Sunday, February 13, 2011

Egypt Celebrates Ousting Mubarak Meanwhile Glenn Beck & Uberconservatives Fear Mongers

With the uprising in Egypt the supposedly pro-democracy ultraconservatives fear monger over any real change taking place in Egypt or Tunisia Algiers etc.
According to Beck and friends this is just another sign of the apocalypse the end of Western Civilization and the oppression and eventually the killing of millions of Christians just because they are Christian??? or just killing capitalists or the Fat Cats and meanwhile providing food and shelter and healthcare for the "undeserving masses" -

It is sad that so many average Americans who are in need of more help from society from governments are the ones being manipulated by these self-serving fabulously rich demagogues who believe that those who labor who have jobs should be happy to have jobs and should accept low wages and no benefits and of course no unions or collective bargaining.

Cenk Uygur exposes the hypocrisy and Islamophobia of the Tea Party Republicans and their Media Echo Chamber in their positions on spreading democracy as opposed to their fear mongering over the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.
Feb. 1, 2011.

Beck's army of blackboards explaining how the Revolution in Egypt & Tunisia is a real threat to America and Western Civilization .
Glenn Beck sees the political upheaval and possible change taking place in Egypt as a threat which has been engineered by (Guess Who???) President Obama the Manchurian candidate working secretly for the Socialists , Communists and evil Islam.
Beck tosses in a bit of racism because what should the American people that is White Americans expect from a black man except the destruction of traditional America and Western Civilization.
Odd that Beck and his crowd of angry pissed off rightwing Ultraconservative white Christian Americans are all for calling for an uprising in the U.S. and radical change but get upset when Obama or liberals talk about the need for change.

Glenn Beck may have been in favor of change in Egypt or elsewhere but recants once Obama says the change is a good thing-therefore in fact according to uberconservative logic the change must be a bad thing.

For one thing what the Egyptian people accomplished so far is surprising and wonderful but so far it is also a very limited change . There are no real guarntees that Egypt will become more democratic more responsive to its people and become more tolerant of minorities such as Coptic Christians or secularists .
Will the Military allow for more freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, freedom of speech and if they do will it be permanent or withdrawn once Egypt is no longer in the world's spotlight.
Revolutions and democracy can be very messy and create uncertainty and fear which might lead to a take over by religious extremist or ideological left or right extremists.

It is always a bit strange and telling when on the one hand Americans romanticize over their own Revolution against the British Empire and yet US policies over the last sixty years is to thwart the popular will of the people in other nations by crushing pro-democracy movements , supporting sometimes brutal anti-deomocratic Juntas and dictators as long as they do America's bidding. Once the U.S. government realizes that their chosen one has become a liability they throw them under the bus as in the case of Hosni Mubarak or Saddam , Pinochet etc.

The Young Turks Analyzing Glenn Beck's Wild man's interpretation of the Uprising in Egypt. Feb. 11, 2011.

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