Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Afghanistan Activist Malalai Joya Tells NATO and USA To Stop The Massacres & End The Occupation

Last week I reported that Afghanistan activist Malalai Joya was being refused entry into the USA. She it appears is considered "an Enemy of the State"

Why because even Obama and Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden et al are when it comes down to it are not in favor of free speech which criticizes the USA and especially if the criticism is aimed at the real power structure in America The Military, the Pentagon, the CIA, and the rest of the overinflated over indulged corrupt to the bone Military , Security and Intelligence Complex .
That interconnected elitist group is at the very least eating away at America's last threads of dignity while gorging on Billions of dollar each month and it gets greedier every day.
Those Billions could have been used over the last ten years to overhaul the infrastructure of the USA from schools, Universities,healthcare, roads, highways and built for instance a high speed railway system , built tens of thousands of homes for the homeless or put money into alternative energy projects such as building better Windmills and better solar panels but no Americans prefer to blow stuff up rather than have to deal with complex issues.
That's part of the reason why so many Americans actually pay heed to the likes of Glenn Beck who insist America never apologize even when in the wrong and that America has a divine mission to conquer the world in the name of GE and Westinghouse, Dyncor , Halibuton , BP , Wall Street and God all in the name of greed and the lust for power and to make all the nations of the world to humble themselves before America's Superiority.

America's arrogance and its dismissive attitude towards other nations is beyond the pale and many nations and peoples have suffered and will suffer the consequences of America's hubris.

NATO and the USA claim they are occupying Afghanistan for humanitarian reasons to protect the Afghan civilians and especially women but their occupation is only making things worse.
Without US and NATO support of many of the groups fighting will lose their financial and material support .
The Taliban and other radical groups will loose support once the US and NATO stand down and stop supporting the Puppet Regime and the War Lords ,Drug Lords and other criminals.
But of course she is being naive since the USA is in Afghanistan for its own geopolitical reasons for instance to build some pipelines for oil and gas and to keep an eye on their arch enemy Iran . Even though Iran is not threat to the USA anymore than Iraq or Afghanistan is or was.
The USA as usual just keeps looking for excuses to invade nations to increase its influence as an Empire.
The USA of all nations can no longer consider itself the World' s Morality or Human Rights defenders since the US is in favor of torture and abuse of POWs and is against any international organization or international agreements unless exceptions are made for America.
The Taliban is wrong to abuse and torture but the Americans are not.
The American Empire refuses to call those incarcerated POWs but rather the dubious term "Detainees"
The US including Pres' Obama refuse to accept the designation and treatment of "Child Soldiers" anymore than they are against Child Labor as long as the children are not Americans .
The USA and Pres. Obama uses banned weapons such as cluster bombs , phosphorus and land mines which have beeen banned by a majority of nations.
The USA and Pres. Obama may use the United Nations to provide a dubious legal veneer for its actions otherwise the United Nations is ignored as in the various resolutions passed chastising America's best buddy Israel or various other Rogue Nations.

DemocracyNow! Amy Goodman Interviews Afghanistan activist and former Parliamentarian Malalai Joya
Malalai Joya wants NATO and USA to stop the massacres of innocent people
The average Afghanistans are fighting the Taliban, the War Lords Drug Lords and the Puppet Regime and NATO and the USA.
Part 1.

DemocracyNow! Amy Goodman interviews Malalai Joya Afghanistan Feminist /Activist Part 2.

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