Friday, February 11, 2011

President Hosni Mubarak Resigns & Egyptian People Celebrate & GOP Loses A Friend???

Once more we see the people involved in resisting a corrupt and repressive system have managed through peaceful resistance and non-cooperation to overturn the leaders of that repression.
The Egyptian people we can only hope will inspire other peoples of other nations suffering under oppression by illegitimate governments to take action and bring down tyrants , dictators etc.

These oppressors have their time but eventually the people will rise up in their millions and their oppressors will have nowhere to hide.

O'Sinnerman -Nina Simone

For live coverage on Egypt's Revolution go to:
Livestation AlJazeera Live english

Hosni Mubarak resigns turns power over to Egyptian military. The Egyptian people in Liberation Square /Tahrir square in Cairo. But there is much to be done to create a more democratic and less repressive regime.
Mubarak stepping down must be seen as a beginning of the Egyptian Revolution .
Fair and free elections will have to take place and not just some sort of American faux election in which nothing really changes.
And of course thousands of political prisoners need to be released.
Other questions arise such as will the Egyptian people insist on investigations into the systematic oppression which has taken place over the last 30 years.
Will the Egyptian insist on criminal charges being pursued against those who took part in abuse and torture of prisoners and the murder and assassinations of Egyptian citizens who opposed or criticized Mubarak's Regime.
The United States is probably not going to back widespread investigations of corruption and oppression because it would shine a light on American involvement in the ongoing corruption and oppression of the last 30 years of the Egyptian people.

President Obama like Mubarak appears to be just as unwilling to investigate the rapacious corruption in Washington itself or that which has taken place on Wall Street . Nor is Obama interested in pursuing investigations and possible trials of those who have taken part in this corruption and those who have taken part in the abuse and torture of so called "detainees" .
If President Obama is to live up to the standards he has been speaking about the last week or so then he should be prepared to have an honest investigation into the Bush Regime's crimes including the greatest crime of all which was the illegal, immoral unnecessary war of aggression against Iraq and its on going propaganda against countries such as Iran .
Otherwise the U.S. government and Pentagon and the Military Industrial Complex will eventually insist on bombing Iran to show off its power and to send a message to other nations that they must kow tow to Washington or face the consequences.

Another issue facing the Egyptian people is to pursue actions which would lead to the return of billions stolen from the Egyptian people by those in power such as President Hosni Mubarak and his family and all of those who have stolen from the people of Egypt.

Billions of dollars of aid from the U.S. have been over the last thirty years used to enrich those in power .
America should also use this opportunity to apologize to the Egyptian people for supporting and maintaining the oppressive and corrupt Regime in Egypt.

We need to keep reminding everyone that without the help of the U.S. and Israel Mubarak would not have been able to stay in power as long as he has.

As for the GOP and Tea Party they seem to prefer keeping Mubarak in power.
They fear that the whole crisis in Egypt is a result of the manipulation of the Egyptian people by the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic extremists backed by get this President Obama whom they say favors radical Islam.
And here's Cenk Uygur exposing the nonsense of the GOP and Tea Party wingnuts.

RW Attacks On Obama Over Egypt Response - Cenk on MSNBC
Feb. 3, 2011. They claim Obama is doing too much
or Obama is doing too little & they keep raising fears over Islamic extremists.
Of course they deny that U.S. foreign policies and its policies on abuse and torture of detainees have not fueled Islamic anger at the U.S.

and : Which States Banning Sharia Law? The Young Turks' Cenk Uygur

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