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Christian Man Stoning Gays & The Christian Taliban 's 300 To Take Over America

"Barton: There Are No Problems In America That The Bible Can't Solve"Submitted by Kyle Right Wing Watch at people For The American Way on March 10, 2011

Just so you know: when Muslims want every aspect of culture to operate in accordance with their Holy Book, it is Sharia and an attempt to institute theocracy and a threat that must therefore be outlawed.

But when David Barton goes on and on about how the Bible was and must remain the foundation of our nation and says that every aspect of American life needs to operate in accordance with it ... that is totally different, so much so that Newt Gingrich can promise him a key role in his presidential campaign (see audio at the link above)

"Some of the challenges we're facing literally go back to us not having followed Biblical principles; economic principles is a good example, moral principles, the strength of marriage. Sure, marriage is under attack but, my gosh, it's under attack from Christians. Did you know 87% of Christians got a divorce after they became a Christian? Now, we got to follow the word of God better than that - we can't just use it as a devotional guide, we have to use it as a guide book for living. And so we'll strengthen our country by living by the word of God, we strengthen our country by really teaching that and by electing leaders who really understand that. So we've got a lot of challenges, but there's none that the Scriptures won't be able to handle."

Evangelical Christain Taliban member takes matters into his own hands and murders a homosexual by Stoning.

The Old Testament does in fact say that homosexuals are an abomination before God and so should be executed by stoning .

As Joshua Holland points out if this had been a Muslim American performing a stoning the anti-Muslim would be going beserk arguing that such an incident would prove Islam is evil.

But since the person in question is a Christian he is portrayed as mentally disturbed.

The incident the Christian apologist would argue is misinterpreting the Bible and therefore does not reflect the beliefs of all Evangelical Christians -
But that seems odd since Evangelicals, Pentecostals, Catholics etc. are always going on about how Homosexuals are deviant , immoral, and possibly demon possessed and that they are an infestation like termites av=ccording to a story from Texas of a Judge. The Judge described Homosexuals to "Termites"

He claims that Homosexuality islike an infestation of course the depiction and characterization of a group considered to be dangerous to society and so must be shunned or incarcerated or executed.
Which they are doing now in Uganda and other African countries which are being taken over by Christian Evangelical Dominionists.
These Christians believe that not just that they have a right but in fact a duty to follow God's command as they interpret it.

But we could also conclude that this could be a foreshadow of what 's to come once the Christian Taliban either gets more power or just gets fed up with waiting and starts putting Biblical Law into practice by vigilantism which is what has happened in Muslim countries where the Muslim extremist are not yet in power.

So here's a story from Kyle's blog at Right Wing Watch about the joining together of top evangelicals in America who believe more than ever they must do all in their power to make America a truly Christian nation ruled by Biblical principles and laws as detailed in the Old Testament.

They take these laws seriously because given their belief in an inerrant literal Bible which is word by word God's law- These laws are eternal God speaks through the prophets. God's Law was revealed to Moses so that it can not be amended or changed in any way.

Of course Muslims believe that God spoke to Muhammad thereby revealing God's /Allah's word through the Holy Qur'an .

Rick Joyner and the Seven Mountains Dominionists sect creating a Spartan like army and calling it the 300.
Once again they insist that only truly Christain government would be made up of only Christains.
They are here throwing down the gauntlet and saying they are fed up with being ridiculed and in their view being driven underground by the Secular Humanist government which hates all true Christians .
So Christains are being treated in their view as second class citizens while other religious groups in America are treated with respect.

Rick Joyner and other evangelical dominionists argue that Christianity is under attack in America and that therefore it is time for the Real Christians to stand up and fight back by whatever means necessary to make America in their view once again a real Christian nation in which the laws, the government, the Media, the culture and business all reflect a Christian view .

300: Religious Right Forming It's Own Spartan Army
Submitted by Kyle at Right Wing Watch at People For The American Way March 7, 2011

For months now, we have been chronicling how self-described prophets and apostles have been merging 7 Mountains/Dominionism with "mainstream" Religious Right activism ... and increasingly the man at the center of this appears to be the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins.

Perkins was among the first to embrace Lou Engle and transform him into a Religious Right leader and now he seems to be doing the same with Rick Joyner of The Oak Initiative.

Just today we noted that Joyner, Jerry Boykin, and Janet Porter were gathering for a conference next month and as I was looking for more information about that, I stumbled across this video of Perkins, Joyner, Boykin and Frank Turek discussing the importance of Christians getting deeply involved in politics.

Perkins explains the absolute necessity of getting Christians into all levels of government while Boykin compared Christians today to the Spartan army and quoted King Leonidas by declaring "molon labe" ["come and get them"] when he and his army were told to lay down their weapons.

Likewise, Boykin declared "molon labe," stating that he will not be silenced and challenged those in Washington who are out to take his liberties, rob his grandchildren, and destroy America to just try to take them from him.

Finally, Joyner announced that Christians have more than enough people to take control, but they need to bind together and, as such, would soon be unveiling coalition called "300"

And A Christian man in Philadelphia uses stoning to murder a homosexual because he says the Bible says the sin of homosexuality is to be punished by stoning.

70 Year-Old Pennsylvania Man Stoned to Death "Because the Old Testament Refers to Stoning Homosexuals" By Joshua Holland | Sourced from AlterNet March 18, 2011

Ugly story out of Pennsylvania:

Authorities in suburban Philadelphia say a 70-year-old man was stoned to death with a rock stuffed in a sock by a younger friend who alleged the victim made unwanted sexual advances.

According to the criminal complaint, 28-year-old John Thomas of Lansdowne has told police he killed 70-year-old Murray Seidman because the Old Testament refers to stoning homosexuals.

Delaware County authorities announced Friday that Thomas was arrested and charged with murder.

If the perpetrator were following the uglier dictates of another book of myths -- say the Koran -- then this would obviously reflect poorly on all his fellow adherents. As it stands ... well, just a lone nutter.

Following in the steps of Glenn Beck , Newt Gingrich. Michelle Bachman and Rep. King and so on now Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas is pushing the conspiracy theory that Progressives and Muslims are both working to destroy America.

"Gohmert: Terror Babies and Islamist-Progressive Axis Are Plotting to Destroy America" Submitted by Brian Right Wing Watch on March 9, 2011

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) believes that radical Islamic terrorists and progressives are working together to bring down America out of their shared “hatred” for conservatives and Christians, and intend to use “terror babies” as part of their plan. Speaking with a receptive audience of Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council and Tim Wildmon of the American Family Association, Gohmert explained his allegation that terrorists are plotting to come into the United States in order to gain citizenship for their children. After Gohmert first floated his conspiracy theory on the House floor in June, he was later unable to produce any evidence to substantiate his claim and a former FBI official maintained that “there was never a credible report — or any report, for that matter — coming across through all the various mechanisms of communication to indicate that there was such a plan for these terror babies to be born.”

Wildmon: Somebody’s gotta get strong here, and say listen, no more 20-40 year olds from Saudi Arabia are allowed into America until you all get this cleaned up.

Gohmert: I’ve been beat up pretty badly over an issue of women coming into US, having babies here, and returning where they came from with an American citizen and an American passport for that child. But if people will do the homework, as I’ve been doing, they will find out that there are people who are known associates of groups we call terrorist groups whose wives have come and have children here and go back with American passports. I don’t use the term terrorist babies that’s an oxymoron, but others have, or terror babies, I mean a baby is a gift from God, it’s not a terror.

After discussing “terror babies” with Perkins and Wildmon, he went on to suggest that Muslim terrorists and progressives have “thrown in together” because “they hate conservatives and they don’t care that much for Christianity.” Gohmert adds that “if the radical Jihadists took over, the first people they kill are the extreme leftists that have thrown in with them right now”:

You know the great irony, the extreme leftist media that is throwing in with the radical Jihadists, the great irony is, if the radical Jihadists took over, the first people they kill are the extreme leftists that have thrown in with them right now. They would not have the freedom of press to say the things that they want or disagree with the government, all of those things would go by the wayside. It is ironic that the two groups throw in together. In fact, my friend Andy McCarthy had a great article about how leftists and jihadists have thrown in together in this effort, not because they have anything at all in common other than that they hate conservatives and they don’t care that much for Christianity.
Terrorist Baby and Christian hating progressives and liberals

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