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Rachel Maddow :Gov. Scott Walker Union Busting On Behalf Of Koch Industries

Rise Against - Tim McIlrath "Ohio" at the Wisconsin Union Protest - Feb 21st 2011

AFL CIO  advert re: Gov. Walker's Attack on the right of Collective Bargaining

As the world watches amazed by the uprisings by the citizens of countries under brutal authoritarian Regimes protesting for Democracy and reform to have more rights and freedoms to be treated with dignity and to have more of a say in the domestic and foreign policies in their respective countries in America the Uberconservative Republicans and the Tea Party pro-rich and the American Christian Taliban is attcking democracy and the rights and freedoms of millions of American citizens.

Meanwhile in America the citizens rights and freedoms as in the case of the right to collective bargaining are under attack.
Women's Rights are also being attacked by the Tea Party Republicans and The American Christian Taliban who want women to know their place and submit to the rule of Christian Men.

For instance the reproductive rights of women are under attack in various forms from the defunding of Planned Parenthood to outlawing all Abortions without exception. Even Rape and Incest or the woman's mental or physical health are not permitted as reasons for an abortion.
So Rape and Incest victims are to be further victimized by being made to carry a child they do not want to term. And once its born the child and mother are on their own. No government agency would be permitted to help them finacially or with whatever other needs they may have whether medical or psychological since the uberconservatives are against any government health care.
They are trying to pass laws which would allow for anyone to kill a doctor or anyone else who has or is about to perform an abortion.
Various states have passed legislation which allows a pharmacist to refuse to dispense the morning after pill or the Birth Control Pill or IUDs or Condoms to their customers.

The conservative Tea Party Christian Evangelical Republicans want to deprive their fellow citizens of the rights which these oppressed groups including women, workers, labor, african-Americans , Gays and other minorities have achieved through at least a century of struggle against those who believed in protecting the privleged elites to keep the rest of Americans under their thumb and doing their bidding.
Republicans taken over by the Tea Party and the Religious Right working to undermine all progress made in regards to the rights of American citizens
that includes the rights of minorities African Americans, Spanish Americans , gays and those won for women and children, and the rights of the poor and the homeless and those with mental or physical disabilities -

The unberconservative winner take all crowd hate America as it is today
Their speeches and actions are proof of their loathing for a free America in which all Americans whateveve the color of their skin, or their religious beliefs whether Born Again Christians or Catholics or Mormons or Mennonites or Quakers or Jews or Muslim or Hindu or Buddhist or Wiccans or Pagans etc. and even those who are agnostics or athiests , or whatever job they have whether white collar or blue collar or whatever education they have not just the rich or the Born Again or White Americans have rights and freedoms
have demonized these various groups as if their obtaining the rights which should have been theirs from the beginning of the establishment of the United States of Americ.
Republicans and uberconservatives want to return to the days when all of these group were kept in their place and knew their place.

Workers rights in Jeopardy

Scott Walker tied to the scandal ridden unsavory security firm Wackenhut
Rachel Maddow Scott Walker Union Buster & Security Firm Wackenhut
It appears this is all part of Scott Walker's MO in which he uses the excuse of financial trouble such as Budget deficits to go after unions or to use his power in whatever way he wishes to.

Rachel Maddow Interviews Rep. Tammy Baldwin In Madison , Wisconsin

So much for the Tea Party and Republicans being on the side of average Americans since it appears they are on the side of the wealthy elite.

an example of the right's attack on the Common Man & unions, Democrats, progressives
Right Wing Uberconservative Heritage Foundation's Anti-union Propaganda

Cenk Uygur on MSNBC with Lee Fang discussing Koch Industries Support For Gov. Scott Walker Of Wisconsin.

Koch Industries Front Group Americans for Prosperity Launches Ad to Support Walker's Union Busting by: Lee Fang | ThinkProgress Feb. 22, 2011

As ThinkProgress has reported, the global conglomerate Koch Industries not only helped elect Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI), but is the leading force orchestrating his union-busting campaign. Koch gave Walker over $43,000 in direct donations and its allies aired millions of dollars worth of attack ads against his Democratic opponent. Then, Koch political operatives pressured Walker to crush labor unions as one of his first priorities. Tim Phillips, a former lobbying partner to Jack Abramoff and current president of Americans for Prosperity, a front financed by David Koch, told the New York Times that Koch operatives “had worked behind the scenes to try to encourage a union showdown.” A Koch-financed front group, the American Legislative Exchange Council, has prepped Wisconsin GOP lawmakers with anti-labor legislative ideas.

Today, the Koch group Americans for Prosperity announced that it will air an ad smearing the protesters in Madison and calling on the state to support Walker’s power grab. As we noted on Friday, Koch has demanded that collective bargaining rights be curtailed for both private and public sector unions, a step beyond Walker’s already extreme move. The ad disparages the pro-labor protesters for allegedly bringing in “out of state political protesters.” In fact, the small pro-Walker demonstration orchestrated by Koch operatives last Saturday included a number of out of state conservative activists, including Herman Cain (from Georgia), Jim Hoft (from Missouri), and Phillips (from Virginia).

AFP NARRATOR: Democratic legislators don’t even have the guts to show up for their jobs, hiding out in other states. President Obama backs the union bosses and floods the state with out of state political protesters. Governor Walker has the courage to do what’s right for Wisconsin. Stand with Walker.

Last year, at a Koch-organized fundraising meeting in Colorado attended by fellow right-wing billionaires like Steve Schwarzman and Phil Anschutz, attendees discussed strategies for taking down the labor movement. As MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow has explained, the right’s national anti-union campaign has little to do with budget deficits. Instead, it is about defunding the progressive movement and weakening Democrats in the longterm.

Moreover, Koch’s political activism on behalf of Walker is also a strategy for increasing its profit margin. Koch Industries has a large set of businesses within Wisconsin, including a network of oil pipelines, paper plants, and coal companies. The Walker administration is signaling a very Koch-friendly approach in targeting environmental regulations and going on record with fierce opposition to clean energy policies.

To take full advantage of such a friendly local government, Koch Industries quietly expanded its lobbying operation in the state. Koch has a new government affairs office in Madison, and according to reporter Judith Davidoff, recently registered seven full time lobbyists to work with the Republican-led government in Wisconsin.

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