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Obama & US Media Ignore Massacres In Bahrain , Libya etc. & The USA Vetoes UN Resolution Condemning Israel Expanding Settlements

UPDATE: 1:07 AM , Feb. 20, 2011.

And with all of the chaos in these countries as the people fight for reforms and more rights and freedoms the USA/Obama still blocking signals from News agencies such Aljazeera and others in order that the majority of Americans will not see the carnage and brutality especially in those police states still supported by the USA, Britain, Canada etc.
Yes unfortunately we polite nice guys in Canada are once again on the wrong side of history. Why because under Prime Minister Harper Canada has just become another colony or satelite state of the USA.
The UK under Tony Blair and the current administration is still try to tow the American line which means all dissidents in the UK, USA and in the Middle East are seen as terrorists or would be terrorist. All that matters to them is that the oil keeps flowing as for reform and democracy well that's way down on the West' list of prorities.

Chaos in Bahrain and Libya and Yemen

Violence escalates in Bahrain protests ABC News-Feb. 20, 2011.

Bahrain Protests in Pearl Square

PressTV: Feb. 18 US turns blind eye to Bahrain massacre

And Gadhafi in Libya is Fighting peaceful Protesters with machine guns and tanks -

200 Dead in Libya As Protests Spread - as of Feb. 20, 2011.

A doctor at one Benghazi hospital said 15 people died in Sunday's clashes. Earlier he said his morgue had received at least 200 dead from six days of unrest.

The doctor said his hospital, one of two in Libya's second-largest city, is out of supplies and cannot treat more than 70 wounded in similar attacks on mourners Saturday and other clashes.

"I am crying," the doctor said. "Why is the world not listening?"
A man shot in the leg Sunday said marchers were bearing coffins to a cemetery when they passed a Gadhafi compound in Libya's second-largest city. The man said security forces fired in the air and then opened up on the crowd.

Witnesses told The Associated Press a mixture of special commandos, foreign mercenaries and Gadhafi loyalists went after demonstrators on Saturday with knives, assault rifles and heavy-calibre weapons.

Gadhafi forces target funerals
Libyan security forces killed at least 15 mourners and injured dozens of others at a Saturday funeral, according to hospital officials.

New York-based Human Rights Watch previously reported that Libyan security forces killed 84 people in a harsh crackdown on three days of protests.

The crackdown in oil-rich Libya is shaping up to be the most brutal repression of anti-government protests that began with uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt. The protests spread quickly around the region to Bahrain in the Gulf, impoverished Yemen in the Arabian Peninsula, the North African neighbours of Tunisia — Libya, Algeria, Morocco — and outside the Middle East to places including the East African nation of Djibouti and even China.

Britain has called reports of the use of snipers and heavy weapons against demonstrators in Libya "clearly unacceptable and horrifying," and criticized restrictions on media access.

Internet service was cut off in Libya in the early hours of the morning on Saturday, according to the U.S.-based Arbor Networks security company, which detected a total cessation of online traffic in the North African country just after 2 a.m. local time.

Getting concrete details about the protests in Libya has been difficult because journalists cannot work freely inside the country.

and the question is to what degree can the US and UK be said to be participants in the slaughter of civilians in Bahrain and Libya other nations where the people are protesting.
Libya is using mercenaries and the question is does this include mercenaries from the UK or the USA.
Since they themselves used mercenaries/private contractors such as Blackwater in Iraq and Afghanistan.
If such mercenaries are in Libya are they there with the approval of Western nations such as the USA and the UK ???

The soldiers in these countries use American made weapons and tear gas canisters and in some cases armored cars tanks etc. provided by the US UK or other Western Nations who are constantly going on and on about the fact that these people need to rise up and demand democratic reform while behind the scenes they cut deals with these brutal dictators or self-serving Monarchs or fanatical brutal Mullahs ie Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Libya, Jordan , Saudi Arabia etc.

In part what the citizens of these nations are doing is calling America and the West' bluff on the issue of democracy and human rights, civil rights and freedom.

The only country which Obama and Hillary believe deserves reform is Iran which is not nearly as oppressive as the Mubarak Regime in Egypt or Saudi Arabia's unelected monarchy and its thousands of playboy Princes who get wined and dined by successive US administrations.

But what can we expect from the USA when they too have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity ( abuse, torture of POWs, war of aggression against Iraq , Afghanistan, Vietnam etc.) and have rigged elections (at least for George W. Bush ) They do as they please as they have been doing since at least the 1950s as they began to take over as the New Empire as the British Empire collapsed .

and continuing with Press TV:

Western-trained killers, who are not national Bahrainis, use western-made weapons to fight men, women and children who march on peacefully to struggle for their democratic freedoms.

The US, that's naval fifth fleet stands by watching in an effort to protect oil price fluctuations, has gained conspicuous silence on peaceful protesters being mowed down in hails of gunfire rings loudly.

The tiny population is being massacred, even western reporters are not spared, and we may well ask - Where are the UN soldiers?

Press TV talks with Afshin Rattansi novelist and journalist from London about the unfolding events in Bahrain and on the Britain's role in this tragedy over the decades.

'Bahrain government about to collapse'

Shots fired at Yemen protest - Aljazeera

And so it goes as the USA under the Obama continues the American unconditional support for Israel.

USA refused to pass resolution condemning Israeli expansion of Settlements. USA's allies Britain France were in favor of the resolution and criticized onec again America's double dealing on the one hand claiming they are in favor of settling the Palestinian/Israeli dispute over the occupied territories and setting up a two state or one state solution.
But the Americans don't want peace except on Israel's terms that is that Israel not give up any land . The settlement have been built in order as the Israelis claim to create what they call "facts on the ground".
So it doesn't bother Obama and Hillery Clinton that Israel has created an Apartheid state with "Bantustan homelands" or areas for Arabs /Palestinians which also includes Christian Arabs who are also seen as an unwanted group in the Creation of Greater Israel.

As I have said before many Israelis are just like other Fanatical Nationalists such as the Serbs who wanted to cleanse their land of any and all non-Serbs including Christian non-Orthodox Serbs, Muslim Serbs,the Roma (Gypsies) and Jewish Serbs.

The Serbs created a national myth which was built upon the notion of the connection between the land and religion. The only true Serbian was one who has their ancestry in Serbia and are Serbian Orthodox Christians going back a few generations.
Like the Nazi they believed just one drop of non-Serbianblood ie Jewish, Muslim, Croatian, Russian, Turkish made one unclean and therefore deserving expulsion or death.

Not all Israelis believe this sort of nonsense about Israel but those in power in Israel the last decade or so are committed to purging Israel of all contamination that is non-Jewish Israelis. Of course the secular Jews in Israel who go along with this will be put up with until they too are no longer needed.

It doesn't bother Hillary or Obama when thousands of Palestinians are routinely abused and tortured in Israel's dungeons.
It doesn't bother these characters on a dozen times each day hundreds of thousands of Palestinians are harassed , intimidated, threatened with beatings, incarceration at checkpoints and entrances through the Apartheid Wall.

Israel still refuses to deal honestly, fairly and openly with the Palestinians. What they are doing in Gaza and the West Bank and East Jerusalem is making conditions so bad the Palestinians will either all starve to death or willingly leave in Israel's own form of Ethnic-Cleansing which we are told we are not supposed to say.
Why because according to Israel And the USA the Israelis can do no wrong even when they deliberately bomb civilians and their houses or as in Gaza deliberately bombing schools, hospitals, police stations, apartment buildings the entire infrastructure while shooting unarmed civilians or attacking medics and ambulances - as far as the Israeli government is concerned Palestinians as a people never existed and that the land was empty when Israel was established by the UN.

This is one of the Ironies that the Israelis had no trouble accepting the UN agreement to create Israel and yet has rejected UN resolutions since the 1967 six day war well at least any that might not be in favor of Israel and the creation of Eratz Israel.

The Israelis are caught up in their own bit of myth making claiming God/ Jehovah gave them all of Palestine until the End of Days"
Many Americans believe this also especially the Christian Zionist such as John Hagee and probably Hillary Clinton who is also an Evangelical. She is also connected to the C Street crowd of fascists known as the Family which is run by moonbat Doug Coe who admits to admiring Hitler, Mao, Stalin et all.

Being Evangelical Americanized Christians they believe doing ggod works helping the poor the less fortunate is just a bunch wimpy nonsense cooked up by "liberal Christians".

The real Christ was a tough guy who looked and talked like an Americans and he was they believe not an Arab or Palestinian and that according to Glenn Beck and others was definitely anti-Social Justice.

anyway its just the same old nonsense from the Americans and Israelis who act as if Israel was this poor, tiny, country lacking any real military to defend itself against in their view the Evil Arabs, Palestinians, Persians and Muslims.

They forget that the Israelis have over 200 nuclear war heads and one of the best equipped armies and air-forces in the world.

If Egypt or any Middle Eastern or Arab or Muslim nation attacked them they could wipe most of these countries off of the map with just a few nukes dropped on a few dozen major cities such as Cairo, Tehran, Baghdad, Damascus, Mecca , Medina , Riyadh.

Meanwhile it is only Pakistan among the 57 Islamic countries which has nuclear capabilities.

Even the building of Nuclear Power stations for non-military use is frowned upon by Israel and the USA and can lead to air strikes- ie Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon or even the destruction of whole cities for not towing the line.

But then again the Israelis have tried to obliterate whole nations over the killing or abduction of a couple of members of the IDF.
For Israel these days any excuse will do.

Part of the reason for this political stance on the part of the Israelis is that of getting Billions in aid from the USA each year . If the Israelis were no longer threatened as they claim to be then the US might cut back on the aid it gives Israel besides selling them all the weaponry and bulldozers they need.

As for Obama and his administration in sum this means all of its Middle East foreign policies are once again driven by the demands of the Israeli government and not balancing out in a reasonable manner the needs of Israel and other Middle East nations.

This is part of the reason Obama and Hillary weren't sure if they should continue to support their puppet Mubarak and his anti-democratic brutal police state or support the people whom they don't give a fig about . Mubarak acted as a buffer between Israel and the rest of the Middle East and Mubarak's regime was actively working on the side of the Israelis to further oppress the Palestinians.
The USA and Israel fear a new government in Egypt if it is not controlled by Israel or the USA might allow good and peoples to move across its borders with the Imprisoned Palestinians . The Palestinians are according to Human Rights groups and the UN effectively kept in an open air prison

From Press TV via Investigator at Youtube
US vetoes UN resolution on Isreal settlements blocking democracy
From: 91177info | February 19, 2011

Hands shot up all around the Security Council on Friday as Brazilian Council President Maria Luiza Ribeiro Viotti called for those in favor of the resolution condemning Israeli settlement building.

When Viotti asked for those opposed one lonely hand shot up that of Susan Rice the American ambassador to the UN.

Rice's veto was one more in a long line of vetoes in support of America's ally Israel and it meant that the resolution could not pass in spite of the overwhelming support of more than 115 nations.

And so after the vote the first ambassador to speak was the one who cast the veto American ambassador Susan Rice who condemned Israeli settlement building all the while defending her veto.

US allies Germany, France and the United Kingdom all disagreed with the veto in a joint statement read by the British ambassador.

Palestinian observer Riyad Monsour was joined by Lebanese Ambassador Nawaf Salam after the vote as both men condemned the US veto to reporters gathered outside the Security Council chambers.

Each man also vowed to keep on fighting until the Palestinian aspiration to be a nation is realized.

Palestinian leaders say talks with Israel are impossible with construction taking place which they say undermines the territorial integrity of their future state.

The US cast two vetoes in 2006 when the council tried to pass Arab-backed resolutions that demanded Israel end its military operations against the Gaza Strip.

The other four Council's veto-wielding members -- China, Russia, Britain and France -- and the 10 elected members -- Brazil, Bosnia, Colombia, Gabon, Germany, India, Lebanon, Nigeria, Portugal and South Africa -- voted in favor of the resolution on Friday.

This reflects the wide support for the draft resolution which had about 130 co-sponsors, dpa reported.

The draft resolution had called for the UN Security Council to declare, "Israeli settlements established in the Palestinian territory occupied since 1967, including East al-Quds (Jerusalem), are illegal and constitute a major obstacle to the achievement of a just, lasting and comprehensive peace."

The draft said that Israel -- "the occupying power" -- should immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian land.

Both US President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke to acting Palestinian Authority (PA) Chief Mahmoud Abbas at length on Thursday in an attempt to sway him, but Abbas rejected a compromise.

Riyad Mansour, the Palestinian envoy to the UN in New York, told reporters after the vote that the PA appreciated the "massive support from UN members for Palestinians' right to see an end to the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories since 1967."

Palestinians argue that the settlement construction is aimed at preventing the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.

Israel occupied al-Quds and the West Bank in the 1967 war -- a move not recognized by the international community and the United Nations.

The UN has repeatedly declared Israeli settlement buildings on Palestinian land as illegal.

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