Sunday, March 06, 2011

Arcade Fire Theology & "City With No Children In It "

Taking a little break from politics so here's Grammy winners Arcade Fire

songs visionary spiritual or just fun.
The theology of the Church of The Arcade Fire
actually i love Arcade Fire but this pastor using their songs to illustrate his own form of Christian theology is strange but he does make a few good points -
but some might just laugh-enjoy anyway or not

Pastor John Van Sloten - The full sermon about Arcade Fire | Part 2 of 2

City With No Children In It
Fan Video-

by BenandKevinshow on Oct 20, 2010
I decided to drive around the city I live in (San Antonio) and document the truly diverse neighborhoods that are there. So I rented out six Flip video cameras and attached them to different angles in my car. Then I drove around for about an hour, trying to capture every aspect of the city I could. I then took that 6 hours of footage and compressed them down to this 3 minute tribute to the beautiful Arcade Fire song "City with No Children". Hope you like it.

and here's Spike Jonze film in case you missed it.

civil war dictatorship
soldiers rounding up dissidents and members of the resistance.
ah well it is a little political
The old story of two male friends and the choices they make which leads them finally to to become enemies fighting on the opposite side-sort of a Jon Woo take

Arcade Fire - The Suburbs | A video by Spike Jonze

Next post Pakistan role in supporting the Taliban and being a safe haven for dozrns of radical Islamist.

and so it goes,

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