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Christian Bigots Harass Muslim Americans - Is this What Christian Piety Looks and Sounda like

hat tip to Joshua Holland and for story & video.
and the Christian Taliban or bigoted Christians are at it again characterizing all Muslims as terrorists and unAmerican
The Christian ? Americans tell Muslim Americans to go back home ???
But they are American citizens .
Is that the next step to take away Muslim Americans citizenship or place them in camps.
So what do these angry Christians want -
Do these wing-nuts really want all Muslim Americans no matter how long they have been in America to return to where the Middle East , Africa, Central Asia or to Indonesia .
These incidents and demonstrations attacking Muslim Americans and Islam are in large part the result of the misinformation, lies and propaganda by Fox News and the professional Islamophobes such as Pamela Geller , Robert Spencer, David Horowitz, Andrew McCarthy, Daniel Pipes, Andrew Bostum, Brigitte Gabriel who don't just attack Islamic extremists but rather Islam itself and the Prophet Muhammad as they spew their own Christian or Judaic religious and ideological supremacy .

They preach that Islam is an intolerant , violent, sexist, homophobic religion whereas according to their revisionist history Christians never went to war in order to kill in the name of God, Jesus, or the Pope- nonsense.

The Crusades were fought under the banner of the Cross because "God Wills It"!!!
With the establishment of the Christian Church as the state religion of Rome these pious Christians slaughtered tens of thousands of non-believers - The early Christians especially after the death of Constantine had little interest in tolerating any other religion instead they went on rampages killing Pagans and throwing many to the lions at the Colosseum in Rome for their entertainment .
Then for several centuries Christians butchered one another in sectarian violence between Protestants and Catholics .
It's odd that these ultra-rightwing Christians ignore the violence, greed , perversions, pogroms and sexual abuse for instance over the last thousand years or so and seem oblivious to the sex scandals taking place in the Catholic Church or the sex scandals of various Evangelical leaders.

So Muslim Americans should be asking publicly where are the moderate Christians or Jews-or are all Christian and Jews fanatics???
My secular and atheist colleagues of course believe all religious people are prone to fanaticism and intolerance and bigotry.

If one takes a look at various parts of the Bible old and new testament one can glean from a passage here or there which shows that God Jehovah is a vengeful wrathful jealous God who terrorizes his followers into following his Laws.

In the old testament it is written that when the Israelites in their wars of aggression took a city sometimes God Jehovah insisted that all the inhabitants men, women, children , the old the infirm were to be slaughtered that further their livestock were to be killed and the city flattened until not one stone or brick lay upon another for the Israelite/ Christian God or God of Abraham has no mercy for the idolaters those who worshiped other Gods .

It is sad that the three branches of the God of Abraham turned into violent fanatical religions. And each claims that God/Jehovah/Christ/Allah only speaks to them exclusive of the other two.

Anti-Muslim Protestor Throws Crosses At Feet Of Man Praying By White House

Religious Right Fanatics Harass Muslim Man in Silent Prayer " by Joshua Holland,, March 3, 2011

TPM's Ryan Reilly reports that the ludicrous "pro-sharia" rally at the White House that Fox "News" has been pimping of late never happened. But a planned counter-rally did take place, and as it was breaking up a Muslim man showed up to pray in front of the White House. According to Reilly, "He was quickly surrounded by a large group of protestors who shouted an array of insults at him: mocking him for drinking Starbucks coffee, telling him to go back to his country and even throwing tiny crosses at his feet as he prayed."

A cop told Reilly that the man shows up every few days to pray silently.

Here's some disturbing video of the incident:

Anti-Muslim Protestor Throws Crosses At Feet Of Man Praying By White House

And here's another video, taken at a dinner held for an American Muslim organization where a bunch of Tea Party lunatics hurled epithets at the attendees. Notice the shouts of "U! S! A!" and "Go back home!" These pathetic excuses for human beings don't seem to grasp that they're screaming this at American citizens of a different faith.

Hate Comes to Orange County

Here for instance as an example of the hate-filled speech of Professional Islamophobe who has made a career out of writing books, articles and going on the lucrative right-wing religious Right lecture tours. There's money to be made preaching hate . Just ask Sara Palin, Newt Gingrich, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin , Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh etc.

While listening to her rant against Islam we should remember that she is Lebanese and a Maronite Christian. In fact her father and other family members in Lebanon were part of the Fascist Christian Maronite Phalanges Party which was an intolerant violent Terrorist organization. So her family has blood on its hands and so her criticisms of Islam must be questioned -she is either naive or a hypocrite and a peddler of Hate .

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