks.

The whole program as such takes on a more sinister aspect when considering who is doing the training and whether they are qualified to teach about counter terrorism especially regarding Muslim Americans . What the article raises is that these experts are not experts on Islam or on Muslim terrorists or able to make distinctions between average Muslim Americans and Muslim Americans intent on committing acts of terrorism.

So these so called experts are turning local police into racist Islamophobes who are being told that all Muslims are in fact Jihadists and that Islam is a religion which preaches intolerance and glorifies violence and terrorist tactics against the so called enemies of Islam,.

The article begins with a description of the sort of misinformation one of these faux experts who begins his training program for police officers by describing " how, over the next three days, he would teach his audience the fundamentals of Islam. “We constantly hear statements...that Islam is a religion of peace, and we constantly hear of jihadists who are trying to kill as many non-Muslims as they can.” and that his " course would establish for his students that one of these narratives speaks to a deep truth about Islam, and the other is a calculated lie."

The so called expert explains that when Muslims describe Islam as a religion of peace this according to him is an outright lie because Muslims are taught to deceive all non-Muslims and treat all non Muslims as the enemies of Islam.

As the article points out there are now hundreds of these self-proclaimed experts who are training thousands of police officers to be able to identify Muslim terrorists . But these officers in essence are being taught to be suspicious of all Muslim Americans. So their so called training is helping to create a climate of suspicion and fear.

As the authors argue their research shows that...

"Despite their different backgrounds, the counterterrorism trainers we interviewed have a remarkably similar worldview. It is one of total, civilizational war—a conflict against Islam that involves everyone, without distinction between combatant and noncombatant, law enforcement and military. "

and as one of these faux experts is quoted as saying :

“Being politically correct inhibits you,” . “I know Islam better than my own religion. Some things need to be called a spade.”

So local police officers are being trained to identify would be terrorists. Besides the disturbing image of the police becoming part of a Big Brother style iniative the other problem appears to be that the training they are undertaking is being taught to them by self-proclaimed experts whose knowledge of Islam and Islamic Jihadist terrorists is questionable and is often based upon various racist stereotyping of all Muslims ie Muslim men with beards and wearing head bands and whose lips are moving as they pray silently to themselves when in public and for instance who refuse to use credit cards or who never eat at fast food outlets ie MacDonald's , KFC and don't drink alcohol and so on.


These so called experts are tapping into the billions of dollars set aside by the U.S. federal government to pay for such training.

Yes in deed there is big money to be made in fear mongering against the Muslim American community in the United States.
And this fear mongering undermines any of the more positive initiatives and statements regarding Muslim Americans made by the Obama administration

So like other faux experts he appear to just make stuff up and tend to rely on questionable sources on the internet and elsewhere written by the extremists anti-Muslim groups or individuals and on the other hand the most extremists Islamic Jihadists websites .

These police officers are left with the impression that there is nothing good that can be said about Islam. In fact they are told that any positive statement made about Islam, the Prophet Muhammad or average Muslims is a lie and a means to deceive non-Muslims.

as one faux expert is quoted in regards to the Prophet Muhammad that :

"When I look at the life of Muhammad, I get a very nasty image,” said Kharoba, pausing to look around the auditorium. The audience was silent. “I am talking about a pedophile, a serial killer, a rapist,” Kharoba said. “And that is just to start off with."
These are some of the anti-Muslim tropes used by Christians going back at least to the time of the first Crusade so little has seemed to change asChristian Americans use these tropes to demonize Muhammad and all Muslims.

And so the upshot is that American police officers across America are being turned into racist Islamophobes who see all Muslim Americans as the enemy. The Muslim Americans are to be viewed as a fifth-column out to destroy traditional America . This surely will just do more harm than good especially to the interactions of the Muslim community with police officers leading most Muslims to be suspicious of all police officers across America.
As one such trainer told Washington Post journalists that Muslims " “They want to make this world Islamic. The Islamic flag will fly over the White House—not on my watch!” he said. “My job is to wake up the public, and first, the first responders.”

One of the other disturbing notions these police officers are being taught is that in dealing with these so-called terrorists whom they have identified based upon simple stereotypes of Muslims which have been taught to them these police officers are led to believe that the laws and regulations and notions of rights and due process do not apply when dealing with suspected terrorists.

So these faux experts tell police officers that in order to deal with the dangerous Muslims they may have to use various strategies to get around the laws and notions such as due process. These strategies are similar to those used by the racist anti-Immigrant law enforcers such as the infamous Sheriff Arpaio of Arizona and its racist state legislature .

As one faux expert informs police officers that..."

“The best way to handle these people is what I call legal harassment,” ...Start to identify who is coming into your area.” Go to the DMV and see who has applied for a driving license. Look at the owners of convenience stores. Corner stores are one of the principal ways Hezbollah launders money in the United States...You only need one precedent ... Health inspectors, alcohol trade officers, these guys can turn a convenience store upside down without a warrant.”

and then goes on to explain about Arabic names that :

"There are two types of Muslim immigrants... honest ones who Americanize their names, and those who use long Arabic names as a smokescreen. “If I pull someone over at a traffic stop...I’ll ask for a couple of IDs. And if I see different spellings of a name, my Christmas tree is lit up. That’s probable cause to take them in.”

So if someone uses their original Arabic or other non-english name they must be up to something.
Should police also question European names such as Italians, French, German , Poland , Russia, Serbian or Croatian etc. which also may vary in English spelling.

Or should all immigrants to America change their names to Smith or Jones etc. wouldn't this also seem suspicious.

To put it another way as many anti-Muslim Islamophobes claim that one can't be a loyal American citizen while being Muslim.
Decades ago up till the time JFK became the first Catholic president a large number of Americans feared Kennedy as a Catholic owed his allegiance to the Vatican and the Pope and so couldn't be trusted.

One of the problems with the spreading Islamophobia is that other groups in America involved in domestic terrorism get overlooked or even ignored by the MSM especially Fox News which downplays any right wing terrorist plots or blames them on leftist or the government. Like the murder of Dr. Tiller Fox News made excuses that as far as they were concerned Dr. Tiller by performing abortions was a legitimate target. And the guy flying his plane into the IRS building in Texas was again in part justified because the IRS is they believe an unconstitutional agency collecting illegal income tax. and so on.

And now the latest Domestic Terrorist plot took place in Alaska by an organization which like Glenn Beck et al do not recognize the legality or constitutionality of the federal or state governments.

Militia's Violent Plot Disrupted in Alaska by Steve Benen Washington Monthly, via, March 12, 2011
Four leaders of the Fairbanks-based "Alaska Peacekeeper's Militia" are now in custody, charged with conspiring to commit murder, kidnapping and arson. Their plot, by all accounts, was pretty serious. (thanks to E.D. for the tip)

Federal agents made extensive recordings of Fairbanks militia members plotting to kill or kidnap judges and Alaska State Troopers and burn their houses, according to documents filed in court Friday. [...]

The militia members amassed high-powered weaponry, including grenades and .30- and .50-caliber machine guns, with which to carry out retaliatory strikes against law enforcement officials, according to court documents.

One of the leaders of the militia, Francis "Schaeffer" Cox, was arrested on a gun charge a year ago, but failed to show up for a court appearance. That, apparently, led to what the militia called the "241" (two for one) plan.

According to the criminal complaint, the militia was supposed to "respond to attempts to arrest or kill [Cox] by responding against state court or law enforcement targets with twice the force and consequences as happened to him or his family. If he was arrested, two state targets would be 'arrested' (kidnapped). If he was killed, two state targets would be killed. If his house was taken, two state target houses would be burned."

Based on FBI's account, the plot had progressed to the level at which militia members were instructed on where to find three state troopers and a state judge.

Media Matters added that Cox, who doesn't regard state or federal laws as valid, is part of a "sovereign citizens" movement, which promotes violent resistance to the federal and Alaska state government.

The arrests come almost exactly a year after the arrests of a Michigan-based Christian militia group, which also intended to target law-enforcement officials.

And yet House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Peter King (R-N.Y.) refused to expand his investigation of domestic radicals to include anyone other than Muslim Americans.

The anti-Muslim professional Islamophobes are constantly claiming that Islam has no respect for women and denies them their basic civil and human rights. They imply that Christian Western civilization in their view never discriminated against women which is a rather enormous bit of revisionist history.

So what they do is bring up issues about rape and honor killings etc. by Muslims against women.
Women who are raped are considered unclean or even as being responsible for the rape. The Islamophobes believe this attitude is only to be found in Islam and not in Christianity.
This is another blatant lie. In Texas a young girl only 11 years old was gang raped by 28 all American Christians boys and men.

Instead of the community rallying to the victims side the community defense attorney and judge and the local newspapers blamed the eleven year old because of the clothes she was wearing and that she had flirted with a couple of her attackers.

She was shunned by the community and believes she and her family will have to move because the community blames her for the rape and that she did the unthinkable by turning in all 28 men to the police. The police also questioned her victimhood.

So in at least parts of America rape victims are still treated as criminals not as victims.
By law even if she had consented which she didn't her being 11 years old would be considered rape of a minor.
But there was no outrage about this on Fox News or CNN or other Mainstream Media.
But if the men involved had been Muslim Americans we could be assured Glenn beck, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter ,Robert Spencer , Pam Geller, Michelle Malkin , Laura Ingraham, David Horowitz, Daniel Pipes, Rush Limbaugh , Michael Savage would have spent days in the media using the incident to attack Islam.

Many people in North America are still uncomfortable talking about rape or they make snide nasty remarks about the victim.
As for the men involved in Rape they often are not reported or get some sort of slap on the wrist as we are told "Boys will be Boys".

Unfortunately I am jaded enough to not even be shocked by this especially these days as the moon bat Evangelicals and Tea Party go on their attacks on the rights of women and how they ought to behave and that boys and men are weak and that it is up to girls and women to set what the limits are about what is right and what is wrong.

Also as we read about American soldiers raping young girls in Iraq and Afghanistan and just about anywhere on the Globe where American service men are stationed there are numerous accounts of rape and sexual misconduct and sexual harassment of local women and girls and of their fellow female soldiers.
One group of soldiers in Iraq busted into a family's home raped a young girl and then shot all the members of the family who were at home. Later they went back and pried the bullets out of each victim and then burnt the house down,
Ah well O'R

In fact O'Reilly Glenn Beck et all deny it ever happened or blame the Iraqi family for being Iraqi citizens and being Muslim. The crimes committed against them are not considered by most Americans to be crimes.
They were just a bunch of guys who were doing Guy Stuff -you know pillaging raping, and after all they would remind us that Iraqis are more like subhumans or animals who don't deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

Fox News and Islamophobes deny such events occurred or again blame the women involved and the men even if charged usually face a demotion or a year so in jail .
In the same way they deny that American personnel took part in the abuse and torture of thousands of Iraqis, Afghans and anybody else they could get their hands on.
And as I and others pointed out this abuse has also become routine in American prisons which hold American citizens who convicted of a crime.

"What Kind of Sick Culture Blames an 11-Year-Old for Being Gang-Raped?:
Recent coverage of a young girl's rape in Texas reveals our twisted assumptions about sexual violence." by Amanda Marcott via Alternet March 11, 2011

When the photos and videos of the alleged rape were discovered, the girl---not the accused, some of whom are the golden boys of the community---became such an object of hate and gossip that the authorities removed her from her home to a safe house, and are encouraging her family to relocate permanently. It seems that for many, the person who bears the blame for this alleged gang-rape is a girl still at the age when many are playing with Barbies.

What could an 11-year-old girl do that would be so terrible she somehow deserved to be raped by at least 17 but as many as 28 men? Did she ax-murder a family? Burn down a city? Orchestrate a genocide?

According to some members of the Cleveland, Texas community quoted in the New York Times and Houston Chronicle, she courted gang-rape by being on the verge of adolescence and striving to seem older than she was, a common enough behavior for girls that age. In both papers, much is made of the reputation of the alleged victim wearing makeup, dressing older than her age and currying favor from teenage boys. The Houston Chronicle dwelled extensively on the girl’s bragging about drinking, smoking and sex on her Facebook page, and also takes note of the alleged victim’s defensiveness in the face of so much community disapproval.

and so it goes,

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